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Found 5 results

  1. So, I decided to test Heal because I felt like it's actually been nerfed, or perhaps bugged, to almost obsolete levels, especially in comparison to other spells. Can we get some clarification? 33% health - [20:03:36] You start to cast 'Heal' on yourself. 40% - [20:04:05] Xallo heals some of your wounds. No resistance, btw. Just a bit of criticism..... I think Heal itself is basically useless now. For the 30 seconds it takes me to cast Heal (a 40 favour cast), to only heal 7 damage, I can cast nearly 3 Cure Mediums and heal more wounds, and be less likely interrupted due to the quicker cast timer. Alternatively, I can cast a LoF (a 60 favour cast) in 10 seconds and heal myself, and 10 of my other buddies, all MORE than I could heal myself for, for 20 extra favour than Heal. 10 seconds also means less likely to interrupt. Is it bugged and incorrectly taking armour casting nerf into the equation? Or was it nerfed? It used to FULL heal you, not PARTIAL heal (as the name would indicate). Does it actually calculate damage based upon skill now (50 skill w/ the below cast)? Someone, please? (Don't take this as a LoF nerf, becasue LoF isn't really overpowered anymore with resistances, but take it more as a please un-nerf/fix Heal to be usable again).
  2. I'm now working on project of connecting nearby friendly deeds into Highway network system. As part of process I have in plan rebuild, straightening and optimizing some local roads. Last few days I spent working on overcome 2-3 tiles high cliff. Yesterday I was working with shovel above that cliff, when accident happened. Tiny lag disturbed timing of set on my climbing. That was not downfall, that was rather flight, more than 600 dirts worth height. One second turned into long time. I was thinking "I will die now, I can't survive this". Then I landed perhaps 7 tiles away and slided another 4 tiles down. And I survived. With 55ql bruise on my legs. Lucky I had horse on rope. I returned to my deed as fast as possible, thinking how to heal such brutal bruise. Farmer's salve should help, pehaps. I made few ones and selected that with highest quality. And it not worked. There was not option to use it. So I moved to BSB with cotton, 95ql cotton reduced that bruise to 48. But few seconds later healing tick returned it to 50, damn. I survived, but time will kill me now. None priest with heal spells was nearby. That bruise was bandaged, so unable to aply more cotton. Only really strong healing cover could safe me now. Time to open Wurmpedia and check which components I will need. In that time I moved to Vynora altar to spam pray. When web browser loaded into RAM of my older computer, I saw, I'm healthy. What? Checking events I saw Vynora healed me on third pray. So only thing I can say is: "Thank you, Vynora, very much. That was help in time of the greatest urgency." happy and alive Zak
  3. Recently changes were made to healing so that channeling affects the power. It also appears that the "heal" spell now no longer cures disease. Or, possibly if it does cure disease it requires an extremely high cast power to do so. Please update the disease page so that us poor players won't go around thinking there's a way to cure disease other than fattening yourself above 90% "food" rating and sitting on an enchanted grass tile. broken page: inaccurate info: testing done: I cast "heal" several times with 20 channeling on several diseased characters, none of them were cured. (re-logged in to check for client bugs) I asked in CA help, no one there had heard of a recent disease cure through "heal". I cast "humid drizzle" on diseased characters to be sure that also didn't work. Also note: It seems my characters are also remaining diseased (with diseased text at login) without having the diseased icon showing up or sometimes the icon shows up a few minutes after login. Makes it very difficult to be sure when I am or am not diseased, though I can be sure no heal cast caused the "disease is gone" message. Thanks,
  4. Currently Heal is almost entirely useless on PvE, the recent nerf has made it far too randomised to do much good. It also no longer removes disease, arguably the most common use for the spell at events. LoF has been similarely nerfed, it is now linked to power which is extremely random. At 65 channeling I am still getting a noticable number of bad casts (3x3, sets cooldown on players and heals next to nothing) so god knows what its like for players with lower channeling! The proposed changes are simple: 1. Change Heal and LoF to only rely on power for their amount healed when players from another kingdom are in local. 2. Either allow heal to remove disease on players or add in a new spell for fo priests with the same effect. This grants the PvP community the balance it wants and lets the PvE community get on with its game and enjoy the benefits of a local fo priest some more.
  5. This information is taken from wurmpedia - but is meant as a quick reference to keep in mind should you be in mortal danger... + Healing Basics +: "Help! I don't want to die!" When do I need to treat wounds? It is advisable to treat wounds above 15 damage, or they may worsen or lead to death. Though this forumula may not be exact to the tee you can determine if a wound will worsen by: "(wound damage / 3) - 5 = damage increase per tick. If this number is positive, it will require bandages or healing covers. Once this value is negative, the wound will begin healing." *taken off wurmpedia Depending on your wound type you will follow the procedures as below. FIRST-AID == (BRUISE, POISON OR INTERNAL WOUND) You have 2 options: 1. Use Farmer's Salve (.05kg garlic per .10kg animal fat) - Will *not* work on: - a wound that is already bandaged - wounds above "medium" (up to about 30 dmg) - bite, burn, cut or hole type wounds - Once applied successfully text next to your wound will read: - "bandaged" : if wound was a bruise - "applied" : if wound was poison or internal - "Farmer's salve is currently only one of very few possible ways to heal a poison or internal wound, the other ways being tied specifically to religion." Fo priests have healing spells. 2. Use general first aid as listed below FIRST-AID == (GENERAL) The following will work on most all wound types: 1. Use cotton to bandage the wound. If you have no cotton, you may skip this step. - This will lower the damage, and determine if you need further treatment. - Only one bandage may be applied per wound unless you are hurt on the same spot again. - Useage: -Cotton, rags, and strings of cloth can be combined into a large clump and only the amount needed to bandage will be deducted from that lump when you heal. - If you are desperate you can use *any* cotton item to bandage, however items that can not be combined (satchels, cloth armor, etc) will use the entire item when bandaging. - Once applied "bandaged" text will appear next to wound. 2. Is the wound damage still above 15? - If so you will also need to to use a healing cover to retain your life... worse wounds will require more potent covers. -Healing covers can be re-applied. So if necessary use a lower potency on the wound immediatly to at least slow further damage while you attempt to aquire proper potency. -Stacking does not combine potency, but uses the potency of the most recently successfully applied cover. - "Medium" (15-30 dmg): require potency1 to begin healing , 5+ to heal in one tick - "Bad" (30-40 dmg): require potency 6-12 to begin healing, depending on damage. - "Severe" (45+ dmg): require potency greater than 12 to begin healing, supreme (20+potency) is recommended - See below for further healing cover potency information How can I know what potency my healing cover will be? [ Substance #1 potency * Substance #2 potency = cover potency ] - Two items of the same type can't be mixed, except for mushrooms Substance Potancy 5 Black mushroom Gland Heart Unicorn twisted horn Substance Potancy 4 Green mushroom Lovage Rosemary Tooth Substance Potancy 3 Blue mushroom Bison horn Camellia Eye Long horn Nettles Sage Yellow mushroom Substance Potancy 2 Acorns Barley Bladder Brown mushroom Garlic Hoof Lavender Lemon Paw Sassafras Tail Substance Potancy 1 Corn Onion Parsley Pumpkin Reed plants Rose Wemp plants Wheat What if I didn't make the cover, how can I tell its strength? All healing covers will have a general strength description when examined: It will help some against wounds. (1-5) It will pretty efficient against wounds. (6-9) It will be good against wounds. (10-12) It will be very good against wounds. (15-16) It will be supreme against wounds. (20+) If in doubt as to whether you have adequatly applied first aid keep track of your wound damage to be sure it is healing. Damage and healing "ticks" are calculated every 10 minutes after the wound is inflicted. Sending a "/tell <name>" to yourself makes a convenient place to record time and damage levels of a wound. If you continue to loose health you will need a stronger cover.