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Found 15 results

  1. ==NOTICE - This has now been fixed in the update on 16 August 2022== ==THANKS=FOR=LISTENING=DEVS!== [Please Close] Numbers stopped going up. Yes indeed. Unfortunately, because of the way the foraging skill is stored in Wurm, and used in the harvesting function, even though my skill is 100, I am not getting any 100ql items. Techie stuff: So that's it basically, no 100ql pumpkins for me But the implications are greater still, because this function also applies to botanists, and *I believe* gardeners, so that currently it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain 100ql woad in this game, either by botanizing or by harvesting planters, regardless of skill! For the dye makers this is a huge disappointment. Something which, I feel, needs to be looked at again. Please change the harvesting formula to use the players skill exactly (or just add 1 to the value!) before (or after) calculating the gathered items' ql. Thank you team.
  2. I cant harvest immediately after sowing. The sowing action is fine, I can queue a few of those. But when I queue up harvesting another tile after sowing, it will say "[12:43:02] After you finish sowing you will start harvesting." but it wont follow through. I have to choose harvest again once the sowing actions are finished. CA Help suggested it was that I used up the seed, which was active, that was the item used to then harvest. That makes no sense to me at all since queueing up these two actions together has always worked for months so something recently changed as it was working in the last week when I last harvested.
  3. This is Quality of Life (QOL) request, is not urgent, and can go on the back burner so to speak. I am currently clearing some dirt away from the underlying rock to redesign my orchard. As a result I frequently have to remove a tree (or bush) because I am unable to dig one or more corners. With the shovel active, and mousing over the tree tile, I can not see if the tree has a sprout (or indeed any fruit) unless I activate either my sickle or my hatchet - as it says "A shovel just won't do" It's very frustrating for me, because, if I then activate my sickle ready to sprout the tree, a large percentage of the time the tree doesn't even have a sprout, OR if I activate my hatchet instead, you can bet the tree has one. It's like tossing a coin every time! I guess I should have gone through the whole area sprouting and harvesting beforehand, but projects tend to evolve this way... So, I am wondering if it would be possible to fix it sometime, so that I can activate ANY item, mouse over the tree tile and then be able see whether or not the tree has a sprout or fruit. It seems petty, but it would allow players to immediately pick out the correct tool after using a shovel, saving a few clicks - especially if like me, they left their tool belt at home. Please at least allow me to see if a tree is harvest-able with my shovel activated, so I know which tool to use next! Thanks!
  4. Typo: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flower from the Rose bush. Should be either: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flowers from the Rose bush. or [16:22:02] You harvest a rose flower from the Rose bush.
  5. Hi, I would like to suggest a change of the maple syrup harvest. It would be nice to have it change to a more realistic time in the calendar. Right now maple syrup harvesting is almost in the middle of summer time but in reality it should be in springtime, when the nights are still cold, water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree. During the day, the warmer temperature creates pressure that pushes the water back down to the bottom of the tree, making it easy to collect. And when syrup here is harvested, it's spring but there is still snow out. It's the first days of spring that in day time, its warm but at night it's still very cold so the snow melts but slowly still. And right now on the wurm calendar the only thing we can harvest are pine nuts in wintertime and then it's almost 10 days before the next harvest. Having the maple moved to the springtime would make those months a little less boring for foresters and a little more realistic.
  6. I would love to see rose hips, rose petals, rose oil, rose water, rose hip tea, and rose water desserts added to the game. The rose hips could be used to make tea. The rose petals could be used to make rose water and rose oil. The rose oil can be used in healing and the rose water can be used in cooking.
  7. I'd like to see the introduction of a new action that supplements the current harvesting action: HARVEST_TO_BACKPACK. The action would result in the harvested goods directly being placed inside an equipped backpack. While considering ways to make an action that would be able to accommodate both harvesting actions that do not require a tool as well as those that do, this seemed to be the best solution I could come up with. It would allow both cases to do their respective actions without the need to introduce some strange way to try and introduce a second 'active' container as the specified output. So which benefits would this offer? - it would be able to be used by both harvesting actions, those with and those without tools - it would offer a QoL advantage over having the harvest end up in your inventory and having to move it into the right containers - you would no longer have to make sure to drop everything in your inventory before starting to harvest or end up only being able to harvest a handful of tiles before your inventory overflows - it would not confuse players by having to activate an item (container) and the active item not affecting the action with runes of enchants it might have on it - it would somewhat put it in line with harvesting sap, which already allows us to harvest into a container, although I could imagine the ability to strap large barrels to our backs for this purpose would be kind of amazing aswell On a last note, I would like to see it implemented in a way that would not need the step of first having to add it to the inventory, effectively allowing it to base all actions only on the backpack instead of the players inventory, which would mean we would no longer need to make sure that we have sufficient empty spaces when going out harvesting. That would be A M A Z I N G. Thanks for reading. If you feel like the suggestion could be improved in any way, please let me know.
  8. I was wondering if it's intended that you seem to sometimes get a critical success, if you'd call it that, when harvesting crops? I've had multiple instances (with 83.xx Farming), where I got 21 yield of easy crops like potato, or sugar beet. I'm uncertain whether or not those were fields that I never failed to tend at any growth stage, which is possible. It did strike me as odd though, because 21 is about double of a normal "good" harvest. Not complaining, but I'd rather not line in with the questionable moral of shutting up about something odd, and then winch when it gets "fixed" two years later
  9. I crashed today when i was farming, harvesting and sowing fields. 2 of my friends reported similar issue. Looks new issue as this has never happened before to me. Here is my console.log Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <Index: 41, Size: 41> It's possible you might figure out what's wrong from the log file below, but if you can't, post the full log on the wurm online forums, and someone else might be able to help you. Contents of console.log: Time is Tue Jun 02 17:10:24 EEST 2015 Running client version 3.87-7309 [unstable] === System information === Executing from C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\VX\ Operating system: Windows 7 (arch: amd64, version: 6.1) Java version: 1.8.0_45 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.45-b02 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 6 >>> Main thread exiting. --- >>> LoginFrame queue entry exiting. Loading character Cormax Loading config Cormax --- Keybindings saved. Loaded pack experimental.jar (r1) Loaded pack sound.jar (r1) Loaded pack pmk.jar (r2543) Loaded pack graphics.jar (r2541) Options up-to-date! Loading props file PATH\playerdata.txt Loading props file PATH\stats.txt Preparing to enable console logging. Now logging to PATHconsole.Cormax.log === Wurm options === animation_playback_self = 0 auto_mipmaps_enabled = 2 auto_run_source = 0 cavedetail = 2 censor_chat = false cloud_shadows = true collada_animations = 4 color_black = 0.0,0.0,0.0 color_cyan = 0.0,1.0,1.0 color_error = 1.0,0.3,0.3 color_fuchsia = 1.0,0.0,1.0 color_green = 0.08,1.0,0.08 color_grey = 0.5,0.5,0.5 color_lime = 0.0,1.0,0.0 color_maroon = 0.5,0.0,0.0 color_navy_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_orange = 1.0,0.5,0.0 color_purple = 0.5,0.0,0.5 color_red = 1.0,0.0,0.0 color_royal_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_silver = 0.75,0.75,0.75 color_system = 0.5,1.0,0.5 color_teal = 0.0,0.5,0.5 color_white = 1.0,1.0,1.0 color_yellow = 1.0,1.0,0.0 compressed_textures = false compressed_textures_S3TC = true contribution_culling = 150 custim_timer_source = 1 customTimer1 = Meditate|1800000 customTimer2 = med long w|10800000 customTimer3 = -1|-1 customTimer4 = -1|-1 customTimer5 = -1|-1 debug_mode = false depth_clamp_enabled = 2 disable_select_all_shortcut = false display_settings = false:true:0:1920:1200:32:-1:false:false enable_contribution_culling = false enable_debugs = false enable_lod = true enable_shift_drag = true enable_vsync = true engine_multithreaded = 0 event_log_rotation = 2 exec_source = 0 fast_yield = false fbo_enabled = 2 fog_coord_src = 0 font_antialias = 2 font_bold = 11 font_default = 14 font_header = 24 font_italian = 11 font_monospaced = 11 font_static = 12 fov_horizontal = 80 fps_limit = 35 fps_limit_background = 15 fps_limit_enabled = true game_client_thread_priority = 2 glsl_debug_loading = false glsl_enabled = 2 gpu_skinning = true gui_opacity = 4 gui_skin = 1 has_read_eula = true hide_inactive_friends = false hide_menu_examine = false hide_menu_no_target = false hide_menu_spam_mode = false hide_menu_stop = false high_res_binoculars = true hint_texture_scaling = 2 impColumn = true inverse_mouse = false irc_log_rotation = 2 irc_notif = 0 item_creature_render_distance = 4 key_bindings_source = 0 keyboard_layout = 0 loadInventoryStartup = true local_list_in_event = true lod = 1 log_extra_errors = false log_gl_errors = false mark_text_read = true material_as_suffix = true max_texture_size = 3 mega_texture_size = 5 model_loader_thread_priority = 2 model_loading_threads = 1 multidraw_enabled = 2 no_brightness = false no_terrain_render = false no_world_render = false non_power_of_two = 2 occlusion_queries_enabled = 2 offscreen_texture_size = 2 other_log_rotation = 2 outline_picking = true player_texture_size = 2 reflection_texture_size = 2 reflections = 4 release_context = false release_context_on_jogl_sleep = false remember_password = true render_distant_terrain = true render_glow = false render_sun_glare = true resident_models = false save_skills_on_quit = true screenshot_file_format = 0 season_override = 0 send_extra_tile_data = false setting_timestamps = true settings_version = 3 shadow_level = 4 shift_drag_default = 10 showKChat = true show_body_in_inventory = false show_old_quickbar = false silent_friends_update = false skillgain_minimum = 4 skillgain_no_alignment = false skillgain_no_favor = false skydetail = 2 sound_al_gain = 0 sound_buzzlevel = 2 sound_cache_enabled = true sound_doppler_enabled = false sound_engine = 2 sound_footstepslevel = 10 sound_music_level = 5 sound_play_ambients = true sound_play_buzz = true sound_play_combat = true sound_play_door = true sound_play_emotes = true sound_play_footsteps = true sound_play_music = false sound_play_weather = true sound_play_work = true stipple_enabled = true structure_render_distance = 4 submit_client_data = 1 terrain_bump = true terrain_res = 2 test_attach_equipment = false test_mode = 0 thirdPerson = false tile_transitions = true tiledecorations = 0 togglePushToTalk = true treelist_outline = true trees = 4 update_optional = true use_alpha_particles = true use_anisotropic_filtering = 4 use_antialiasing = 1 use_color_picking = true use_fast_clock_work_around = true use_fbo_color_picking = true use_nagles_algorithm = false use_nano_timer = false use_non_alpha_particles = true use_phobia_models = false use_tree_models = true use_weather_particles = true vbo_enabled = 2 viewport_bob = true water_detail = 2 kesäkuuta 02, 2015 5:15:26 IP. class.KA4iSdiSNi run INFO: PostRequest parameters: [name=v, value=1, name=tid, value=UA-44537377-1, name=cid, value=726fe352-ebfa-4217-82ab-48e1e32c83fe, name=t, value=event, name=an, value=Wurm Client, name=av, value=3.87-7309 [unstable], name=ec, value=Churn, name=ea, value=collect, name=el, value=Startup, name=ev, value=true, name=cd01, value=2024167998] Setting up Collada Model Loader Executing PATHconfigs\Cormax\keybindings.txt Translating legacy key PAGE_UP to PRIOR Translating legacy key PAGE_DOWN to NEXT Translating legacy key ENTER to RETURN kesäkuuta 02, 2015 5:15:27 IP. class.KA4iSdiSNi run INFO: Event successfully posted to Google Analytics Word filter loaded: 23 Starting job manager with 5 worker threads >>> Launch queue entry exiting. Using LWJGL display 1920:1200:0:0 (false) Setting up OpenAL Sound Engine OpenAL version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.15.1 OpenAL renderer: OpenAL Soft OpenAL vendor: OpenAL Community OpenAL extensions: AL_EXT_ALAW AL_EXT_DOUBLE AL_EXT_EXPONENT_DISTANCE AL_EXT_FLOAT32 AL_EXT_IMA4 AL_EXT_LINEAR_DISTANCE AL_EXT_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_MULAW AL_EXT_MULAW_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_OFFSET AL_EXT_source_distance_model AL_LOKI_quadriphonic AL_SOFT_buffer_samples AL_SOFT_buffer_sub_data AL_SOFTX_deferred_updates AL_SOFT_direct_channels AL_SOFT_loop_points AL_SOFT_source_latency Generating: 128 source channels. === OpenGL information === LWJGL version: 2.9.1 Adapter info: nvd3dumx,nvwgf2umx,nvwgf2umx ( OpenGL vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL renderer: GeForce GTX 580/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 350.12 OpenGL extensions: GL_AMD_multi_draw_indirect GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays GL_ARB_base_instance GL_ARB_blend_func_extended GL_ARB_buffer_storage GL_ARB_clear_buffer_object GL_ARB_clear_texture GL_ARB_clip_control GL_ARB_color_buffer_float GL_ARB_compatibility GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage GL_ARB_conservative_depth GL_ARB_compute_shader GL_ARB_compute_variable_group_size GL_ARB_conditional_render_inverted GL_ARB_copy_buffer GL_ARB_copy_image GL_ARB_cull_distance GL_ARB_debug_output GL_ARB_depth_buffer_float GL_ARB_depth_clamp GL_ARB_depth_texture GL_ARB_derivative_control GL_ARB_direct_state_access GL_ARB_draw_buffers GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend GL_ARB_draw_indirect GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex GL_ARB_draw_instanced GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility GL_ARB_ES3_compatibility GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location GL_ARB_fragment_coord_conventions GL_ARB_fragment_layer_viewport GL_ARB_fragment_program GL_ARB_fragment_program_shadow GL_ARB_fragment_shader GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments GL_ARB_framebuffer_object GL_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB GL_ARB_geometry_shader4 GL_ARB_get_program_binary GL_ARB_get_texture_sub_image GL_ARB_gpu_shader5 GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 GL_ARB_half_float_pixel GL_ARB_half_float_vertex GL_ARB_imaging GL_ARB_indirect_parameters GL_ARB_instanced_arrays GL_ARB_internalformat_query GL_ARB_internalformat_query2 GL_NV_internalformat_sample_query GL_ARB_invalidate_subdata GL_ARB_map_buffer_alignment GL_ARB_map_buffer_range GL_ARB_multi_bind GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect GL_ARB_multisample GL_ARB_multitexture GL_ARB_occlusion_query GL_ARB_occlusion_query2 GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object GL_ARB_point_parameters GL_ARB_point_sprite GL_ARB_program_interface_query GL_ARB_provoking_vertex GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior GL_ARB_robustness GL_ARB_sample_shading GL_ARB_sampler_objects GL_ARB_seamless_cube_map GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters GL_ARB_shader_bit_encoding GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters GL_ARB_shader_group_vote GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store GL_ARB_shader_image_size GL_ARB_shader_objects GL_ARB_shader_precision GL_ARB_query_buffer_object GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object GL_ARB_shader_subroutine GL_ARB_shader_texture_image_samples GL_ARB_shader_texture_lod GL_ARB_shading_language_100 GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack GL_ARB_shading_language_include GL_ARB_shading_language_packing GL_ARB_shadow GL_ARB_sparse_buffer GL_ARB_sparse_texture GL_ARB_stencil_texturing GL_ARB_sync GL_ARB_tessellation_shader GL_ARB_texture_barrier GL_ARB_texture_border_clamp GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32 GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range GL_ARB_texture_compression GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc GL_ARB_texture_compression_rgtc GL_ARB_texture_cube_map GL_ARB_texture_cube_map_array GL_ARB_texture_env_add GL_ARB_texture_env_combine GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 GL_ARB_texture_float GL_ARB_texture_gather GL_ARB_texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat GL_ARB_texture_multisample GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two GL_ARB_texture_query_levels GL_ARB_texture_query_lod GL_ARB_texture_rectangle GL_ARB_texture_rg GL_ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui GL_ARB_texture_stencil8 GL_ARB_texture_storage GL_ARB_texture_storage_multisample GL_ARB_texture_swizzle GL_ARB_texture_view GL_ARB_timer_query GL_ARB_transform_feedback2 GL_ARB_transform_feedback3 GL_ARB_transform_feedback_instanced GL_ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query GL_ARB_transpose_matrix GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra GL_ARB_vertex_array_object GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object GL_ARB_vertex_program GL_ARB_vertex_shader GL_ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev GL_ARB_viewport_array GL_ARB_window_pos GL_ATI_draw_buffers GL_ATI_texture_float GL_ATI_texture_mirror_once GL_S3_s3tc GL_EXT_texture_env_add GL_EXT_abgr GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_bindable_uniform GL_EXT_blend_color GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate GL_EXT_blend_func_separate GL_EXT_blend_minmax GL_EXT_blend_subtract GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array GL_EXT_Cg_shader GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test GL_EXT_direct_state_access GL_EXT_draw_buffers2 GL_EXT_draw_instanced GL_EXT_draw_range_elements GL_EXT_fog_coord GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample GL_EXTX_framebuffer_mixed_formats GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample_blit_scaled GL_EXT_framebuffer_object GL_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB GL_EXT_geometry_shader4 GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays GL_EXT_packed_depth_stencil GL_EXT_packed_float GL_EXT_packed_pixels GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object GL_EXT_point_parameters GL_EXT_polygon_offset_clamp GL_EXT_provoking_vertex GL_EXT_rescale_normal GL_EXT_secondary_color GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects GL_EXT_separate_specular_color GL_EXT_shader_image_load_store GL_EXT_shader_integer_mix GL_EXT_shadow_funcs GL_EXT_stencil_two_side GL_EXT_stencil_wrap GL_EXT_texture3D GL_EXT_texture_array GL_EXT_texture_buffer_object GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1 GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc GL_EXT_texture_compression_rgtc GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc GL_EXT_texture_cube_map GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp GL_EXT_texture_env_combine GL_EXT_texture_env_dot3 GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic GL_EXT_texture_integer GL_EXT_texture_lod GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias GL_EXT_texture_mirror_clamp GL_EXT_texture_object GL_EXT_texture_shared_exponent GL_EXT_texture_sRGB GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode GL_EXT_texture_storage GL_EXT_texture_swizzle GL_EXT_timer_query GL_EXT_transform_feedback2 GL_EXT_vertex_array GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra GL_EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit GL_EXT_import_sync_object GL_IBM_rasterpos_clip GL_IBM_texture_mirrored_repeat GL_KHR_context_flush_control GL_KHR_debug GL_KHR_robust_buffer_access_behavior GL_KHR_robustness GL_KTX_buffer_region GL_NV_bindless_multi_draw_indirect GL_NV_bindless_multi_draw_indirect_count GL_NV_blend_equation_advanced GL_NV_blend_square GL_NV_command_list GL_NV_compute_program5 GL_NV_conditional_render GL_NV_copy_depth_to_color GL_NV_copy_image GL_NV_depth_buffer_float GL_NV_depth_clamp GL_NV_draw_texture GL_NV_ES1_1_compatibility GL_NV_ES3_1_compatibility GL_NV_explicit_multisample GL_NV_fence GL_NV_float_buffer GL_NV_fog_distance GL_NV_fragment_program GL_NV_fragment_program_option GL_NV_fragment_program2 GL_NV_framebuffer_multisample_coverage GL_NV_geometry_shader4 GL_NV_gpu_program4 GL_NV_gpu_program4_1 GL_NV_gpu_program5 GL_NV_gpu_program5_mem_extended GL_NV_gpu_program_fp64 GL_NV_gpu_shader5 GL_NV_half_float GL_NV_light_max_exponent GL_NV_multisample_coverage GL_NV_multisample_filter_hint GL_NV_occlusion_query GL_NV_packed_depth_stencil GL_NV_parameter_buffer_object GL_NV_parameter_buffer_object2 GL_NV_path_rendering GL_NV_pixel_data_range GL_NV_point_sprite GL_NV_primitive_restart GL_NV_register_combiners GL_NV_register_combiners2 GL_NV_shader_atomic_counters GL_NV_shader_atomic_float GL_NV_shader_buffer_load GL_NV_shader_storage_buffer_object GL_NV_texgen_reflection GL_NV_texture_barrier GL_NV_texture_compression_vtc GL_NV_texture_env_combine4 GL_NV_texture_multisample GL_NV_texture_rectangle GL_NV_texture_shader GL_NV_texture_shader2 GL_NV_texture_shader3 GL_NV_transform_feedback GL_NV_transform_feedback2 GL_NV_uniform_buffer_unified_memory GL_NV_vertex_array_range GL_NV_vertex_array_range2 GL_NV_vertex_attrib_integer_64bit GL_NV_vertex_buffer_unified_memory GL_NV_vertex_program GL_NV_vertex_program1_1 GL_NV_vertex_program2 GL_NV_vertex_program2_option GL_NV_vertex_program3 GL_NVX_conditional_render GL_NVX_gpu_memory_info GL_NV_shader_thread_group GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap GL_SGIS_texture_lod GL_SGIX_depth_texture GL_SGIX_shadow GL_SUN_slice_accum GL_WIN_swap_hint WGL_EXT_swap_control GLSL version: 4.50 NVIDIA GLSL max vertex uniforms: 4096 (4096) GLSL max fragment uniforms: 2048 (2048) GLSL max varyings: 124 (124) Preloading builtin materials Preloading builtin materials done Setting up dotXSI Model Loader Launching dotXSI Model Loader threads Launching Collada Model Loader threads Starting workaround for fast running clocks Using LWJGL timer. Initialized mouse with 5 buttons. Experimental direct buffer cleaner init successful Startup Phase - Setting up.. Initializing font texture for SansSerif (14). Texture Size: 512 Initializing font texture for SansSerif (14, italic). Texture Size: 128 Loading window positions from PATH\windows_1920x1200.txt Loading props file PATH\windows_1920x1200.txt Gui initialized Startup Phase - Preparing terrain Startup Phase - Connecting .. 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  10. Ok a lot of people harvest maple sap, apples, ect... all of the tree based harvest.. I was unable to harvest maple sap the entire bear season weeks.. but now its wrath day in snakes star fall in the year 1046.. I'm not suppose to harvest sap at this time.. but I am now harvesting sap during this month, which is way off. which means the next harvest will not be on time either it will be in the wrong weeks in the wrong months making seasonal harvest a joke.. what the point of a calenderer and seasons if their not on time? please fix this bug. its a major issue for harvesting...
  11. As the titles states, looking for a gathering oriented account with very high mining and woodcutting. Please PM to discuss.
  12. When I was a child, my father was an avid boater. I can remember with huge amounts of laughter him toiling to pull his anchors up with a forest of plant life wrapped around them. So, my suggestion. To "forage" kelp, activate and anchor and "trawl."
  13. At this point foraging and botanizing is way better in getting decent food components (as well as cotton and wemp) than farming it until very high level. While "sniffing" for food i managed to get 98,98 ql pumpkin (twice). few 50ql cottons, same with wemp. And a lot of 30-50ql of other food. Harvesting trees, gets random ql from 1 to 99. Same as butchering and fishing. Only Farming, Woodcutting and Mining as well as Digging yeld QL is capped by the skill. (and cooking but actually its easy to "fail" while cooking) So my suggestion is to revert minig / woodcutting / farming. to a situation when your skill determines more or less minimum QL instead of maximum. Reason : Lets see. even unskilled woodcutter can cut down good ql tree.. even chopping up wont damage it much, unless its saboteur woodcutter. It might take longer on low skill but still, chances of "spoiling" it are rather limited. Same with mining. No matter how dumb you are, you cant make iron ore worse, unless you are purposly damage it with corrosive stuff. Same with rochshards. Rock is rock... ql should be equivalent to prestet QL level of a tile. (of course it could be determined fork (80-90). Farming... yes its more bit complex. But still you should be able to get stuff higher than your actual skill, even me, pretty non farmer in RL i managed to get decent corn in my yard
  14. I don't know if it's been suggested before but to me it isn't logical that you can botanize and find acorns, but the source of acorns (oaks) do not have a harvesting option. You could make the harvesting of acorns seasonal like olives and grapes and such so as to not nerf botanizing acorns (people with high botanizing would still get good QL acorns at the same rate). I want to see some oak farms going here.
  15. Fruit Harvest.

    Im not sure if this is a game change that happened or a bug but I make wine, and have lots of grapes and maples. Every season when either maple is harvestable or my grapes, I pick em first thing when harvest starts and I always harvest them a minimum of 2 times and sometimes even 3. Now last maple season, and this grape season that just passed, I was only able to harvest once. Is this a new thing when we can only harvest once now? no grow back t'ill next season ? Im confused a bit over this if its bug or a change