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Found 4 results

  1. Would be nice to see new life put into the Rafts again made useful as/through Animal Barges. How many times have you seen a herd of animals or some Champion type that you are able to lead, tame, or subdue, but guess were out boating and now the journey back can only be done through water. Have the Barge load up 1 animal initial and 1 extra per 10ql , mooring rope-it to your Sailboat or better(maybe limit size of ship to quantity of barges towed or total max creatures) and load that puppy up and be on your way. Even leave your ship with the barge still connected to your ship while you take a pits stop or picnic. Main idea is to have a means to get special animal (even unicorn or champs) and be able to bring them back more easily to a distant area or even the isolated Isle. Nothing special, just a means to ship creatures, (as crates are easier-access-relocatable/portable bsb's). Plus you can load the "barges" inside your ship as a raft would be. Just an idea.
  2. Please update Rope So that it explains rope can be used to haul large carts up, or down multi-story buildings Limitations are: The cart cannot have animals hitched The cart must be 1 floor below your current position to haul up The cart must be on your current floor in order to haul down This must happen directly at an house opening Notes can be found here: Under the February event (Toward the very bottom of the page linked here)
  3. You cannot haul a crate up stairs with a rope. A small cart can be dragged up as can a large but the large requires some silly business. Also a single small crate full of bricks is extremely heavy - 2200kg heavy. At 37.61 Strength, I can pull a large cart with only 2392kg in it, meaning a single small crate full. It takes much longer than hauling and involves dancing. To get the cart to actually change floors, you have to drag up, turn back facing the steps, then take a single step. At that point, the cart slingshots up the stairs. You then have to mount it and unload it. Then do the same going back down to get your next small crate. I am not sure if not hauling is an oversight or if it is intended that way. If it is, I would advise people to leave at least one ladder in their structure for hauling.
  4. Hi, All very well to introduce "Haul up" - only using a rope, can't be done with a mooring rope which is annoying. However, what about "Haul down" ??? Have a large chest upstairs, which I want to bring down stairs to ground level, but.... There is no "haul down" and not able to load on cart either: [14:58:11] You must be on the same floor level as the large chest in order to load it. So how does one bring an item down ??? Suggestions would be welcome - other than bashing and starting again... PS : On searching for a thread about this: "No results found for 'haul'."