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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys I would like to see a wooden hen house. It could be an item which would cover a surface of 2x1 tiles, it should contain one rooster and 3 hens (like 2 animals per tile, I think it is an equal number), and would produce 1 egg per hen each 90 minutes (the same time needed to rebreed or remilk animals, but it could take more time of course). The rooster should be necessary to make the eggs every 90 min; without the rooster, the chickens would produce eggs in the normal window of time of wild chickens. The item can be opened and inside we have to add wheat or other cereals or vegetables (chickens eat basically everything); without the food the chickens make eggs as wild chickens. The chickens and the rooster enter in the house like the animals enter in the cages and their age and health can be managed by opening the house, like the creature cages. The items would have an empty and a full design, this is an example I found online:
  2. Okay so as developers and staff members, it's inevitable that there will be times when people disagree with what we do or even hate us for it. I've learned to weather the hate in stride, for the quiet ones who reach out and thank me always carry me through. But... who do you hate the most? As an aside, this is just for fun. Keep replies light-hearted and funny. If you do have a problem or complaint, the best place to bring it up will be with one of us directly. I'm also asking for this because Firestarter has promised to find where I live if I make his job any harder. So please, please... (he scares me...)