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Found 21 results

  1. Upon examining : This beautiful crystal potion has a diamond stopper. The liquid inside is a glowing gold color. Allow Alchemist to make real healing potions that are instant health pots when used. Crafting categories : 1.5-2.5 % Variables for successful between skill markers. Potion of Healing ( 5%-10% Heal ) = Req. 40 Natural subs / 25 alchemy Potion of Greater Healing ( 10-20% Heal ) Req. 60 Natural Subs / 30 Alchemy Potion of Superior Healing ( 30-35% Capped Heal ) Req. 70 Natural Subs / 40+ Alchemy let the alchemist table be more useful for crafting these. usable during combat. much like a CR potion. Require ingredients. Unique Mob Parts for example gland of a Kyclopes etc... or other item. possibly Add a Toxicity to them ( negative effect ) for using to many of them in a short period of time.
  2. For my experience essence drain doesnt provide any healing on bow. Should it?
  3. At the moment having herbs as fresh doesn't do much (adds a cooking modifier) So here's a thought, increase the healing potency of fresh herbs by 1, compared to their "non-fresh" counterparts. i.e. Fresh Lovage has a potency of 5, regular lovage has a poteny of 4 etc.
  4. the last time you were in Northern Xanadu and you had 3 hel hounds two trolls and three aged spiders on you didn't you wish you heal yourself .. and maybe that healing wouldn't stop when you got too far away from original tile.. that's an old mechanism of programming its dated and needs to be looked into.. I would like to eat and heal myself as long as I am not struck or whatever there is no reason for it to be would be so cool.. its bad enuf only the mobs can attack you on said cart going up hils and even if you turn around you can't hit them.. its bunk.. so let us heal so we can make it home.. I had 6 mobs on me the whiole long trip on the new highway by vrock lake ever 50 ffet a new mob would move ain a one would trail off all the way along.. YOU ARE HEALED BRUTHA!!!
  5. Recently changes were made to healing so that channeling affects the power. It also appears that the "heal" spell now no longer cures disease. Or, possibly if it does cure disease it requires an extremely high cast power to do so. Please update the disease page so that us poor players won't go around thinking there's a way to cure disease other than fattening yourself above 90% "food" rating and sitting on an enchanted grass tile. broken page: inaccurate info: testing done: I cast "heal" several times with 20 channeling on several diseased characters, none of them were cured. (re-logged in to check for client bugs) I asked in CA help, no one there had heard of a recent disease cure through "heal". I cast "humid drizzle" on diseased characters to be sure that also didn't work. Also note: It seems my characters are also remaining diseased (with diseased text at login) without having the diseased icon showing up or sometimes the icon shows up a few minutes after login. Makes it very difficult to be sure when I am or am not diseased, though I can be sure no heal cast caused the "disease is gone" message. Thanks,
  6. I have a severe wound that I am purposely keeping high for various reasons. For some reason the past few days it has been healing through a 10 power HC. I have had this wound for about three weeks and it has only just started doing this. Were HC's rebalanced or is this a bug? Or am I an idiot and I need a 9 power HC?
  7. Hello guys, I have just made a little video for those that, like me, don't find the healing system very intuitive. At only three mins long it could be of help to beginners. I hope it's of some help.
  8. I've created a wound calculator so I don't have to reach for one to do the manual maths. You can find it here: (JavaScript needed) Please let me know what you think and if there's anything that could be improved.
  9. Any chance of getting Wool Cloth Squares to be a viable bandaging material?
  10. This information is taken from wurmpedia - but is meant as a quick reference to keep in mind should you be in mortal danger... + Healing Basics +: "Help! I don't want to die!" When do I need to treat wounds? It is advisable to treat wounds above 15 damage, or they may worsen or lead to death. Though this forumula may not be exact to the tee you can determine if a wound will worsen by: "(wound damage / 3) - 5 = damage increase per tick. If this number is positive, it will require bandages or healing covers. Once this value is negative, the wound will begin healing." *taken off wurmpedia Depending on your wound type you will follow the procedures as below. FIRST-AID == (BRUISE, POISON OR INTERNAL WOUND) You have 2 options: 1. Use Farmer's Salve (.05kg garlic per .10kg animal fat) - Will *not* work on: - a wound that is already bandaged - wounds above "medium" (up to about 30 dmg) - bite, burn, cut or hole type wounds - Once applied successfully text next to your wound will read: - "bandaged" : if wound was a bruise - "applied" : if wound was poison or internal - "Farmer's salve is currently only one of very few possible ways to heal a poison or internal wound, the other ways being tied specifically to religion." Fo priests have healing spells. 2. Use general first aid as listed below FIRST-AID == (GENERAL) The following will work on most all wound types: 1. Use cotton to bandage the wound. If you have no cotton, you may skip this step. - This will lower the damage, and determine if you need further treatment. - Only one bandage may be applied per wound unless you are hurt on the same spot again. - Useage: -Cotton, rags, and strings of cloth can be combined into a large clump and only the amount needed to bandage will be deducted from that lump when you heal. - If you are desperate you can use *any* cotton item to bandage, however items that can not be combined (satchels, cloth armor, etc) will use the entire item when bandaging. - Once applied "bandaged" text will appear next to wound. 2. Is the wound damage still above 15? - If so you will also need to to use a healing cover to retain your life... worse wounds will require more potent covers. -Healing covers can be re-applied. So if necessary use a lower potency on the wound immediatly to at least slow further damage while you attempt to aquire proper potency. -Stacking does not combine potency, but uses the potency of the most recently successfully applied cover. - "Medium" (15-30 dmg): require potency1 to begin healing , 5+ to heal in one tick - "Bad" (30-40 dmg): require potency 6-12 to begin healing, depending on damage. - "Severe" (45+ dmg): require potency greater than 12 to begin healing, supreme (20+potency) is recommended - See below for further healing cover potency information How can I know what potency my healing cover will be? [ Substance #1 potency * Substance #2 potency = cover potency ] - Two items of the same type can't be mixed, except for mushrooms Substance Potancy 5 Black mushroom Gland Heart Unicorn twisted horn Substance Potancy 4 Green mushroom Lovage Rosemary Tooth Substance Potancy 3 Blue mushroom Bison horn Camellia Eye Long horn Nettles Sage Yellow mushroom Substance Potancy 2 Acorns Barley Bladder Brown mushroom Garlic Hoof Lavender Lemon Paw Sassafras Tail Substance Potancy 1 Corn Onion Parsley Pumpkin Reed plants Rose Wemp plants Wheat What if I didn't make the cover, how can I tell its strength? All healing covers will have a general strength description when examined: It will help some against wounds. (1-5) It will pretty efficient against wounds. (6-9) It will be good against wounds. (10-12) It will be very good against wounds. (15-16) It will be supreme against wounds. (20+) If in doubt as to whether you have adequatly applied first aid keep track of your wound damage to be sure it is healing. Damage and healing "ticks" are calculated every 10 minutes after the wound is inflicted. Sending a "/tell <name>" to yourself makes a convenient place to record time and damage levels of a wound. If you continue to loose health you will need a stronger cover.
  11. you cant create healing covers using the crafting window. I hope you can fix this
  12. It's been a long day of adventuring, you've slain a dragon, your priest lost an arm and your knight will never walk again, until he enters an inn where the magical cure-all of the RPG universe awaits. Yes, your bed. It would be a nice touch if beds acted as a QL/5 power healing cover for people sleeping in them, granting one healing tick per hour offline. Rest and relaxation is important for healing! You know, sometimes inspiration comes to you while you are asleep? Dreams can answer questions you never knew you had... Once sleep bonus reaches the full amount if the player spends another 8 hours in bed (offline) they have a chance depending on bed QL (QL/5)% (and maybe modified by their soul stats?) to wake up with a skillgain buff in one random skill for 30 mins. 2x (80%),3x (18%) ,4x (1.9%) or even 5x (0.1%) skillgain during that time. There is nothing quite like breakfast, it's the meal that keeps you going until lunch and then some! After sleeping for 6 hours (regardless of sleep bonus) the next piece of food you eat will give double nutritional bonus. Because breakfast is important and it's likely a bonus most players will see once, maybe twice, every 24 hours of wurming. Finally... Well someone already beat me to it!
  13. In similar respects to how in DnD one finally dies from bleeding out -10 hp. The Battlefield multiplayer franchise has the body remain for a certain time period for possible medic rezzing, the player can lengthen the window by not respawnign asap. Although what I have in mind would require overhauling the death and injury system to allow for resurrections, primitive surgery, resuscitation, ancient version of CPR, mouth-to-mouth for drowning and choking, whatever Currently in Wurm, you run out of hp... you're dead and immediately respawned. I would argue for a certain time period before final death where you can be revived in a manner befitting the nature of the fatal injuries. EDIT: Also akin to BF, the player can shorten or extend the window by respawning after a certain set time period. The player would only be lootable after final death (maybe some limited stripping allowed during), and during that critical period you can be pulled to safety, healed on the spot, or just left to bleed out. Of course any resurection magic should require heavy concentration, faith, and favor. A BL version of the Mag res stone ability, could make use of Rebirth to allow the BL player limited control of their zombie char till 24hrs comes (logging off leaves the zombie as a NPC). Throw in some lust for blood, gore, and brains for fun. Player body while down can still be "stripped" (limited looting?) and the zombie corpse can be looted once killed. More chances for Rebirth with higher difficulty? Also such a system could be further extended to allow for capturing players, BL slavery, prison breaks, rescue missions, and etc
  14. One of my alliance mates saw that his mediums were healing. I shook it off as, maybe there's something he did with out realizing it. Recently, I have noticed, a medium I got a day ago went from 24 to 15. Another medium went to a light and then healed. What I know: Both are vyn followers in vyn domains. Only one of us does meditation and is on the path of knowledge at the 7th tier. Sleep bonus was used during the wounds. Confirmed, this isn't the cause. No healing covers or cotton were used on those wounds. Healing bonus on deed is 0% Not Noobies. I have 50+body skill Nutrition is 93 I have no idea what other factors could cause mediums to heal. Any thoughts?
  15. Make it possible to heal other players who are on the same large cart as you when the driver in driving the cart around. At this moment it says [12:00:44] You are now too far away to firstaid. When you are healing them and the cart is moving.
  16. In the latest dev blog we find this cryptic sentence: I'm on level 12 of the path of love and I have no idea what this is supposed to mean! I tried to find a new menu item somewhere (body, hands, wounds...), but there is nothing. My wounds seem to heal exactly as before and there seems to be no option to use "Healing Hands", whatever they are. Devs, could you explain please? (And: why do dev notes always have to be cryptic? Is it supposed to be a part of the game? )
  17. New healing options : Stitch up Requires : Needle, a certain amount of thread, First aid at 20 Usable on : Medium or worse Cuts and holes Effect : If successful reduces wound severity, if fails, thread loss and low chance of needle loss. Regardless of success or failure inflicts the hurting status. Needle quality effects success chance, thread quality effects how much severity is reduced. Tournequet Requires : Any cloth clothing object of reasonable size, any light rope like object, First aid at 50 Usable on : Any bad non-bruise wound Effect : Prevents the wound from worsening for a short amount of time. Duration determined by quality of item used. Failure damages item used. Success converts it into a tournequet on the wound which decays rapidly. Cauterise Requires : A red hot item, 80 first aid Usable on : Bad non-bruise wounds Effect : Reduces wound severity to medium, inflicts hurting and several minor wounds "burns" that heal over time automatically. Failure inflicts the burns but does not reduce the wound severity. Item is not consumed or damaged by success or failure. Optional Extra : At 21 first aid cotton can be converted into bandages which weigh as much as rags and keep their quality. Failure to convert consumes the cotton.
  18. Id really like to see more added to Alchemy options added. Things that could be added are 1. Healing potions that heal a small amount of damage 2. Maybe buffs that give you short time bonus to fighting skills or any skills depending on what was used to make the potion or drink. 3. Poisons that could be used to coat weapons and last for one or 2 hits on a creatures. 4. Maybe speed potions they allow you to buff your own speed or your horses speed for a short time maybe per 20 tiles of movement or something just far enough for a pack of creatures to loose agro. 5. Flight a short flying Potion make it more like jump even or slow fall so if you run out of stamina climbing a massive hill you could then drink the potion and not take damage on the way down. Anything added to this skill would be amazing, at this stage just HC's is not enough... It would make for more interesting magical classes too maybe limit it to priests only. I would love to see something like this added cause right now it's lacking big time. P.s Leave your thoughts on good potions and poisons that "could" be added. How would they work? what benefits would they give? what damage would they do? lets get the ball rolling and try get some great additions to the Alchemy skill.
  19. Sometimes you need help. You are badly wounded, don't have enough cotton, so you put some botonised stuff in an altar and pray. You god, bandages a medium+ wound. You are starving, already fasting, so you put your clay pot in the altar and pray, you get a basic casserole that gives you 50% nutri. Dying of thirst, you put your waterskin or clay jar in and pray. Each of these only works once per day and hits your faith.
  20. Looking to buy healing cover ingredients on Celebration. Link to list of all ingredients here. Higher the potency the better, but I will accept any ingredients. PM me here or post with what you have available and total cost and I'll get back to you.
  21. I suggest adding a cauterize feature.1 If you are incapable of making a healing cover, you could cauterize the wound. In order to cauterize, activate a glowing hot metal item such as a lump, sword, carving knife, etc. Right click on cut or bite, and select 'cauterize'. Cauterizing a wound causes extra damage (in the form of burns), possibly based on the size of the original wound (and could therefore kill you if you are not careful while treating severe wounds), but it treats cuts and punctures and prevents infection in lieu of a healing cover. Burns and bruises cannot be cauterized. 1. After multistory buildings are finished.