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Found 12 results

  1. Please add to the hen wurmpedia page ( the updated tiles that hens can now lay on... iaw : Which says... New: Egg laying creatures can now lay eggs on additional tile types including: Enchanted grass, moss, steppe, lawn, normal bushes, and enchanted bushes Mycelium, mycelium lawn, and mycelium bushes when corrupted by a Libila priest I did not personally confirm all the additional tiles. but I did pick up an egg off an enchanted tile the other day. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  2. Rare Unfinished Chicken Coop One of the last items released, and once completed also the inner containers will look rare and probably once filled with hens, also them will shine (not entirely sure about that, but it should work like creature cages). Complete it by yourself to choose your favourite wood type and have your own signature; or I can complete it for you, as you prefer. Starting bid: 15 silver. Increment: 1 silver. Sniper protection: 1 hour. Buyout: none. Reserve: none. Good luck to everyone From Wurmpedia: how it will look once completed and filled with hens.
  3. Hello wurmians! Today when I was leaded a rooster I noticed the nearby hen not started to follow the rooster. I was think this just a little but, happened in WO to sommetime and tested out. I was created an aged rooster and 20 hen but non of tham followed the rooster when i was leaded it near to tham. Is this a change in the game of a missing feature?
  4. Two methods appear to work. The method i used (which came from a mix of forum posts and other sources) was plain grass on NxN plain grass with no more than N hens, were each tile had 50+ wild grass in a pile, i would make sure the hens were not on the same tile when i would get the eggs daily i was getting maybe 1-3 eggs per day iirc as long as they stayed on their individual tiles The other method (call it Gaffer's method) seems to be more efficient and uses a 1x1 with 2 hens and large pile of grain on crop tile, he said he was getting maybe 6 eggs per 2-3 days per tile. The numbers maybe be high or low, mainly my point is to add something that is a "working method" [23:37:24] <Clericgunem> there is a trick to it [23:37:57] <Clericgunem> make 1x1 pen (door on ether side) grass the pen, drop a pile of 100 grass, you will ahve eggs [23:38:34] <Clericgunem> i use 4x4 with 4 chickens and 4 piles and make sure to move them to there separate tiles when they bunch up [23:40:37] <Habet> i use six 1x1 pens with two hens each. I drop piles of grain in each pen since i have plenty of it [23:40:55] <Clericgunem> and you get eggs? [23:41:37] <Clericgunem> the have to eat 2 times in a roow iirc and the seem to do it the same time and interfere with each other [23:42:15] <Gaffer> yes, i usually drop 12 corn (or rye, or wheat) in each pen. In a couple of days the grain is gone and I pick up about six eggs [23:42:49] <Clericgunem> nice, i will remember that [23:43:23] <Clericgunem> i wonder, was it high ql veggies? [23:43:25] <Finn> dont they eat 1 seed every 2-3-4 hours [23:43:26] <Finn> per hen [23:44:01] <Gaffer> [23:44:04] <Finn> someone was making serious amount of eggs fattening hens all day, for what reason.... no idea [23:44:43] <Gaffer> 12 grain lasts two hens a couple of days [23:44:48] <Clericgunem> i have 30 i think in smc [23:45:54] <Clericgunem> so 12 grain, 2 hens, 6 eggs, which is 3 each meaning 6 fails [23:46:24] <Clericgunem> what does 1 hen with 12 gain give? [23:46:44] <Clericgunem> i will ahve to hatch an egg to try [23:47:21] <Gaffer> i haven't noticed that being alone in a pen results in laying more [23:47:46] <Clericgunem> they lay 3 in a pen alone or 6? [23:48:23] <Gaffer> i think six but it takes twice as long [23:48:36] <Gaffer> would have to do a controlled experiment to be sure [23:49:28] <Clericgunem> i want to try too, my method works, but yours sounds much faster [23:50:58] <Gaffer> i get plenty of eggs. I just have trouble getting a constant rate of hatching female chicks
  5. optional: an egg in enchanted grass could have better chances of hatch
  6. I have an inner courtyard with few hens and 2 rooster. Many times I had notice disappeared hens, but I couldn't was sure if a citizen or guest took them. Today I was alone in deed and then was the manteinance. I cheched hens minutes ago and I had a young, a mature, and an aged. After manteinance aged hen have disappeared without clue or corpse.
  7. Dirt 15x crates - 35c per crate (300 dirt + large crate) (4500 dirt in total) To be picked up at Greenwood (26x, 27y) (Indy) Animals 3x aged hens 1x adolescent hen 10c each Pick up at Freedom Market Please remember hens cannot swim If you need the items delivered or would rather like the dirt without crates send me a PM and we can discuss
  8. Hi, i have 2 hens, they never given any eggs, first they was in my garden, then i tried in dirt and now they are on grass area. Those area what are reserved for hens all have pile of seeds, but no eggs. Is there some tricky part what i dont get? They are groomed daily.
  9. * Deliverence server. * In-game currency only. * 24 Hour Auction (auction closes for new bidders) * 1 Hour Anti-Snipe Rule (auction only extended by current bidders) * No buyout, no reserve. * I will not be able to consistently check private messages, so please only post your bid here. * No commentary, don't post unless you are bidding/asking questions. * 18hrs to go addition: no bids may be changed unless there haven't been any other bids placed following your bid (that means on ANY lot, even the ones you didn't bid on). LOT ITEM START INCREMENT FINAL BIDS 1 Aged Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Salbian, 10c 2 Mature Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Salbian, 10c * Current age: Aged 3 Mature Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Neskryan, 20c * Current age: Aged 4 Aged Rooster (cared for) 10c 10c - 5 Adolescent Chicken (male) (branded) 10c 10c Neskryan, 10c * Current age: Young rooster 6 166 Eggs (all or none) 50c 10c Elwood2, 2s * Current egg count: 174 NOTE: * highest damage on eggs is currently around 70-80, and egg count may fluctuate depending if any hatch or more are laid. * 8 hrs to go addition: dmg is now 93 on two of them. * 18hrs to go addition: winner gets all eggs available, including any hatchlings from the lot. * Brands will be removed for those that sell. * Pickup at Bridport, 7x41y (SW Corner of Deli map).
  10. Hens And Eggs

    Hi! My hens don't lay eggs anymore. I used to feed them with garlic, onions and mixed grass, but I don't get new eggs for 2 days now. They're still eating and nothing really changes besides the fact, that they stopped laying eggs. They are extreamly well nourished and I keep them on crop field (tried dirt and grass as well) in locked pen. I asked at Global Chat and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.
  11. Okay, so we had a an aged fat hen hiccup and die yesterday and I'd like ot know why. The wiki says they die at venerable, so I'm a bit confused. Our chickens are fed grass regularly. We had a problem with them becoming diseased. We had a 3x1 area with 3 chickens and so we thought it might be the amount of space and the fact that they're so social, clumping together, so I added 3 tiles and put up fences between so each would have a 2x1 space with food. Everthing seemed to be going fine. Occasionally, I'd find them together, but an hour or so later, they'd be apart again, so I didn't mess with separating them. Egg output seemed fine. Nothing overly excessive. So, my question, how many tiles do chickens need and is it a bad thing to separate them, because up until yesterday we hadn't had any problems with deaths and the diseased thing had ceased.
  12. Looking to buy some chicken eggs, on Deliverance