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Found 2 results

  1. It has finally come time for me to open up my big project for public use. Wooden mine doors are still in place but have been set for Freedom Kingdom to be able to pass. This is actually 2 canals. First one goes from Hammer lake to west, into the Little lake. From there second canal goes all the way to the ocean. First one is roughly 420 tiles long going from 1721, -4834 to 1296, -4833 on community map. Second one is roughly 720 tiles long from 1033, -4738 to 311, -4736. Below is picture of the locations. Both canals are passable by any boat. Driving carts or wagons is not possible, but given locations, there would not be much, if any, need for such. For easy passage it is advisable to stay close to north wall of both canals. Canals are 3 tile wide (with only 1 tile wide entrances), but only north lane is completely cleared of veins and lowered for any ship. In the future I will take out veins in middle lane as well and possibly southern too, but that is not a high priority (all walls are reinforced, and since you can pass through with any ship it is time for me to take care of some other projects). Also anyone is welcome to hack out the remaining veins whenever they wish. For people going through on caravel, the shorter eastern canal unfortunately has your head peeking through the ceiling most all of the way, but the longer western canal is better height (somehow the ceiling does come lower in 2 locations, where you will have you head through it for short moment). Some history: Some pictures: I hope these canals will be good help for lot of players and maybe open up the shores of Hammer lake and the Little lake for some more viable deeds. - Nestangol
  2. Selling a corbita 3s 25ql located in Norhaven South of Linton SuperFly