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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! The people of melody are looking for help! We are working on the groot tunnel wich opens up a root from the south Sea to the inlands of melody for quicker access of trading and travel. The tunnels name is "Groot tunnel". The stone is almost all removed, there are 15 ore veins we need help removing. Some iron of medium QL and others. If you are a tradesman or high class wheel an dealer, this opens up more opportunity to you as well! So grab your pick axe with woa and coc and give us a hand! Everything you mine you are free to take with you so bring a boat with loads of storage. The entrances are S15-S16.
  2. Although I haven't been playing Wurm that long, compared to some players; I started playing in september 2015; I've been involved into some large public projects over time. First project was connecting the Wonders Alliance to Whitefay, a job Keyos started and the entire alliance helped finishing it. Then I got the odd idea to construct a coastal road along the shores of the Ageless Lake, as well as improving the tunnel previously known as Covenant tunnel and now as the Ageless Lake Tunnel. The latter got finished with the help of - once again - the Wonders Alliance, as well as several other players who donated materials or decided to strongwall half a thousand or so walls (have you been counting them, Zigozag??) OK, enough of the bragging. I still prefer to work at the background anyway. With some large projects finished, the coastal road, planned to connect the deeds along the shore to the Ageless Lake tunnel, and thus opening up more of northern Xanadu still isn't finished. The first part between Weird Wonders, past Metallic Wonders and Wonderland Terrace all the way to Windspears has been finished some time ago. The Wonders Alliance even build a couple of bridges - most of it done by Dredbanger - to connect the island to both shores, making it possible to travel a circular route from Greymead to Whitefay to the Wonders Alliance to Greymead. That is, if you're able to survive the Emerald Highway. But that's off topic. At some point I started a tunnel north of Windspears, as I simply couldn't get enough dirt to drop a two tile road all along the mountainside. Flubb helped me with it and managed at some point to connect the tunnel we started to an old tunnel cutting through the mountain. Last december the entire tunnel has been made two tiles wide and not long after that, Rusk managed to connect an old highway to both his deed, as well as to some old - and at the time abandoned deed near the lake. And thus once again finishing a part of the coastal road. However.... the tunnel remained a two tile wide tunnel, with a partially reinforced floor and no reinforced walls. That is....... until a couple of weeks ago. In the past weeks I've been working at creating 300 support beams to reinforce the floor. With another character, I've been cutting veggies, hoping that 600 of them would be enough. Well, they weren't. And looking at the state of some parts of the tunnel, I'm going to need a lot of concrete as well. Given the time I have; which is limited due to working in shifts, I'm going to need help. And I'd really apreciate it if anyone actually could help me. So........... You wonder what I'm going to ask? Not that much, actually. I'm currently using a Magranon priestess to strongwall, so a nice amount of locks or chopped up veggies to help her boost her favour would be apreciated. If / when delivered in crates, a crateswap is possible. If you got a Magranon or Nahjo priest(ess) yourself, coming over and do strongwalling is certainly apreciated. There's plenty of space to build another altar, so that isn't a problem at all. If you love to make concrete and / or like mining, there's a whole section of floors that needs to be lifted 20 dirt before it can be reinforced. That is, if it's possible to remove the old reinforcements. I am able to do it all by myself or with the help of some players, except I'll take another 2-3 years before the entire road is finished. And although I'm usually very patient, I'm not that patient. So, those of you who'd love to help, you can always contact me here or ingame under this name or as my alt Ironmaiden. Thorin