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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Afterglow Self-Serve Horse Market ( Pristine O 26) Update : My sincere thanks to all the customers! Draft & Speed MOLTEN Hell Horses restocked ! BISONS Sold out. Speed Mules & Most Draft Mules sold out. All Chestnuts and Blood bays sold out. Stay tuned, more coming soon ! LOAD/UNLOAD/LEAD is set for everyone ( main dock is on the east side facing the ocean) Creature cages now available 71ql = 60c ( not in self-serve, you have to message me) - 0 available right now ( If you need any help or have questions, please don`t hesitate to message Soraya or Anestasia in game, Melianna here on the forums or Discord : Marishka#6247 ) Are you Happy with my animals? Unhappy? Feel free to leave me Any feedback, so I know if there is anything I can improve to make Your experience better. I would love to be offering you the best companions possible Here is where I`m located on the map : Right on the coast and easy to find Highway connection ( Never get lost again! ) Deep water port to unload your cages - LOAD, UNLOAD, LEAD set for all Daily updated Amongst The Oaks Inn for You to sleep overnight, should you need/want to Spirit templar for your safety while shopping Trader for your convenience Each of my horses, hell horses and mules are bred with love Free from any negative traits, that goes also for all the FREE pen animals Feel free to ask, if the animal you are coming for is still available No home deliveries at this time Horse & Hell Horse Colors : Traits : Pricing : Note : 3 good speed (LM,FM,SLM) and 3 good draft (CM,SB,SL) are just as fast as 4 speed/drafters = same price 4 Draft & Speed Horses : Ebony Black (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Appaloosa, Black Silver, Gold Buckskin, Chestnut, Blood Bay, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, White, Gold - 50c 4 Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Molten (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Nightshade, Incandescent, Shadow, Pestilential, Envious, Cinder, Ash - 50c ( Hell horses are by far the fastest horses in the game, for both pulling and riding due to their traits being always on, meaning your cart/wagon will Always be at max speed. Downside: They are aggressive and will unpredictably attack you and others. Unless you ride a cart with hitched hell horses or you are a Fo priest with 60 faith and 30 favor. They will unhitch at the end of the "aged" stage ( 30 in-game months). When leading them, please unequip your weapons not to kill it, it if it starts attacking you. If attacked - Stop leading - Walk a few tiles away - Un-target - (the aggro will reset). Hell horses can be cared for if they are tamed or charmed. 4 Draft & Speed mules - 75c ( Mules are faster than horses or bison for vehicles (unlike bison, Mules can wear horse gear). They cannot be bred and are not faster than hell horses) Speed Mules are wonderful for those alts, you never felt like leveling body control on, before premium expired 4 Draft Bisons - 50c ( Bisons have a speed bonus when dragging wagons and are equal to mules without gear. If you don't want to/can't afford to invest in gear, they are the right choice for you) Merchants, Trader & How to use my self-serve pens : FREE Pen : Currently Available Animals : (Age of my animals ranges from "young foal" to "mature") (If you are looking for an animal that is not listed, message me, I might have it) Animals with Rare Traits : New! Pen R 1 - Southpie - Young Foal - Horse - Piebald Pinto - Female - 4 speed + It seems immortal + CS, GE - 7s Sold! Pen R 2 - Westpick - Aged - Horse - Chestnut - Female - 4 speed + It has a chance to produce twins - SH - 4s Sold! Pen R 3 - Rhythmsweet - Young - Horse - Black silver - Male - 4 draft + It seems immortal - ST - 7s Sold! Draft & Speed Horses : Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Draft & Speed Mules : Draft Bisons : (Sold out)
  2. Public Wagoner Containers ondeed close to the shore, unload and load allowed ondeed. Self serve Pens And on the Main Deed Sklotopolis we have run a Public Sermon Group since over 6 month now. If u have a priest that need some Sermons, its a 24/7 group most time. Just come over add me as friend and u can also eat here some nice Pizzas. Some COC tools CoC grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 84 1s90c grooming brush, oak 80 1s40c
  3. Bring riding unicorns back. Stop friendly and neutral guards attack domestic hell horses. Copy and alter code so that we can sit on cows and such properly. ... and yeah, other thread, I said there are other ways than size to show that these are champions. Would like to ride other things, such as bison. Also, I want a war cow, barding, shoes, saddle!
  4. Within a few weeks I should have my first 5-speed hell horse. I'm thinking that once I get a breeding pair I'll sell the extraneous males to any takers for a price. But I know that due to the rather stringent requirements to effectively use them, the market would be tiny. A potential rider would need 70+ Animal Taming and 31+ Body Control. And I don't know how bad the periodic burn wounds are. Given the effort of selective breeding and the rarity of 5-speed hell horses I would be looking for substantially more coin than a regular 5-speed horse goes for (70c on Indy currently). If you were able to ride these safely, what would you pay? Note that they go 5 km/h faster than a regular 5-speed horse and they can be equipped with saddle + shoes. You could get speeds of 35-40 km/h on one of these babies depending on the gear. Any thoughts?