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Found 7 results

  1. Rare yellow peasant cap is caste Web Armour and has attached stell Vyn rune (reduced dmg 10%)! Prices in the picture!.
  2. Wurm Pirate Hats. Ahoy wurmian mates! it has been frightfully apparent, to me, and most of my fellow wurmians, for a long time that the wardrobes and closets have been very empty, the clothing options are very limited, to say the least. i believe its time for a change of clothing! i offer a few ideas to kick it off, ive been brewing these for a while and since this seems to be the season of change so i offer these for your consideration. Pirate Hats there are a few possibilities for this one. One option would be to give the adventurers hat the option to use a string and fold the rim a tailor could do it up to three times and every fold is a different look. the second option would be to add new models and recipes to tailoring skill for a Cavalier Hat and a Tricorn (Pirate) Hat. Jesters cap this one will require a model i'm sure but would love to see it just to add some fun i know one of my alts would ware one of these forever Capes someone else has brought this up here is the link to their post i mean we have the item slot for it and its just filling with dust soooo.....? Priest Robes this image i found was perfect for what i was thinking because the robe would replace the chest item be it a shirt or jacket it would be dyable and seen in this image is a long tabard that is worn over and would use the tabard slot, it is cinched with a rope belt the two items that would need a model is the robe and the tabard because the hood already in game would work for the hood for the outfit already. if anyone has any more idea i encourage you to post here. thank you
  3. tailoring potion: 1.5s each armour smith: 2s weapon smith: 2s rare practice doll: 2s rare med wood shield: 3s supreme ring: offer white skull: 4s black skull: sold yule goat: 1s each
  4. theres been a lot of keybinds added in kinda recently for spells and catapults but for some reason no lock picking keybind. don't see any reason why there isn't one yet so yea put it in that would be cool.
  5. The tall pointy kind with a wide brim. Like the one worn by You Know Who.
  6. Hey Everyone! It's news time again! You may have already noticed a change of title under my name, and that's because earlier this week Wossoo stepped down as Public Relations Officer (PRO). Wossoo stepped in a few months to cover the position at short notice, and I'm sure you'll agree that he did a great job of keeping everything ticking! He's currently too busy with his real-life PR job, but will remain on the team as a Public Relations Assistant so we won't lose his know-how. I've been heavily involved in Wurm's PR for a few months now as the Deputy PRO, and so you shouldn't notice any change in quality on your end with things like the weekly news. Without further ado, here's a bumper crop of more small improvements, many of which you actually haven't heard anything about before... The Week in Patch Notes This week, the stable client went Java 8! You can find a full changelog below of the things that Java 8 allows us to bring to Wurm, along with many more improvements in the future that will be facilitated by the new coding options. In addition, we unfortunately made a databse error with the premium awards system, meaning that we can't retro-fix the system entirely as we had intended to. We decided to continue to work on other things, as it would take up too much time to solve the error. Only a small number of people should be affected; you can find out more here. 19/08/15:The game client now requires java 8, which is the latest available version from Download and install unless you have already.There is now an ingame map of Valrei, the home of the gods (and a keybind for it).Fix for shearing sheep.Fix to make failing to make cheese consistent (should reduce the weight in all three cases)A reason for not being able to remove walls considered to be supporting floors was fixed.Fixed bug related to auto-selection of items in creation window.Added possibility to repair stationary tools in creation window.Added total weight value display on weight icon hover.Added weight thresholds calculator on weight icon hover (100%, 75%, 25% speed and max weight).Added inventory windows positions remembering.Made wall collisions longer and wider so cant see through the corners now.Fixed the hide Inactive Friends setting.Added functionality to make private messages make a plonk sound and added an option to enable/disable it (disabled by default).Selecting multiple items in an inventory container window will now show how many items you have selected.Added a ‘DROP_AS_PILE’ key bind and have it appear in the keybindings tab in the client.Reordering the the escape menu, added a new button Hud Settings and move a lot of hud windows toggles to Hud settings.On main menu bar buttons removed all underscores and made the text lower case except the first letter.Added word selection in text fields on double-click.Added key binds for ‘WINCH’, ‘WINCH5′, ‘WINCH10′, ‘UNWIND’, ‘LOAD’,’UNLOAD’,’FIRE’ for war machines.Fixed polish keyboard layout “select all†shortcut bug when typing letter “ąâ€.Added character name display on game title bar.Added wounds sorting in character window.Added visible damage in equipment slots in character window.Fixed windows height caching for minimized windows.Added remembering of windows state (minimized).Added keybind for toggle hud settings.20/08/15: Some collision issues were fixed which should affect creatures pathing and players teleporting.Removed scenario karma bonus when moving a deity on Valrei.Removed negative reputation restriction for joining HOTS villages.Below surface creatures are now more properly counted towards village ratio.Fixed so sheep and bison are able to be milked.Fix for bridge decay. New Launcher UI Warlander, Saroman and Budda, not satisfied with the client's looks, have been working on a new UI for the launcher. It will use the same style as the website while being an overall improvement to the launcher's looks, which haven't changed in many years. There's a sneak preview below, though we expect any changes to the launcher's appearance to be a while away yet: Village Plan View & Export Ever wanted to have a plan of your deed but don't have the time to make one? Do you ever want to know what your deed looks like without leaving your house? Well there's soon going to be an in-game solution! It's in early stages of development like the visual improvements above, but the village plan view will allow you to see a 2D plan of your deed from in the game. What's maybe even better is that you'll be able to export a plan of your deed (including things like relative terrain heights) in a file format readable by software like Warlander's widely popular Deed Planner - so it'll be easier than ever to have and play around with a virtual plan of your deed before you make anything solid (well, solid in virtual space that is.) I Take My Hat Off to You Last week, we showed you some new graphics for the mighty goblin leader, including a stylish feather hat. This week, we've developed making them wearable! The Crown of the Troll King and the Goblin War Bonnet will be dropped when said uniques are slain, ready for use on your own head as a trophy or style icon. They'll be added to the game imminently! Permissions Lastly this week for developer news, Tich continues to ask for more feedback on her permissions improvements currently in development, this week for the village permissions window. Your feedback would be appreciated! Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Hauler, of his massive deed Salodurum on Independence. Apparently, it took a whole 3 years to build in its entirety! The one picture below of seating outside his Inn was our favourite but doesn't do the entire deed justice - you can look at more pictures of the deed here. So that concludes this week's news! *puts on a fancy new goblin hat*
  7. So basically once upon a time most people kept their furs in a alt because there was no good way of preventing massive decay on them (kinda like how pelts still work). Rolf decided to be magnanimous and allow that furs (and pelts for a short time) be stored in bsbs to halt their decay. But since at the time there was only one item that used fur (beds) and the type of fur was irrelevant, when storing them into bsbs they all get mixed and become just "fur". So far there has been no real reason to change this since rugs, the item that changed this, are mostly cosmetic, and seriously, for me at least, i wouldn't see myself needing a bunch of these. But with the new bear hats (and who knows what else the future holds) having furs stored by type became relevant. So the suggestion is that the system be changed so that furs can be stored like logs, differentiating from Brown Bear, Wolf and Black Bear furs. The current generic "fur" can be kept as is, and as a bit of a relic of the past, or changed to their original status (if there's data for that) or randomly split between the 3 types. Discuss.