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Found 1 result

  1. GameComa PvE

    About: It's russian server, but we welcome to any players from any countries. GameComa cluster have own mobs, mods and systems and we'll talk about below this About servers in cluster: Server in list: [RU] PvE IP: Port: 20000 Server Type: PvE Login server: Yes Map size: 8096x8096 Online map: Yes, everyday update Exp: х2 Action timer: х1 Start stats: 20 Monsters: 150 000 (default monsters) + 50k new monsters Mining hits for tunnel: 51 Crops timer: 48 hour for one phase Deed cost: Yes Upkeep enabled: Yes HotA: No Rift: Yes Portals: Yes Player made kingdoms: No Mods Kingdom Items* **— adding custome kingdom items, like tabards, wagond etc. Planned: game interface to add user-created textures Better Dig — dig to cart/wagons Bulk Transport — Disable limitation for bulk transfers Discrod Relay — Transfer chats to discord (CA Help, GL/Kingdom/Trade chat). Bag of Holding* — add new spell for magranon, who extends the bulk capacity Libila Fixes* — Can be priest of libila on PvE server Potal* — Portals system DW Trash Can — add context menu to trash heap "Cleanup" for instantly clean items in DW Rift — Event who generate Rift resources, mobs with spells. Event start once per one or two weeks in Sunday at 15:00 (GMT+3) DW Auth — User can login only with 2 characters on server, if he login with 3 -- all characters of players will be kicked automaticly DW Info — About server chat tab DW Reward — voting reward DW Dungeons System — work in progress DW Creatures* — Added 26 new monsters in spawn system. Some of mobs have own abilities and spells! DW Scavenger — every week map cleanup DW Custom Craft* — we can add any items to craft and make new items, like: Arrow Packs, Orb of Affinity, Sleep Powder, Creature Cage Hitch Limits — disable limits for hitching in carts Hitching Post Infinity mine Entry* — you can create anywide mine entry Clay Removal** — decay beds for remove clay titles Location* — add chat command: "/location" for in game coordinats No Build Limit* — disable build limits Spell Mod* — Disable priest penalties Timed Pay — everyhour coin reward Trasure Hunting* — trasure hunting. Chest will be locked after excavation. Trasure key in one of spawned mobs! Custom Map**— custom in game map Put staff on tables ======== Discord: Website: * — Disabled on PVP server ** — need client mod loader with server packs and custom map mod