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Found 8 results

  1. Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  2. My Pants Harbour is currently accepting new citizens! What is it? My Pants Harbour is currently a workplace for traders who produce and export goods. Once finished, it will also be a public market, with our own inn, trading square, temple and auction house, where events that we'll promote will take place. Who we are? Traders! Anyone who join can either make and sell his own goods or join the Morgan Hill Trading Company, where we concentrate our productions in one big stock in order to maintain a steady supply. Where we are? Our harbour is strategically located at Xan B17, pretty close to the map's edge, where people can easily travel to and from. What we offer? Tools, security, knowledge and an opportunity to make money. We will need people who extract raw material, produce goods, negotiate, deliver or can do it all like I do! The goal is to cooperate and trade under the same flag, creating a stable, reliable and well known market. Who are our partners? My Pants Harbour is part of a HUGE alliance consisting of 27 settlements. We're also part of the Morgan Hill Trading Company. What are our rules? - Respect everyone. - Respect everyone's property. - Be nice and friendly with our citizens, allies and customers. - Always welcome and offer help to newcomers and travelers. - Keep the place nice and clean. - Don't leave carts, containers, tools or whatever laying around. I'll throw it away or push it offdeed. - Moor your ships/boats in an orderly fashion. - Wherever you mine, reinforce it. - Whenever you cut trees, remove the stumps. - Don't dig for dirt or sand anywhere near any settlement, don't be a jerk.
  3. If you have a great harbour please post some pics here. I am looking for inspiration for a brand new harbour where I can park my ships or have friends park theirs. Thanks!!
  4. Shout out to anyone who has seen 2 foals wandering around near Citadel Harbour (x17, Y15), these two escapees have been missing for over 12 hours, possibly since the server crash the other day. Black and grey, can't miss them, they are being taken care of by Mishia. Any information will be rewarded, thankyou. You stop leading a adolescent fat vigorclip. EDIT: 1 lost foal. Other has been found. EDIT: Last foal found! Thankyou to those involved, that was fast. ^^
  5. "A bollard is a short vertical post. Originally it meant a post used on a ship or a quay, principally for mooring. The word now also describes a variety of structures to control or direct road traffic, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles.The American Heritage Dictionary describes this use of bollard as "chiefly British", although the term has crept into the jargon of some American universities where dense traffic necessitates the use of bollards for access control. In the lighting industry, the term is used to describe short, post-like light fixtures." Wikipedia Bollards would be a good way to hitch the ships to a fix point is the owner not have mooring anchor. Also its a good decoration for a harbour village. Posible features: Materials: Stone (dyeable?), Iron, Marble. Maybe iron crafter to unfinished and it will need a ribbon or iron bar to finish? I hold a tile area? (like bsb) Only prem can craft? Not pickable after finish? Pushable? Posible to hitch a ship to a bollard with a rope. More ship can hitch to one bollard. What do you think?
  6. Here are some pics of my deed I've taken, as I'm thinking about selling and moving to a new project. While I decide I figured I'd post a few pics up as I haven't posted any before. Any suggestions on price welcome to give me an idea should I choose to move. It has a few horses (5 speed breeding pair and others 5/4/3 speed), a breeding pair of a 5 speed cow and a 5 speed bull. There is a boat cave with a couple of iron veins that could do with mining out. About 25 tiles of enchanted grass, a dock, lighthouse, some bsb's full of random building materials and bits. A top mine which is quite small so there's a ton of room to mine and maybe find more veins. I did have a silver vein though that's mined out and some silver is left in the bsb's. The boat cave has a few bsb's full of rock shards, a couple of rowers and a sailboat. Oh and the top half of the deed is largely untouched as I planted a large selection of tree's there and never really used it. There are roads out the back and up the side that lead to the GD tunnel. It takes me about 15 mins to ride to Puzzles. I have 180 days of upkeep in the deed and monthly upkeep is about 1s60c. The knarr I may also be selling but this isn't a sell post, just a sort of "here is my deed and feel free to suggest prices it's worth" post. For some of you that know me and have heard me going on about working on the boat cave, there are some pics of it here. It needs a bit more ceiling mining and as I said a couple of veins mining out maybe. It's lit with a low light level to give it a gloomy feeling but I'm sure you could put brighter lamps in there.
  7. Deed photo's Deed general info 43x19 133 days upkeep left (1s 63c 40i per month) Productivity bonus of 1.5% About the deed Fippy's harbour is my first deed and I'm at a point where I fancy a new build project. It's a shame in a way as I really like this deed but friends have moved on and although the new neighbours are good people I just feel the time is right to move. The deed has : - A dock with jetty and the coastal edge dredged to allow large ships to easily moor up right next to the jetty or dock tiles. A boat cave which bar a some ceiling mining and 1 maybe 2 iron veins that could do with removing, is done. Sailboats and rowboats can get in and out with no issues, Knarr's once in the entrance (which as is the case with boats caves, can be tricky), can sail about find. I haven't tried anything larger. The cave has 2 tunnels to the deep top which are fully lit and supported. There are 3 large pens and 2 small. The first large pen is 5x4 and used for crops, 2nd and 3rd are 3x4 and full of enchanted grass (apart from 2 tree's in the 3rd). There is then a 1x2 and a 1x4 (also has enchanted grass). About 25 tiles of enchanted grass in total. There are 2 male 5 speed horses and 1 female as well as a 4 speed male and a 3 speed male. A 5 speed cow, 4 speed bull and a 3 speed calf. A large house as you can see from the pics, a smaller forest house which has a bed in and a cart storage building. Also on the dock is a lighthouse with 4 high ql white lamps at the top and 2 beds in the bottom. A few market stalls exist on what I had planned to be a market tier. 50 QL guard tower 2 rowboats and a sailboat Top mine is small but tons of room to mine around the top of the deed, it has one utmost iron vein in (confirmed by Hord). There was a silver vein on deed that I mined out (some of that is in the bsb's in the main house), so there may be more. I know there is lead not far away so might be some on deed and lots of iron in the area. Plenty of veggies in the FSB, a 30ql loom, bed upstairs and various chests. The bsb's have all sorts of random things in, nails, ribbons, wemp, cotton and other things I've collected. Some building materials in the 3 bsb's next to the house, in a storage building. 1 Large cart and 2 small in the cart storage. About 3-4k rock shards in the underground dock, forges built next to each of the veins I had started to mine out down there. I have spent a lot of time working the deed though I'm not looking for any stupid amounts so am setting the auction at a reasonably low level to start with. I'd like to think someone can take the place on and make it their home.