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Found 6 results

  1. /\wAk@tAnk/\ Hell horses and Horses Contact : Awaka Public map : Awakatanka on Cadence G17 Connected to the highway -=> Self service market <=- Buy key at merchant Open gate and Lead horse out Drop key in chest. Done -=> The ages will vary between Foal to Mature stage.<=- Speed and none speed Trait info For Sale Horses Hell Horses
  2. Hello, today I had a pretty unhappy accident, I charmed my hell horse with a charm rune, to be able to 'care for' it, and then I un-tamed it. I made sure that it is untamed by examining it and hovering over it a few times, also I had to get into the 'animals' tab under the Body menu, and this tab also said it is untamed. Another thing was that I got a confirmation on the event window saying: [20:32:06] You no longer have this animal tamed! So I left my other hell horses with it as I usually do in my pen, and went afk for a while. But when I got back, the horse was dead. It got into a fight with another hell horse and died in it. Here are the logs: Event log: Combat log: Here's where it all happened, I was standing right there where I am on the screen so I was able to get the AOE damage done to me. The horses were in that pen
  3. It's finally happening. The seals are plotting revenge against me, and the cows are first. I witnessed a seal murdering a cow near my deed today, even though: It wasn't hungry. Seals cannot eat cow meat. Seals are special-cased to only eat fish, but because they're technically carnivores, they will apparently hunt, maim, murder, and destroy prey animals... which they cannot eat. This seems like an oversight??? EDIT: It seems like carnivores in general do get their hunger lowered upon killing a prey creature. Maybe. So it may be the case that seals, who can only eat fish, still kill other prey and get nourishment from it, and then probably can't eat the corpse, and definitely can't eat the meat.
  4. Now that we sit on carts when driving, I get attacked by my hell horses. Not all the time, but I can no longer drive my cart with a weapon equipped. I've been driving a hell cart for many months prior to the update and never had an issue for driver or passengers until now.
  5. I am really enjoying using hells on my cart and am wondering if there is any protection for them when untamed and hitched? I know they will attract templars and randomly attack players if too close, but what about a player that just walks up to them and decided to kill and loot them? This has not happened to mine yet and I don't expect it, as I live in a pretty nice community and do my best to support all my friends and neighbors. However, I recognize that new random folks will happen by at times when I may be afk and do bad things.
  6. Hello fellow Wurmians, when seeing the new hell hounds and horses today I asked myself where those creatures actually come from. That gave me the idea of a new lair type and terrain. So here's the idea: - New Lair type; named f.e. "Hell Rift", "Gate to Hell", etc. - New terrain surrounding the lairs; "burned ground" or something - the new tiles can be foraged/botanized for ash, coal, etc. - the terrain could expand over time up to a maximum size of maybe 20 to 30 tiles from the lair with a speed of 1 tiles per day (20-30 tiles from lair -> 20-30 days to maximum size) - structures adjacent to the "burned ground" are damaged - (optional) the expansion of the terrain can be stopped by either dirt tiles, the area of influence of one of the "good" gods or by placing blessed statuettes/flags (5-tile radius) - once the Lair gets destroyed over time or by force there's a chance to aggravate a devil / hell fiend / some-other-champ-like-creature - the burned terrain will turn back to grass / steppe / whatever terrain is surrounding it, once the lair is destroyed.