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Found 2 results

  1. Inspired by Odynn's free rune making and attaching service, I'd like to offer a free attaching service as well. Provide the rune and item you want it attached to, and I'll attempt to attach it with 82 83 Soul Depth (77 79% attach chance with 1QL runes). No catch, and Free of Charge*. You can either mail your runes and items, or come to Weeping Angels (40x, 32y on the community made map) on Independence. If you mail them, please do contact me with specifics/details on what rune to attach where. PM Raamkozijn ingame or on the forum, Blahsonson ingame, or reply to this thread. * I won't craft the actual runes as my skills are too low for that, I only attach your provided runes on your provided items and for personal use. * All mailing fees are for you to cover. * Will provide logs if required. * Tips are accepted if you wish to do so; none are expected.
  2. You have the rift ressources* We can turn them into the runes you want Provide the attachment with a 76SD character And that's free**. *Provide the rift stone / crystal / wood and the item (moon metal if needed for some runes) and you will get back your item with the rune and any left overs (logs provided if required). Usuals metals will be provided. ** You can always tip the crafter if you wish to do so. Nota : Mailing fees are on you. PM Odynn in game / on the forum / reply to this thread.