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Found 22 results

  1. Guards Typo

    This one is as old as the hills! [23:15:49] Guards from guard tower runs to the rescue! should be: [23:15:49] Guards from the guard tower run to the rescue! One guard runs Many guards run
  2. Very few people have enough pigs or other animals to make use of lots of food. After the first week or so of playing, most people can pump out far more food than they can possibly have a use for. Well, here's a passive use for food! Designate a larder for guards. Put food in larder. Any templars from the same deed, or tower guards with territories overlapping the guard larder will passively consume food and gain minor buffs. The better the food, the better the buffs, but never anything good enough to make them ridiculous.
  3. We got shiny new tool bar and some new buttons and icons, but still the call for help is the same old. If one would aks me, i would say it is the most old thing Wurm Online has. A new player not even has the keybind set, you have to open a console, and add in some weird command line. in 2018 !!! #omg #fail Write help in local chat, is also not natural for new players, it is quite "unique" for WurmOnline. How about we get a button added on the toolbar or somewhere else, but not keybound anymore??
  4. Had an idea, earlier I was passing a guard and they looked down. Gave me the idea that I have seen in other games where rank/royalty titles would cause npc to curtsey or bow. That would be a great way to reward the vet players for those titles you get over the "years"...hint, to have the guards and/or even merchants do some acknowledgement action depending on the rank of that title showing. "The guard bows and acknowledges (You/ Your Name), Duke of Lomaner" ...just a thought.
  5. With the return of tree collision, it's been pointed out how silly traveling through guard towers is. It's time to give them collision boxes! Ideally, they would have working doors and allow us to enter them to see the guard cloning chamber inside, but a simple collision box would be acceptable.
  6. I added zombies, gorillas, hyenas, etc to my servers spawn table and noticed that it takes a few minutes for Spirit Templars to start attacking them. Zombies in particular are an issue. Any ideas as to why this happens?
  7. I love to have guards sneak through all door types, so when we hear doors, we know it is either a person or humanoid monster.
  8. Deed owners to decide if ghost templars or vanilla guards. + Deed guards with bows? + Better pathing so they don't run around or through fences? Anything like it would mean alot. Thanks! Kind regards Nirnan
  9. with free deeding and no upkeep settings. when you create a deed you have the option of hiring as many guards as the size permits, however if you select less than this amount, and then try to add guards later, the max you can hire is 2 [09:47:54] No money withdrawn. [09:47:54] There was not enough upkeep to increase the number of guards. Please make sure that there is at least one month of upkeep left after you hire the guards. [09:47:54] No change was made. But you cant add any upkeep the window says "There are no upkeep costs for settlements here."
  10. Situation: Targeting, killing, and then burying a tower guard on a PvE server. Expected behavior: Negative alignment for murdering a dude to offset the positive alignment from burying a dude, or possibly no alignment for burying a dude you had just murdered. Actual behavior: Killing guards does not get you negative alignment(!!!), but burying one gives you +2 positive alignment, so the character gets a pretty nice alignment boost in exchange for murdering someone and disposing of the corpse. Suggested fix: Negative alignment for killing same-kingdom tower guards. I'm posting this in bug reports because it seems like unintended and exploit-like behavior that you can get alignment with a white light god by murdering someone. I have no idea how much this applies to PvP servers.
  11. Hmmmmm.. I have one settlement, and one house inside it's walls. I have planned the house and built all of the external walls no problem. When I try to plan the floor, I'm getting a message that the 'Guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to do that here.' Also, carving knives aren't giving me the option to modify walls? Any ideas?
  12. I would like to propose the idea of changing the skins for spirit templars. The spectral eagles look amazing, I would love if our spirit templars could be changed. A troll would be interesting, or even changing the gender of the spirit templar. I'm not asking for the spirit templar to change in any other way. Such as to be stronger, just simply changing the skins would give players a better sense of ownership when it comes to their deeds. I apologize if someone else has already proposed this a long time ago. Please feel free to add your thoughts fellow Wurmians. Cheers,
  13. First off: PMK tabards randomly switch to template-kingdom tabards while wearing them. (this bugs out only for the wearer and is commonly occuring) Secondly: Towers, Guards, Battlecamps all show the template kingdom flags, not PMK ones.
  14. On Challenge, 3 guards just stood there, 2 tiles from a Drakespirit on deed, not attacking. Guard settings were correct, they attack aggressive mobs otherwise. Templars were attacking Velrei mobs as recently as 18:00 CET Friday, failed to do so in this case 14 hours later. For 3 silver, I expect them to do their jobs so I don't eat skill loss repeatedly. Thank-you!
  15. I have a question about hell horses if i put up a guard tower (pve server) on my deed can anyone come along and call the guards to kill them? I am guessing they could and if so is there anyway to get around that?
  16. I call tower guards and despite the usual "I see ... " and "I will help with ..." nothing happens. They stand where they are and don't move. You can call them ten times, they answer, but don't run to help. Spirits are saying "I will take care of...." every few seconds, and nothing happens. They keep saying it over and again, despite there being other dangerous mobs right at the token of my deed. (Lava spider on the token, deed is huge). The spirit is not taking care of the mob he is spamming local with, let alone the ones on deed. I have had several lagging sessions, seriously lagging. I have been booted and crashed several times tonight. I have had an issue where I was booted off straight after connecting. This happened on three different clients. My animals are still not moving to graze, they stand in fields of grass on a pack tile as if they have a saddle on. When can we expect these things to be sorted? Thanks.
  17. Nearly every single update seems to affect either freedom or epic in a bad way. It's really time to split up the code so both sides can enjoy the game to its fullest. This way for example freedom players can enjoy their fast guards again, and epic can finnaly have it's animal cap removed. Neither freedom or epic should have to suffer from mechanics added to solve problems which are non existant on the other side. A different playstyle means a different set of rules. So split the code between Epic and Freedom. Ps: I cannot speak for chaos, but I suspect that they would enjoy having their own ruleset aswell.
  18. Now i have not messed with the new flower beds/pots but i have seen in an SnFF video about having to water them or they die/decay. What i am proposing here in that the watering of the flowers on the deed be handled by the guards when they are out making their rounds. (same 30 day rule as the house/wall decay)
  19. Hi all, I was thinking about guards and I guess that would be vey fun and useful to be possivle change the names of guards at tower (put the name that you want on each one). The useful part was that you could care about "yourself" guard at your village: Equipe them with yours equip and know by the name who is "your" guard. Another chang that I propose is change them appearence when you equip it: if equip with cloth, change apeearence to cloths, chain to chain, etc... I guess that would be very nice if they start like new payer, with no armours and only a short swort and wooden shiled, and the players had to equip them.... At my humble opinion, would be much more realistic.
  20. Hi guys. Well, I was quite curious if I'm the only having these weird animation concerning the tower guards. It does not really affect the gameplay however it might be an animation bug or something else. In the link below, you'll see two guards which are like, i dunno, one kept on stumbling down and the other was like doing floor push-ups? I often see this weird tower guard actions after they kill a mob/s. Kinda like a victory dance, eh?
  21. I want to suggest that guard towers be changed to have permissions controlled by the person that created them, like boats and carts. The permissions would allow people to add or remove gear from the guards and anyone without permissions can merely call on them for assistance. I don't know about anyone else but I have a lot of trolls in my area and want my guards to be able to kill them without dying all the time. I'd like to put armor and weapons on them for added defense and also because the idea of a guard with player provided gear seems cool to me. However, I won't for fear of someone coming and taking the items off the guards. Which if you think about it makes little to no sense because a soldier isn't going to just give you his gear unless ordered to do so by his superior(in this case the towers creator or a player with permissions).
  22. It's very simple. Deed owners who pay for guard(s) should: 1. cover perimeters against Agressives. Not just the 2 tiles of it they do now. 2. Should fill lamps in perimeters. Why: The perimeter is not free area, we pay for it both in purchase and in upkeep (as a deed owner) so why can't we have service on it like the rest of the deed. And yes it could be argued that the original 5 tiles is "free" however, let's be honest, it's more so just included in the basic cost.