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Found 9 results

  1. Hedge Growth

    I would love a mod that can stop hedges growing at a certain height. I would like camelia hedges to not grow past low. I know there are lavender plantation but those are not really hedge looking. Want them for a formal garden look. Thanks
  2. I have maple hedges as pens because I love the bright green of maple hedges. However, I'd also love to be able to see over them. Camellia hedges are an ugly dull green by comparison, and they're the only ones that stop growing at medium height. I have hundreds of hedges, and pruning each one every week to keep them at medium height wouldn't be practical. It would be great if there could be an option to permanently prune a hedge. Maybe with a glowing hot sickle could give the options 'prune' or 'permanently prune'. Permanently prune would prune the hedge and not allow it to grow back ever.
  3. An ally member and I tried to build hedges and flower beds on mine tile borders using the crafting window. Result was that the action starts and stops in the crafting window with no message in the event log. However, adding a flower and sprout to the crafting window produces the correct result in the opposite side of the crafting window, ie hedge or flower bed. I'm not sure if the bug is that the crafting window shows that flower beds/hedges are buildable or just that it won't build them. To reproduce, activate flower/sprout, right click tile border in cave, add to crafting window, then click continue and watch the que bug out.
  4. 4 new actions: Heavy Prune and Revitalise that may be used on bushes/trees when a sickle is selected and uproot and graft which may be used on hedges. Heavy prune takes a tree back an entire age group (old (any stage) -> mature (initial stage) for example). Unlocks at 50 forestry, 1.5x difficulty of a regular prune. Works on very old, old and mature trees/bushes only. Revitalise takes a withered tree and turns it into a mature one. Unlocks at 80 forestry, double difficulty of a regular prune. Uproot removes a hedge and returns 5 sprouts of that hedge type +1 for each additional growth stage (so a stage 3 hedge gives 7 sprouts). Unlocks at 60 forestry, double difficulty of pruning. Graft replaces a hedge's texture with the sprout grafted to it. For example using a cedar sprout on a lavender hedge makes it look like a growth level 1 cedar hedge. Unlocks at 70 forestry (or 40 forestry and 40 gardening, a hybrid action!) Really just makes forest upkeep simpler, allows folks to deal with hedges a little easier (while still making it hard to grief), lets folks who want old hedges have them, and makes high level forestry a little more worthwhile (and marketable!).
  5. Right now, hedges allow us to essentially plant permanent fences that never decay. This seems a little inconsistent with how the rest of Wurm works, and is a total pain when clearing up formerly-deeded areas, since they are just as hard to destroy as other fence types. So, I suggest one or both of the following: Let hedges decay (probably rather slowly), and make them easy to repair by watering them like you do with flowerpots and similar objects. Allow hedges to be easily removed with a shovel or similar implement, in one action, assuming the player has permissions (of course).
  6. Wire Hedge Frame Constructed using wire (2kg worth), requires 30 blacksmithing AND 50 gardening to make. Used on hedges (requires 40 gardening), prevents hedge growth till decays away (looking at the hedge displays the message "the wire frame is at x damage", these cannot be repaired once placed and must be replaced. No decay on deed. Can only be removed by person who placed it on freedom or by anyone with deed hedge permissions (removal destroys the frame) or by appling fertilizer (see below). This required hedge permissions to use on deed. Hedge Fertiliser Created using tooth (0.05 weight) and dirt (1kg), requires 30 natural substances AND 50 gardening to make (weighs 1kg). No gardening requirement for use. Used on ANY hedge it allows one extra level of growth (and cancels out wire frames). Note this does not mean it causes instant growth, it just sets the "can grow" flag (or whatever) to true so that the hedge can be effected by growth ticks. This requires hedge permissions to use on deed. Why would these be nice? With hedges getting unique graphics for each type some of us would like to see things like 2 high lavender hedges, or restricted height maple hedges to line paths. A lot of wurm is about players altering nature and this fits the bill nicely, it takes some effort but gives more aesthetic control. The high skill requirement is there because gardening is not really a skill people use at the moment and it could use some fleshing out. Optional Extra : Allow frames to be used for trees/bushes as well to halt growth, with fertilizer just removing the frame.
  7. When you attempt to create a hedge in-between two enchanted grass tiles, it gives you this error message. [01:58:22] You cannot plant a hedge there. Please fix. Thanks!
  8. So I have a few questions about hedges that the wiki doesn't answer very clearly or at all. Do Hedges Decay & How Are Hedges Maintained? So as fences do they take damage over time or do they grow old like plants? I know you can prune them to reduce their size but can you prune them to keep them from decaying or growing too old? Can Enemies Prune Your Hedges Away? The wiki talks about using a sickle to prune hedges down and then destroy them. But it also talks about catapults. If I plant hedges as the fences to my farm can a raider just prune them down to short and then walk over them? Does it make a difference if they are on or off deed? How Strong Are Hedges? How do hedges compare to other wall and fence types in terms of how hard they are to destroy. Like say a hedge vs. a wooden fence. Does the height of the hedge or the type of hedge (maple, thorns, etc.) effect that strength? Do Hedges Get Any Properties of The Plant They Are Made Of? Do thorn hedges do damage? Can I harvest maple syrup or camellia from maple and camellia hedges? Can I pick sprouts from hedges? Hedges Aside... How do I link my forum and in-game account so I can post in the epic section if I registered them on separate e-mails? How do I join the wiki team so I can make edits when I see outdated information?
  9. Several others have experienced this bug too, though I don't see a forum post about it. I thought this issue was fixed, though I've noticed first hand that it isn't. So I want to report that when walking over a low hedge, you will be teleported back like when walking into a structure that you are not allowed to enter. This gives problems when riding a horse or cart or when leading animals. You will disembark and the animals might get stuck or you will be unable to get to them afterwards.