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Found 8 results

  1. Hello y'all! I have recently rented an ubuntu server and installed the server, modloader , some mods and everything runs just fine when i use the gui. Now i wanted to setup a service so that i can schedule server reboots without having to connect via team veiwer and use the gui and everything there seems to be in order (it probably isnt). I went after this step by step manual -> Now one problem did arise. Again launching, the server with the patched gui, no problem everything works i can connect. BUT if i start the server via the created service: the server boots all the way up until before connecting to steam, then throws this error: (Warning: full server.log incoming) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. i dont mind having my server just run all the time, but i doubt even with the best hardware it needs a reboot from time to time, which could be done with putty easily if i could use this service properly. I will happily provide any additional info you guys are asking for, im not a pro when it comes to wurm servers, but otherwise i know how to handle a pc.
  2. Hi all Wurmians I rent a small vps to create my first wurm unlimited server (1 vcore and two gb ram). The Server has Debian 8 64 bits installed on it by default ( I can reinstall any other OS if was necessary). I use Putty to comunicate with server. Install Steam cmd, Xvfb and java libraries (libswt-gtk-3-java). When I run the server all seems to be ok..but I cannot see the server on internet tab and neither logs appear on Creative directory This is that i get on SSH console: steam@vps455235:~$ cd /home/steam/wu steam@vps455235:~/wu$ ./WurmServerLauncher start=Creative Starting Logs found: 0 SteamAppId set. /home/steam/wu Runtime path: /home/steam/wu/runtime/jre1.8.0_121/lib/amd64/server/ Working Directory: /home/steam/wu Number of options: 7 Create java VM! Sep 19, 2017 6:12:16 PM com.wurmonline.server.gui.WurmServerGuiMain main INFO: WurmServerGuiMain starting Should start without GUI here! My main doubts are: How I can know why the server does not work if does not generate neither log ? Are necessary fill the external and internal ip fields of wurmlogin.sql file (I tried with the ip of my vps but nothing) ? Are neccesary open the ports as an local sever (I assume that in vps that is not neccesary ..I wrong?) Thank you!
  3. Hey there first of all i would like to apologise if there is already a post about this. My issue is that i am wanting to make a server cluster, i am currently using Linux Centos7 to run the initial server so as ive stated on the heading it is a headless server im running and cant use a gui to configure the servers. I can easily enough set up another server but the issue is setting up the advanced settings for the cluster, i cant seem to find any of the settings in a configuration file on my initial server. Hoping you guys can help out Thanks in advance alicheek
  4. I'm trying to add another Wurm Unlmited instance running on the same host as my primary instance. I've went through the documented steps and hacked my way through them as most of them are aimed at people using the GUI. The problem I am experiencing is that I can still bring up my main instance just fine but my new server seems to be trying to capture the ports that the main instance is using, even though they have been changed in my servers table for that server. The error I'm getting is [01:12:46 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.epic.Hota: Loaded 0 HOTA helpers. It took 0.068983 millis. [01:12:46 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer: Creating Wurm SocketServer on / [01:12:46 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Shutting down the server - reason: Problem running the server - Address already in use [01:12:46 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Shutting down the server - cause: Address already in use Which makes sense because the previous instance already has those ports captured netstat -tulpn | grep Wurm tcp 0 0* LISTEN 26032/WurmServerLau tcp 0 0* LISTEN 26032/WurmServerLau tcp 0 0* LISTEN 26032/WurmServerLau tcp 0 0* LISTEN 26032/WurmServerLau udp 0 0* 26032/WurmServerLau udp 0 0* 26032/WurmServerLau For my server I have the following info sqlite> select * from servers; SERVER = 2 NAME = Thera SPAWNPOINTJENNX = 200 SPAWNPOINTJENNY = 200 SPAWNPOINTMOLX = SPAWNPOINTMOLY = SPAWNPOINTLIBX = SPAWNPOINTLIBY = HOMESERVER = 1 INTRASERVERADDRESS = INTRASERVERPORT = 48011 INTRASERVERPASSWORD = xxxxxxxx EXTERNALIP = EXTERNALPORT = 3725 LOGINSERVER = KINGDOM = 4 ENTRYSERVER = ISPAYMENT = PVP = TWITKEY = TWITSECRET = TWITAPP = TWITAPPSECRET = CHAMPTWITKEY = CHAMPTWITSECRET = CHAMPTWITAPP = CHAMPTWITAPPSECRET = LOCAL = ISTEST = LASTRESETCHAMPS = 1464222722935 RMIPORT = 7222 REGISTRATIONPORT = 7223 MOVEDARTIS = 1442559567892 SKILLDAYSWITCH = 1464225286942 SKILLWEEKSWITCH = 1464225286942 NEXTEPICPOLL = 1464226317318 FATIGUESWITCH = 1464222717132 NEXTHOTA = WORLDTIME = 54900 TILEREST = 463284 POLLTILE = 4121688 POLLMOD = 25385 POLLROUND = 1 SPAWNEDUNIQUE = CAHELPGROUP = -1 CHALLENGE = CHALLENGEEND = CHALLENGESTARTED = MAXPLAYERS = 200 MAXCREATURES = 10000 PERCENT_AGG_CREATURES = 10.0 TREEGROWTH = SKILLGAINRATE = 10.0 ACTIONTIMER = 10.0 HOTADELAY = 2160 RANDOMSPAWNS = 1 SKILLBASICSTART = 20.0 SKILLBODYCONTROLSTART = 25.0 SKILLMINDLOGICSTART = 25.0 SKILLFIGHTINGSTART = 10.0 SKILLOVERALLSTART = 1.0 EPIC = CRMOD = 3.0 STEAMPW = xxxxxx UPKEEP = MAXDEED = FREEDEEDS = 1 TRADERMAX = 500000 TRADERINIT = 10000 TUNNELING = 51 BREEDING = 5 FIELDGROWTH = 3600000 KINGSMONEY = 1000000 MOTD = Note to Self: 1. Survive, 2. Create! MAPNAME = New I'll note I also have the info for my primary server in that table too, as I assume it needs to be there in order to make the neighbour server link
  5. Hey there This is not so much an issue, as a request for advice on change, or perhaps something for the developers of the headless server to think about. My output is generally useless (i run the headless server with a forever like keep alive/watchdog system) and I attach to the logging often to see what is going on, if it's still Up and ok. The output generally looks like this, and nothing much changes over time....: Starting the server Incoming RMI is disabled ================================================================== Wurm Server launcher finished at Tue Apr 12 18:55:28 EDT 2016 ================================================================== Server connected to steam Client was Authenticated Client was NOT Authenticated Server connected to steam Server connected to steam Is there a way, to get more informative output to console without modifying wurm source? (I am not a fan of mods of any sort, as it causes more problem for players in the long run). Is this log4j logging? In that case, It would be easy to modify or add an appender. Something that would be useful: 1. timestamp each line (i have no idea when that client conneciton happened) 2. who is client? add a name or uid in there? 3. more informational logging (connected to steam, when did it disconnect? why?) 4. periodic output on number of creatures or number of players... maybe things like that Just an idea, if you anyone's got some input on this, do share M
  6. Hello all, what are your experiences with headless dedicatet server. I try to run a custom map at my server - but wurm unlimited server will not start., Last line in log: INFO: Finished loading Wurm IDs, that took 1.879341 millis. ... for more than 15 minutes it will not be go on and i abort. Map size 2048 will work wothout problems an fats. Maybe map size 4096 is to big for RAM and wurm server gives no feedback? AMD Athlon II X2 RAM 4GB CentOS 7.2 Greetings
  7. In the headless server, you can enter 'shutdown' to tell the server to go down, but it doesn't seem you can tell it how long to wait or have it send a message to the event tab as you can with the gui. Has anyone managed to get around this or figured out how to get it to function? Thanks! -Llurendt
  8. Is anyone aware of a way to write a script to inject commands into the headless server? I'm attempting to create an automatic restart/backup script as a workaround for the 4 hour CPU usage issue I'm running into (and a way to handle routine maintenance, etc), but I can't figure out if RMI is somehow the way to do it and if so, how to make use of it. If you can provide assistance, please let me know! Thanks, -Llurendt