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Found 14 results

  1. --- --- --- There is currently one animal helm:* Brown bear helm (made from rug) There are currently four types of animal rug: Brown bear rug (made from fur) Black bear rug (made from fur) Black wolf rug (made from fur) Mountain lion rug (made from pelt) Out of four types of animal rug, currently only one type of animal helm exists. My suggestion is to complete the set by introducing three new animal helm types. * Troll King's crown --- Of the existing four animal rugs, only the mountain lion rug is made from a pelt. Following that mechanic, I suggest introducing rugs (and corresponding helms) made from the other existing pelt types. There are four types of pelt: Mountain lion Dog Large rat Wild cat --- It would also be plausible that animal hides could be used, allowing these creatures to serve as rugs and helms: Bison Bull Calf Cow Crocodile Deer Foal Hell horse Horse Seal Unicorn --- --- ---
  2. Noticed on the preview client that helmets such as the chain helmet, kind of become disjointed and out of sync during certain animations (digging for example) and the player model's head will show through the helmet.
  3. WTS No enchants, asking 19.5s
  4. Seryll Basinet Helm 75QL w/ AoSP 69 Looking for 8s Or a flat trade for a Seryll Greathelm Any QL+ Silver Equivalent
  5. Hi. I want to sell 60 ql rare great helmet. Starting bid:4s Increment:50c Sniper protection:1 hour
  6. Hey, I want to buy a rare steel great helm. I don't really care about the ql, and prefer one without enchants, but I'll consider every offer. I also want to buy a supreme steel great helm for a friend, preferably with AOSP. Post ofers here, or catch me ingame - pm Vomusu.
  7. As title suggests, Price check on a Supreme basinet helmet. Is only 4ql (creation ql) and has no enchants. Feel free to offer, if I see an offer I like I will accept
  8. Closed

    Closing Auction.
  9. Auctioning Black drake set with rare chest, AND Seryll Great Helm All the stuff has been enchanted with Web Armour. Starting bid for drake set: 110 silver/euro Minimum increment: 1 silver/euro Buyout: PM offer Snipe Protection: 2 Hours Starting bid for seryll great helm: 8 silver/euro Minimum increment: 1silver/euro Buyout: PM offer Snipe protection: 2 Hours
  10. Since the Hat mod in minecraft inspired wurmians to craft and own more hats. I have crafted a few uncommon Hats in wurm for the cosmetic microtransaction market. They r a bit uncommon in the world, since its not mainstream to wear Open Hem. WTS 80QL+ Open Helm, Steel Price: 30c Available: 4 left Mailing COD from Xanadu H10 [14:55:55] An open-faced round-top helm. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. The open helm is empty Happy Xmas wishes Tissotx
  11. WTS Basinet Helmet with Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. Note: This is the same as a Great Helmet, the only different is the graphic model in the game. For those that wan't another look. Plate Steel and protects eyes. [11:16:05] A shining basinet helm with a lift up visor. A basinet helm protects the head and eyes. UPDATE Prices from 1 - 10: 1. 40c 2. 40c 3. 40c 4. 40c 5. 40c SOLD 6. 40c 7. 40c 8. 50c SOLD 9. 50c 10. 60c SOLD Mailing COD or Pickup at Xanadu H10
  12. Auction: Rare Cloth Hood, cotton 61QL A hood to shelter you from poor weather, glaring sun and glaring eyes. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The cloth hood has an open seam that must be backstitched with an iron needle to improve. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Tiss.t.'. Start Bid: 1 Silver Increase: 50c Buyout: 5 Silver Mailing or pickup from Xanadu H10. And good luck collecting a full rare cloth set for your priest =) -Tissotx
  13. WTS new Great Helms 84 QL. No Enchants on them. The first 4 buyers get a 85ql Great Helmet. (only 1 left) Then im sorry but my steel lumps ran out, the other 6 is only 84ql. (3 left ) 2 left 1 left Price 40c Mailing COD from Xanadu H10. -Tissotx
  14. Auction 81.54 QL Steel Plate Great Helmet ( 57 AOSP enchant ) Start Bid: 30c Increase: 10c Snipe protection adds 1 hour to last bid mailing COD from Xanadu H10 (+10c / +20c mailing fee)