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Found 35 results

  1. 1s each. 20c each and 2s each king.
  2. Starting bid: 5 Silver No ´╗┐Sniper Protection Increment´╗┐: 1 Silver Buyout 50 Silver No Reserve
  3. [16:45:22] This special helmet is handed out to a limited number of cavaliers in order for them to inspire and lead their peers. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting Bid: 30s Increment: 1s Buyout: 1g 1 hour sniper protection
  4. I am looking to buy a White Drake helm by itself, or 0.3kg of white hide so i can make one. post your best offer please
  5. Prices are listed next to each other in the pic. Also selling x17 Sleeping powder = 1s each. Pick up is from Deli F9 on the coast at Mottistone Shores.
  6. I have a Supreme Iron Great Helm that I've imped to 71QL and am hoping to get about 15s for it. PM me in game on either Bdckoolaid, Holykoolaid, or Borneas in that order of priority ;D and we can discuss the price as well as any further questions you may have.
  7. As the title says - 90s, Will be cod from Exo and will be in a backpack
  8. Looking to sell off these two caps, looking to get 8s a piece. Can imp the 80QL cap to 90+ upon buyer's request, for an additional 50c *BOTH CAPS SOLD Also looking to sell 2x Bear Vs Man HOTA Statues (Red), 98QL. Asking 5s each. Pickup from western coast of Deliverance, [9,O] on in-game map.
  9. As title said, WTB Black Drake Cap or Seryll helm , rare or not, if possible decent quality and enchanted. PM me or post here with your offers!
  10. Hi Two plate sets now sold Thanks, Baloo
  11. I need to make some space! Individual prices listed below I have one set of 91+QL steel plate left Set includes: 2 vambraces, 2 sabatons, 2 gauntlets, Great helm, breast plate, and leggings 9 Silver for the set (not listed below!) Steel Great Helms with Aura of Shared Pain 91.05 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.05 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.16 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.19 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 75 1.50 Silver 91.41 QL AosP 76 1.40 Silver 91.14 QL AosP 77 1.40 Silver 91.03 QL AosP 78 1.40 Silver 91.18 QL AosP 79 1.40 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 81 1.60 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.22 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.29 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.15 QL AosP 93 1.90 Silver Steel Plate Gauntlet 1 Silver Each Quality: 90.83 90.90 90.93 91.00 91.06 91.10 91.10 91.15 91.22 91.40 Steel Plate Vambrace 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.02 91.04 91.09 91.12 91.15 91.19 91.19 91.28 91.31 91.56 Steel Plate Sabaton 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.01 91.05 91.07 91.13 91.30 91.36 91.39 91.43 91.56 91.99 Steel Plate Leggings 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.05 91.10 91.10 91.24 91.81 Steel Plate Breast Plates 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.03 91.10 91.10 91.12 91.24 Steel Great Helms 1 Silver each without Enchants Quality: 91.03 91.09 91.11 91.17 91.19
  12. Welcome to my current Dwarven Armory, at present it's offering Shields, chain armor and plate helms and iron. If there's something in particular you want but don't see let me know and I can most probably work something out I'm happy to mail anything out, cod of course or pick up is at F24 on exodus or D15 on Indy. I will edit this post I as realize what I forgot etc. Ingame name is the same and my alt pingpongstorage usually mails stock out. Shields: Wood-Iron shields 70ql (any size) 25c shields 80ql (any size) 50c shields 90ql (any size) 1s shields 95ql (any size) 3s Chain Armor- Iron Chain set, iron 70ql 2s Chain set, iron 80ql 2s50c Chain set, iron 90ql 5s Plate helms: your choice bassinet or great helm, 90ql, 1s Mining- Iron (pick up only) 90ql for 100 lumps 75c 95ql for 100 lumps 3s
  13. 90ql seryll lump(1kg) + 80ql seryll lump(1kg) + 30ql seryll great helm It is one auction, items aren't being sold separately. Will end in 3 days from now. Start Price: 10s Min Increase: 50c Buyout: 13s Sniper Protection: 1hour I will CoD to the winner, or if someone wants to pick up, they have to come to southern Indy.
  14. All items 1s each Will be mailed CoD toolbelt 9 slots 90ql 2 left! Small Axe, Steel 6.80 coc80 Sickle, Iron 46.18 coc80 Saw, Iron 4.87 coc81 Shovel, Steel 4.22 coc80 Shovel, Steel 2.96 coc82 File, Iron 5.37 coc81 Stone Chisel, Iron 50.19 coc85 Stone Chisel, Iron 22.50 coc83 pickaxe, steel 1.00 coc80 (2 available from 1-3ql) Stone Chisel, Iron 56.28 coc85 Pickaxe, steel 9.39 coc80 Pickaxe, steel 9.20 coc81 pickaxe, steel 8.94 coc81 Needle, Iron 88.85 coc80 Shovel, Steel 4.19 coc83 Shovel, Steel 2.38 coc87 Butchering Knife, Iron 58.46 coc81 Butchering Knife, Iron 59.46 coc84 Saw, Iron 5.00 coc83 Small Axe, Steel 7.15 coc84 Hatchet, Iron 28.69 coc86 Hatchet, Steel 2.95 coc84 Hatchet, Steel 2.83 coc87 Meditation rug, beautiful 24.37 coc80 Meditation rug, cotton 14.01 coc80 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71
  15. Steel Great Helms for sale Buyer pays CoD Item QL Enchant Price in Silver Great Helm, Steel 91.16 AosP74 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.04 AosP75 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.00 AosP83 2.22 Great Helm, Steel 91.14 AosP77 1.69 Great Helm, Steel 91.05 AosP74 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.22 AosP83 2.22 Great Helm, Steel 91.43 AosP100 3.31 Great Helm, Steel 91.41 AosP76 1.69 Great Helm, Steel 91.29 AosP83 2.22 Great Helm, Steel 91.03 AosP78 1.70 Great Helm, Steel 91.04 AosP74 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.10 AosP74 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.10 AosP73 1.67 Great Helm, Steel 91.19 AosP74 1.68 Great Helm, Steel 91.05 AosP73 1.67 Great Helm, Steel 91.15 AosP93 3.27 Great Helm, Steel 91.00 AosP81 2.21 Great Helm, Steel 91.18 AosP79 1.70
  16. As title suggests, Price check on a Supreme basinet helmet. Is only 4ql (creation ql) and has no enchants. Feel free to offer, if I see an offer I like I will accept
  17. ---> <--- Fresh ripped from the head of the Troll king himself. This "special" cow helmet is said to have the same protection as a steel plate helmet! I dont think it can be improved. It has been examined. It can be mailed. It can be enchanted. Start price: 29s Min. inc: 1s Buyout: 40s Buyer pays COD. Happy bidding, and may the true king win! (If i by some strange reason have forgotten anything, please notify me and i will correct the flaws)
  18. In case one is wondering what to make a new helm look like coughscalesetcough... Here's some ideas from historical examples:
  19. Selling an 88ql Seryll Basinet Helm, CoD from Xanadu: Starting Bid: 1s Min Increase: 1s Sniper Protection: 2 Hours Buyout: 12s Reserve: Yes
  20. Looking to buy Green Dragon Helm, offering 10s. PM me in game (Phreekbird) or through here is fine. ~Phreek
  21. Starting bid : 5s Min increase: 1s Buyout: 12s Buyer pays CoD Finish your set today with this beautiful rare piece of armour ! can be imp'd to 70, blank of enchants so you can have fun enchanting it with what u like.
  22. start 3s, interval 20c, buyout 5s, buyer pay COD