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Found 3 results

  1. I've just recently started playing WU and there are some things I'd like changed that don't have any existing mods that I can find. I can't code at all, but I got a developer friend over to help me. She's never played Wurm or written a Wurm mod before, and she said if she'd going to be able to help me, I need to get the answers to some questions for her. I've got below a list of the things I want changed. Does anyone know of mods that do similar things to these for which I could get the source code for my friend so that she could use that as a guide? Or even just some general advice on how to do the things I want, a point in the right direction. We're also confused as to how to access the WU source code. We've only been able to find the compiled code on my computer, but my friend says she needs the source code, and that she's hesitant to use an in-compiling programme as those often make mistakes and mess things up. I've looked all through the mods forum, but if I've missed something and anyone knows of mods that do what I want, please let me know! Alternatively, I'm willing to pay someone to write these mods if anyone is interested Here's the list of mods I need: 1. All animals can be spawned by an arch GM with conditions such as champion. This includes everything on the GM summon list, such as rift creatures, avatars of gods, drake spirits, etc. Currently, they all have the options to spawn with conditions, but the ones that don't spawn from lairs in WO just spawn as standard animals, no matter which condition I've clicked. 2. Change the lava texture back to the old one, the one in the current picture on the wiki. Also make it so that lava doesn't automatically spread to other tiles. 3. Remove all limits to house size, both area and height. 4. Make marble slab floors dyeable with GM edit data. Currently, you can edit the RGB values to whatever you want, but the colour doesn't show up at all. 5. Make floors, walls, fences and stairs able to be made rare, supreme or fantastic through GM edit data. 6. No animals bash fences. This includes everything on the GM spawn list that bashes: trolls, lava fiends, dragons, god avatars, rift creatures (not sure if those bash or not?), etc. 7. Drake and eagle spirits don't fly through or over fences; don't fly through house walls, doors, windows or roofs. 8. All champions and other conditions, including rideable ones and the ones added by the creatures mod, are the appropriate size for that condition. If it'll be too difficult to adjust the riding perspective, I'd be happy for them to be the right size when in pens and revert to normal sized when hitched or being ridden. 9. Scale up nymph, horse and lady of the lake statues to be colossi. This includes having them on the GM create list for instant creation, rarity and colour setting. 10. Reveal creatures has a range of the entire server. 11. All animals are spawned/created fat and automatically stay fat without any food. 12. GMs have an option to edit date of animals to make them rare, supreme or fantastic (with appropriate shininess). 13. Remove all limits on the numbers of animals a player can care for. 14. Stop maple hedges from growing above the second growth stage, so that they block movement but are still short and easy to see over. I'd appreciate any help or advice! I'm really stumbling around in the dark here...
  2. Valrei International 009

    Foggy Docks Hi Everyone, A huge week for WU, with 1.3 finally landing, and what an impact! I've seen fantastic meals, pink bee hives, and cows no taller than your knee (the mods some people think of!) We've got a bit to cover though, so here goes! But first... Patch notes Deliverance maintenance On the 11th of march at 1400 server time we'll be taking down deliverance for some extended maintenance to address the hanging issues that have occurred recently. This will be a slightly longer maintenance, at around 2-3 hours, so if you want to play, maybe it's time to take a holiday to Exodus, or Release! 1.3 in WU and sale Wurm Unlimited has been abuzz this week with 1.3 finally landing, it's taken a while but WU is now filled with al lthe awesome content we've had for a few months. If you're looking to get in on the action, it's currently on sale at 33% off! We'll also be looking at more WU specific subforums over the coming weeks, for WU specific suggestions, and bettert bug reporting too, so keep eyes peeled. More animations Today also sees more animations come to the game, with the following being introduced: Groom Pull Throw (combat and snowballs) Take Drop These will continue to create that more immersive feel when playing and we'll continue to look at animations that increase that as we go on. Hell horse and horse gear This update also saw the hell horse colours, as well as hell horse equipment and bridles (bridles are awaiting a client update due out shortly!) The hell horse colours are incredibly awesome, and I have to say, this one is definitely my favourite, but which is it? dun dun dun.... Esert makeover As many of you know, we ran the Esert starter deed makeover competition this week, and a clear winner by a mile was the redesign! I'm keen to see this design come to life, so congratulations to Joelle and crew. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled on the area! Community content So this weeks community content is a little different. With 1.3 out in WU youtube streamer Weem is back, and this time he brought friends! Weem did a fantastic series of WU on the Mythmoor server and starting tomorrow he's launching his new series - called Follywood - on the otherlands server. I can't wait to see it, and in the mean time, I strongly suggest checking out his previous series here: That's it from me this week, I hope you all have an awesome weeekend cooking and crafting, and as always, keep on Wurming! - Retrograde & the Wurm team
  3. The village of Lemosa Homestead is waiting for you. We have regular openings for everyone. To any new player needing a safe place to learn the game. To any returning player long absent Wurm. Wait until you see the changes! To any homeless Wurmian that cannot find a village to call their own. Your typical first week in Wurm does not have to involve starvation, getting lost in the woods, or being eaten by wolves. It can be arranged if you want... Contact: PM me on the forum, or message me in game with /t Onyr and a message, or /t Theria and a message. We added 3 villagers this weekend, and have two more open lots. We usually have room in one of the 11 (8x8) or 3 (smaller but they fit) lots. Current occupancy is 13 of 15 lots. Typical experience: Day 1 - Learn the ropes, and mechanics, build a cart, explore the village, find supplies and food in the Town Hall, explore the mines. Day 2 - Planks Galore! Your house won't build itself, so get sawing Day 3 - Carpentry isn't as hard as you thought, is it. You built and own your own home. Day 4 - Farming, training combat, getting a weapon and some armor. Day 5 - Time to explore You can find the Lemosa Alliance on the community map here. The road we built reached 4.5km near Lemosa Oasis Springs, before connections further were made by Wurm's great community. /salutes Damine for all his hard work How does village life work? Well...We do not charge rent, or hold your writ hostage. The writ is the key to your home. Your lot is secured by the completion of a house to close the fence. You hold the keys and you are responsible for keeping your belongings safe inside. If you stay an active player, you live there for as long as you wish. If you get bored, let us know. We roll the remaining lots over and will continue until we are filled with regular players. If you want to run your own place, the area has tons of room to explore for your own settlement. We can be a safe stepping stone toward your own domain. Welcome to Wurm.