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Found 22 results

  1. Taking orders on affinity and random pizzas. Nutrition is around 98%, full ccfp, 99ql, 10kg. 30c for specific - above 8h timer on first bite 20c for random Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities: - go to the character window by double clicking the health bar - right click the body icon in bottom left corner - go into manage profile - check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom (note: this will change your current meal tastes) 2. Pm me (forum or ingame Kurson) to send u a test meal OR taste a chopped vegetable, herb. (let me know what it was and what the taste was - if the knife used to chop is rare or higher let me know, because apparently that changes the outcome) 3. In the pm place your order - which skills and if u want it wrapped or not. Closing shop until further notice
  2. Starting bid 35s Increments 1s No buyout No sniper No reserve ~~ Full rare ~~ High quality steel ~~ AOSP 90+ every piece ~~ Weight reduced to 18.45kg ~~ ~~~ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ~~~~
  3. Start Bids: Displayed in the images below Min. Increments: 25 copper No Buyout No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids *How-to Bid: Single or multiple items (list the #s you are bidding on) *Fast Delivery: COD from mailbox (100 courier) Choose four to make a set or buy individually: High quality steel for less repair damage over time: Default colour is red (blue or white on request no additional cost): Current bids Frivolous #3 - 97c #4 - 97c #5 - 97c #6 - 96c #7 - 96c #8 - 95c Gladiator #1 - 1.29s OUTBID #2 - 1.29s OUTBID Evalla #9 - 95c #10 - 94c #11 - 91c DOE #12 - 2s #1 - 1.54s #2 - 1.54s
  4. WTS 5k-- 94.96 ql rice home grown and organically harvested 1.5s per thousand. 5k --100 ql assorted meat 1.5s per thousand. No road kill. Please pm me.
  5. Starting bid: 8s Minimum increments: 1s No buyout No hidden reserve [22:41:11] A tool for mining. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. You need to temper the pickaxe by dipping it in water while it's hot. [22:41:11] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [99] [22:41:11] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [22:41:11] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [91]
  6. Topic closed and items are being auctioned individually. See the Auctions forum.
  7. Welcome to our shop. We are Back in business and are taking custom orders for highly quality items. NEW: We can now imp weapons to 95ql and cast Mind Stealer with a guarantee of 80+ power minimum. In Stock: *Please give your best offer, I consider all offers/trades Small Maul - 87N 85LT 100C 100MS - SOLD Large Maul - 98N 88LT 80C 88MS - 10s Large Maul - 87N 97LT 85C 83MS - 10s Axe 86N 82LT 76C 94MS - 9s Rare Small Maul 94N 84LT 85C 80MS - 18s Rare Longsword 92N 91LT 98C 97MS - SOLD Custom Orders: We specialize in custom orders of high quality tools, weapons (new) and high ql enchantments. We can guarantee 90+ power casts for Nim, Woa and CoC on all orders (some exceptions may apply). We also provide Mind Stealer and can guarantee 80+ power minimum. We can cast on and imp your tools/weapons or create brand new items for you. Check below for our prices. If you don't see something you need, please ask. *Disclaimer: If we are casting on your tools, then we accept no liability for a shattered item. The chances are very very small that this will occur, however, it is not zero. Mailing: All items are mailed from Xanadu at the buyer's expense. Some items will need to be place in a container to be mailed which adds an additional mailing charge. Some items may not be mailed and must be picked up. Crafting: We can make Weapons (New), Blacksmithing, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry items (All of which can be made to 95ql). Ask about other crafting skills and pricing. < 70ql - free (must come with an enchant) 70ql - 30c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 90c 92ql - 1.3s 93ql - 2s 94ql - 3s 95ql - 4s Enchants: We can guarantee a minimum of 90+ power on Nim, Woa or CoC casts. You pay for the power that lands. Prices for enchants scale linearly between the listed powers. For example, a 87 power Woa will cost 1.7s and a 92 power Woa will cost 2.8s. WoA and CoC 80 power - 1c 85 power - 1.5s 90 power - 2s 95 power - 4s 100 power - 6.5s Nimbleness 80 power - 1s 85 power - 1.5s 90 power - 2s 95 power - 4s 100 power - 6.5s Mind Stealer (*Can only guarantee minimum of 80+ power) 80 power - 2s 85 power - 2.5s 90 power - 3s 95 power - 5s 100 power - 7.5s *LT coming soon
  8. Hello my fellow Wurmians! Those two shinies up to auction. #1 Rare Rope Tool 92ql 97 BOTD (Oak) [09:50:58] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [97] #2 Rare Clay Shaper 90ql 93 BOTD (Oak) [09:55:22] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [93] Few words about Blessing of The Dark cast: Starting bids: #1 - 8s #2 - 4s Min incr.: 1s No buyout No reserve Sniper: 1 hour Cod is free. Good Luck!
  9. Dear Wurmettes and Wurmians, today we bring you anextraordinary auction of a set of horse shoes at 92 OCD. 92 OCD, you may ask, what is that supposed to meran? Well, this set of four horshe shoes comes at a quality of 92 each, and an enchantment of WoA of 92 each. Which in turn makes the average quality 92, and also the average enchant 92 Therefore, it is not only at an awesome quality, but also very pleasing to anyone who likes a certain order and neatness to groups of things. To suitably deal with a set of items like this, bids will need to be multiples of 92c. Starting bid will be 7.36s (8 times 92c), then it goes on in increments of 92c. (8.28s, 9.2s, 10.12s, and so on) Buyout is 13.8s (15 times 92c) And of course the auction will run for 92 hours! No reserve, no sniper protection, no private bids, but private buyout allowed. Now go, get yout favourite horse a match of awesome shoes. Happy bidding!
  10. Who? Me, Gallade, owner of the "Safe Spot" settlement, which also includes the mine mentioned here. What? It's an Iron vein of Utmost (95+) quality, easily accessible. Maybe a bit too easily, since it's right in front of the entrance of the mine I started. Having pretty low Mining skill myself, I can't bring myself to waste so much good ore. Therefore, I'm giving you all a unique offer. Bring your superior (80+ if possible, will settle for 70+) mining skills to it and mine to your heart's content. I will retain 25% of the ore you'll mine, but the rest, you can just walk away with as much of it as you can carry. Where? 30x, 45y on the Community Independence map. This is the exact spot: It is on a highway, a few minutes' cart ride from Freedom market, and a bow shot from the Inner Sea. When? Reply to this topic if interested, or contact me in-game. I'll be on most of the time, so just keep an eye on the shout and gshout chats. Make sure to inform me of your Mining skill level, approximate time you'll take getting to destination and how much ore you plan to mine beforehand.
  11. 2 rare pickaxes 95ql each: Screen: Starting bid: 7s each (14s both) Min. increments: 1s No buyout No reserve No casts on any of them. Price does not include CoD costs, those are on the buyer. Good Luck, Zabaq
  12. Wtb any needle 50+ ql (can be 50) with CoC on it. Willing to negotiate with other enchantments. Wanting 50+ CoC and whatever for WoA. Can be rare or otherwise. PM me or message me on Wurm.
  13. WTB Huge axe 80+ql, if enchanted list enchants. 50c for unenchanted 80QL and other market prices. Edit: Will bump the price up if I'm wrong about 50c for 80 QL
  14. Looking to sell this drake set quickly. 668 Total AosP. Starting Bid: 100s/100e Min Bid Increase: 1s/1e Location: West Deliverance - Fippy's Harbour 3x 27y (Can be mailed) PM me or post here. Will accept private bids.
  15. WTS x5 Iron Shields (84 qL each) Selling them for 1s each or 4s for all five as a group. Located near Esert on Exodus Xilanthus
  16. 75 quality horseshoe: [14:56:56] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. [15:01:17] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [87] Start bid at : 3s Min Increment : 50c No Reserve. Buyout : 10s Start Date : 7/19/2013 - 3:07 C.S.T. End Date : 7/24/2013 - 3:07 C.S.T. 4days,4hours til auction is over PM: Dedri or Reply To This Post Thank you DonAngelo:6.5 highest bid
  17. I have 15,000 pumpkins at 70.71ql, it's about 2 months of farm stock that we're now selling. This is a perfect high number of pumpkins for some serious hot food cooking gains. Or, a lifetimes supply of village vegetables! It is very rare to see any food sold in such large numbers, so take the chance! They all fit together into one juicy FSB of orange goodness. Free delivery to anywhere in Freedom!! Start price: 1s Minimum increment: 50c Hidden reserve: Yes (will notify once passed) Auction length: 5 days Snipe protection: 1 hour Happy bidding! PM me if you have any questions.
  18. Looking for a price check and possible offers, located on Chaos, can mail.
  19. Rare rake, iron QL : 86.86 CoC : 86 WoA : 68 ============================================================================== ============================================================================== Starting Bid : 2s Minimum Increments : 50c No Reserve No Buyout No Private Bids 1 Hour Snipe Protection Auction Ends : Exactly 48 hours from now. Location : Independence (N.B. Delivery to other servers is NOT being offered at this time)
  20. Found shovel .. close please