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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Due to the interest in the radio station I have started putting something together. This will be a pilot program to see how realistic this will be. I now have some software running and services active and now the project needs people. If you love music and would like to share some with the community all you need is your own music collection and some broadcasting software. The software can be obtained freely, I use "Mixx" but anything that can connect to an iceCast server will do. This is a community project and as such can not recognise any advertising outside the community, our radio classification is "community radio" so if a DJ wants to advertise something it must be something in or about the game only. I am still building things like rules for DJ's, an application process, the landing page, possibly a forum etc The server will play continuously but the auto DJ will give way when a DJ is playing. I have some thoughts about offering advertising space to markets and other in-game things. There will be a landing page which will have links to the radio stream and in time a schedule with the DJ's shows displayed. Dj's will get their own login and some (limited) storage space on the server which can be used to supplement the auto DJ. All the DJs should have a regular slot of at least 1 hour and can fill-in any time when another DJ is not already connected to the stream. So if this sounds like something you are interested in I would REALLY like to hear from you. E-Mail me at I am also very regular in the game my name is Morlanius and I live on Xanadu. I also have a mumble voice server which you can connect to at I look forward to hearing from you. Morlanius EDIT: System requirements for something like this is not that high at all, you will need at least 1mb upload speed on your connection and the software can vary greatly, Using Mixx I find it a little bit more demanding than some other tools but my computer can easily run it with Wurm, Firefox and a few other programs running. I don't know much about the performance of many of the newer windows streamers. Its not difficult at all, the software might take an hour or so to get comfortable with it, but you just open its broadcast/stream settings and put the server address, port your usename and password in and tell it to connect. From that point on everything you play is broadcast, theres normally a mic button some will auto dip the volume and you let speak over some quiet music (good to have some "mic music" lined up in your playlist. Most also have an "autoDJ" feature if you wanted it.
  2. I need more dirt, willing to hire people to go dig it for me. You dig it up for me and I will pay you for your work. I will swap your full crates for my empty ones. I am located just outside of Glasshollow area, this is a npc infested area and dangerous to newer players - Please be aware of this, I hired people who had issues trying to work in the area because they were constantly attacked. Paying 1s per 1k dirt. (Will also accept sand as well) 3 Large Crates of dirt - 90c 12 Large Crates of dirt - 3.6s This is geared towards newer players looking for earn some in game money. Bulk Sellers please pm me and we can discuss what you are offering. You can contact me ign: Tuanta or here on the forums.
  3. Just came back from a year break only to die within a few hours I've died. And after 4 attempts of trying to get to my body I give up. I am currently at the howl, logged off for a couple hours. When I come back I would like some assistance getting back to my body. It is currently on the east coast by terranova. Name your price and what time you'll be on tonight plus your name and I'll whisper you.
  4. Hello I am Damine I need to have courier casted on my mail box at Mill Hollow @ M-10 has road from Lemaso and or Linton to me Pm price and Quality o cast
  5. Gnome Depot is now Hiring! If your looking to make some in game silvers in exchange for your time, then The Gnome Depot wants you! We are looking for a few people, beginning players or vets, it does not matter. What we have to offer Safe and secure housing if needed. Safe and secure work area All materials needed to do the job Tools needed to do the job Positions to fill Brick Maker Mortar Maker Please see Gnomegates in game or pm here on the forums if interested for more details and to discuss wages.
  6. Close

    Short and sweet...Tanelorn is hiring diggers. We will provide you with a BSB and you fill it. We keep the dirt of course. We will pay you 10 iron for each dirt you put in the BSB. Work as little or as much as you want until there is no more money or no more dirt needed to be dug, whichever comes first. Speed or skill is not an issue so all can apply. Please message Harvest in game or on this forum. You may also message Lucard in game only. We have no limit on the number of applicants who can apply so don't delay because once the work is done there is no more. Talk to you soon. Blessings, Harvest