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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, Am looking to buy 2 HotS Guard Towers - the black ones with the spikes. Unfinished of course . Delivery to Summerholt on Xanadu, will pay delivery fee. PM me here or in-game. Thanks!
  2. Like title said need rare guard tower for my new deed. Any style is OK with me please pm here or in game
  3. As the topic said looking for a rare unfinished guard tower type does not matter please Pm in game or message here ty be well and blessed fellow wurmians
  4. Here's what I'm looking for: Colossus Fo Colossus Mag Colossus Vyn Colossus Guard Tower Obelisk Spirit Gate Pylon Shrine Temple I will pay well for any unfinished rares of those, or even better for supreme. Prices will be discussed with the seller depending on their expectations and the exact item. I will buy an unlimited number of all of those, so keep offers coming whenever you can. If someone wants to take orders on those I'll pay extra for people to specifically try to make me one of the above items. Note that unfinished items have to be in a condition to STILL BE MOVED in order for me to buy them. Will pick them up from any coastal PvE area.
  5. On my Wurm unlimited server I created a guard tower. It has quality 81 so it should have guards but none have spawned. I waited for quite a while but nothing happens. I have been attacked, call out for hep, but nothing. Am I missing something?
  6. The Empire of Mol-Rehan has HOTA statues and MR Kingdom items for sale; HOTA Statues, flags and banners are available from the merchant on Deliverance at the Fire and Sand deed located at; Wagons and other Empire of Mol-Rehan items currently available on Exodus from the Barkeep of the Azkaban Pub located inside the Azkaban Embassy (use the side entrance) at the The Old Comtemptibles deed located at; Dragon - 50s Lady of the Lake - 30s Stag - 20s Man VS Bear - 7.5s Scorpion - 7.5s Wolf VS Bison - 7.5s Two Dogs VS Boar - 7.5s Nogump - 7.5s Bull VS Bear - 7.5s Demon - 7.5s These items in very limited supply and can no longer be made Kingdom Banners - 5s Tall Banners - 5s Flags - 2s Guard Towers - 1s 25c Wagons - 15s For inquiries on statues message myself, Jakerivers or Madnezz on the forums or contact Aranarth or Eroing ingame, delivery can be arranged for a extra charge. Inquires on wagons please contact Jakerivers or Aranarth. For HOTA Statue sales, bulk goods may be traded as well, send me a message with quantities, quality and what you are looking to trade for. Bulk Goods: - dirt - reinforcement beams - bricks - mortor HOTA Statue weigh 150kg, so make sure you can lift that much before sailing over, and don't forget how easy it is to sail from server to server with the new 'Plot Course' system.
  7. Just randomly looking at the list of server when starting Wurm, there's one conclusion that comes to mind. Most servers have very small populations, my own included. The biggest complaint I've been hearing is in regards to guard towers. They're a necessity to expand your kingdom and yet they cost a ridiculous amount (for a small crew of 1-5 players) to build. Perhaps someone could whip up a quick mod that would take the requirements down to something more manageable for small population servers. Perhaps along the lines of; 100 Stone Blocks 50 Wooden Planks 50 Clay Or even just a mod to make the resource requirements for a guard tower configurable via a properties file, so server hosts could set (and adjust) the material quantity depending on their own server's population.
  8. Situation: Targeting, killing, and then burying a tower guard on a PvE server. Expected behavior: Negative alignment for murdering a dude to offset the positive alignment from burying a dude, or possibly no alignment for burying a dude you had just murdered. Actual behavior: Killing guards does not get you negative alignment(!!!), but burying one gives you +2 positive alignment, so the character gets a pretty nice alignment boost in exchange for murdering someone and disposing of the corpse. Suggested fix: Negative alignment for killing same-kingdom tower guards. I'm posting this in bug reports because it seems like unintended and exploit-like behavior that you can get alignment with a white light god by murdering someone. I have no idea how much this applies to PvP servers.
  9. So I had a rare unfinished Black Legion guard tower on freedom. When the kingdom disbanded, it reverted to a JK guard tower, instead of HOTS or even Freedom. Was this suppose to happen? The tower should had reverted to the original kingdom model right? Hots. So why is it Jenn Kellon model now?
  10. Inside the guard tower on top of the hill next to the sword to become Mol-Rehan Cancellor (star symbol) there's a locked Magic Chest. The key to this chest has a name, "Magpie" (screenshot). For its location check the screenshot and the (rhombus symbol). To find this one I had to look up the DB, google wasn't helping...
  11. I am selling up Hunters Port on the South Coast of Exodus. 18u on the IG map Starting Bid: 20 silver Increments: 1 silver Buy Out: 50 silver Snipe: 1hr Accept Private Bids, will post on here when received The size of Hunters Port is 26 by 26. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 21 copper and 2 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 35 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 66 days, 11 hours and 36 minutes more. On deed mine:- Copper Gold (used transmutation rod) Iron (used transmutation rod) Zinc (many, best is vg ql) 7 Forges Rare Gold Mag altar Central Area Gold Vynora altar Gold Fo altar Small Stone workshop Farm area Spirit Castle (courier 75 cast) Lower Area 7x3 Farm all tiles with enchanted grass 2 floor Trader House with bed Guard Tower Separate off deed mine Other Features Fully complete boat mine leading to on-deed mine Fountain/Well/Oil tub/trash heap/lamps/BSBs Largely open for easy alteration Goblin Hut spawn right next to guard tower Market Stall Room for expansion Includes Birchwood Wagon (usable on village, but owner set to Pryath as I forgot to transfer to me before selling Pryath a while back) Some decent horses included, like these ones:- [22:00:45] It will fight fiercely. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [22:02:10] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. Photos:-
  12. closed

    Supreme unfinished Guard Tower Freedom skin pick up sw inde starting bid : 35s buyout : 50s
  13. closed

    rare unfinished Guard Tower - 10s rare unfinished Guard Tower - 10s rare unfinished Colossus (vyn possible) - 25s pick up only q10 inde
  14. I know, I know. They are rare. But I would like to buy one, and am willing to pay what it takes. So if you have one, I'd appreciate PM's with offers. I am paying up to 20S for a rare and 50S for a supreme. I am willing to negotiate if anyone wants to sell higher.
  15. I would like to buy an unfinished mol rehan guard tower. I am on Xanadu. If you have one, please PM with price
  16. Hello, I have recently discovered a spot on which I would like to create my own settlement, and possibly in the future a kingdom. Now I have found out that the area is unclaimed, and I need to claim it for my current kingdom (Freedom) before I am able to settle. Due to this, I would like to hire somebody to come over to my place and build a guard tower for me. There is no clay and no mines in my area, so the person would have to bring the materials. I would like for it to be a normal guard tower. My location is Chaos, and since so many people seemed to think it was a bad idea to post the exact location, I will remove that here but can tell in PM. Sorry, I just realized that there is a section for Chaos ads also. Still, if you would like to come over to Chaos and build it for me, I'll pay your travel expenses. Please PM me here if you would like to come by and build the tower for me. Include your price. Regards, Xala
  17. Hi, I have unfinished rare guard tower for sale (freedom). It's located on south Xanada (s19), can't CoD unfinished items anymore so pick-up only (monday - tuesday) or delivery available to south coast of Xanadu. Starting Bid: 8s Min. Incr.: 1s Buyout: 25s Sniper Protection: 1hr No Reserve Happy Bidding!
  18. Ziemie Kompanii Wykletych - Deed on Deliverance (D18) We have just made entrance to mine, so we don't know any iron veins. But when we prospected rock tile... [17:26:22] There is zinc ore (utmost quality) nearby. Guard tower is in port(outside deed) Mailbox in main building [17:58:46] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [83] There's 440 walls on deed. Materials for these walls are worth 44s. With deed, you will get: 5 beds floor loom 50ql 12x iron candelabras 15x bsbs 2x Large crate 3x Large Barrel 3x FSB 2x Small crates 700 logs Some screenshots Night: Main Building village storage mine North Gate Mine outside deed Port Day Start Bid: 10 Min. Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  19. Hey everyone, I have a deed that is 36 x 82 Northeast of Summerholt - Xanadu Server - (NE area of the map G23 area.) It has water on 3 sides, a nice dock area, a warehouse with dock. Main house / INN, an auction house, church, mine building (mine has 6 iron veins, one is UTMOST QUALITY) Cattle, bison, and horses, large farm area as well as a guard tower. Also has a spirithouse (99 cast) Here are some screenshots, pm me here or in game if you are interested. I am taking silent bids right now, (in game currency only please) but I have an idea what I am looking for as far as price goes. You are more than welcome to come by and have a look around any time. Thank you for looking!!
  20. As the title states im selling marble and i can start a Mol Rehan guard tower if you are interested. also my mining isnt too bad so if you need any other minerals just ask and ill see if i can get some.
  21. You need a unfinished HotS guard tower? You will support the new horde-crew on wild/chaos? Can be mailed! COD paid by buyer! When finished on freedom, it will show HotS tower texture, but spawn only freedom guards! Only 1 silver! For Libila and the Horde!
  22. Hello folks, would you like to be the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful red and gold wagon? Feast your eyes on this: Isn't that the most gorgeous wagon you've ever seen? And now you, the general public can also acquire these wagons at no risk to your own life and limb! For a generous price of 5 silvers you can Pick up a wagon at our new up-and coming high end HOTA Market Exchange deed (Top Notch) on Exodus or have it delivered to any coastal spot on Deliverance/Exodus for 6s, 7s for Independance/Celebration. Same price as other kingdom wagons but at least twice as good looking! Now also selling Banners/Flags for 50c each, and also unfinished Mol Rehan Guard Towers (mailable) for 1,5s each. Orders can be placed in this thread or by PM, please state your favoured wood type at the same time (default is oakenwood). Get one today and make your neighbours tremble with envy!
  23. Port SMC Market Basic Information Port SMC is a deed found on the South Eastern coast of Release, exact coordinates (x40, y45)We have goods available that are not listed so if there is something else you need feel free to ask and I'll let you know if we can provide it. Market - Merchant now located at Sloping Sands Market Current stock as of May 22 Items not in stock can be ordered.Blacksmithing Can make tools of 70+ QL to order. 40c per toolChain Armour Can make sets of 50 QL 1s for full setWeapon Smithing Can make 50+ QL weapons. 40c per weapon 1h weapon, 45c per 2h weaponCarpentry 60+ QL Oaken Spindles, Mallets, Grooming Brush - 25c60+ QL Oaken Ropetools - 40cLeatherworking 60 QL Toolbelts 65c60 QL Studded Sets 1.75sHorses (See new post for future horse sales) Services Tile Enchants (Cost includes travel, 18 hour cooldown) 1s Per TileFo Ser​vices Courier Enchants (cost includes travel, you pay for a minimum power, I keep casting until I meet or exceed the minimum) 50+ Power: 1s70+ Power: 2s90+ Power: 3sWild Growth 20c Per CastGenesis (10c for Travel, 30 minute cooldown) 20c Per CastMag Services Mole Senses - 1s Per CastStrong Wall - 1s Per CastTower Construction (50+ QL, 5 tower guards;Minimum 50 tiles between towers) 2s with your materials (20 QL minimum, 500 bricks 500 clay 100 planks)4s with my materialsHedges (10c Travel, waved if 10 or more sections) Choice of Maple, Cedar, Rosewood, Thorn, Oleander, Camellia (medium) and Lavendar (low)5c/hedge section Stock RopesRope - 4cMooring - 5cThick - 15cCordage - 20cCrops (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Wemp 90+ QL 10c/100Cotton 90+ QL 10c/100Food crops 10c/100Sprouts (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Common/New Sprouts 5c/10 Willow 10c/10Oak 20c/10Ships & Vessels (Current stock listed below) Applewood Sail Boat 40QLCedarwood Sail Boat 40QLCherrywod Sail Boat 40QLLemonwood Sail Boat 40QLOlivewood Sail Boat 40QLApplewood Row Boat 40QLOlivewood Row Boat 40QLOak Cog 40QLPrices (All Ships & Vessels come with Anchor, lock & key) Row Boats 1sSailboats 1s 75cCorbitas 8sCogs 10sKnarr 18s -----Post is subject to change. Keep an eye on it. Contact Lokitia/Lokitio/Lokoh in game or PM here.-----
  24. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Smog's End up for grabs! 41y 33x SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 15x15 nicely arranged coastal deed near Freedom Docks (5 minutes walk to the Howl) 1 x forge, 1 x floor loom, 1 x bulk storage bin 1 x food storage bin 2 x sheds (1x2 and 2x2, both equipped with bed) 1 x large pen for horses 1 x unfinished row boat - direct access to the sea, - direct access to a mine, - farming space at the back - directly served by a guard tower (just off deed) - within reach of a 2x2 clay point 20s pre-paid upkeep (enough to cover the next 560 days of upkeep) Auction starting bid: 20s (including up) Buyout: 30s Minimum Increment: 2s 1 hour sniper protection SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  25. Useless updates? Forges: At least 3 times in the past few years. Appearance change did not enhance function for the player. Guard towers: Appearance changed 2 times at least, and now a 3rd change coming. Why? Appearance change did not enhance function for player. Other Eye candy: How many changes do spiders, crocs, trolls etc need? Appearance change did not enhance function or enjoyement for player/customer. More trees, great, no new uses other than walnuts, and those give no enhanced or new function to players do they? Food? I get food from my crops and cooked meat/fish. Updates that have no use or funtion other than changing appearance. Sigh. Now we are going to be getting some "prettier" ships. Are they going to sail faster, hold more? Do the new ships add more function to the game? Bridges! How long have bridges been on the distant horizon? Years, if I recall correctly. What updates and additions have players asked for, for years, and yet time and resources are spent on more eye candy? Sure, we got multistory buildings, looks good, and they seem to have added some usefulness to the game. Planting BSB's seems to have helped usefulness. Here's a thought. Add some more usefulness to the game. More swimming animals. Stop putting limits on livestock and breeding, find a way for those who enjoy breeding and having livestock to have more. Or are you too busy redesigning the 4th, 5th 6th generation of Guard tower artwork? (Why are there animal spawns on impossible to climb rock cliffs? There's a waste of bandwidth/space. Every critter has mountain goat like capabilities on wurm.) Make a new weapon! How about Ballistas? How about Ships equiped with One or more ballista's? Or Wagons with a Ballista...etc. Hitch horses to catapalts or ballista... How about releasing something when it's ready, such as wagons, instead of waiting to release a HUGE update, which most assuredly will result in crashes and down time going on past performances. Smaller releases might make it easier to track down problems when they occur. When having a Q and A session (sadly,only once per year), how about better answers instead of dodging, or maybe's, or the one word we can all count on, "soon". Soon is half an eternity on wurm it seems. Giving a reasonable ballpark date of a month or six months or so would be nice. Example: Question: When is X going to be released? Answer: X is ready to to be released, but we want to wait and release X along with Y and Z. We expect Y and Z to be ready in about 30 to 60 days depending on complications. Someone suggested in game a non aggro server. I think that is a great idea. Would be a good server for new players to skill up on. Then they could sail to aggro servers when they feel they are ready. A similar idea was posted here. Titles or achievements. Rewards! How about instead of a useless graphic that you can do nothing with. The player gets something useful! Example: Say a player hits 50 blacksmithing. They get a very nice tool, such as an anvil, or pelt, high QL (99-100) as a useful reward? Those are my thoughts, ideas, and questions. I FULLY expect much of this post to be flamed, trolled, shilled, or just a lot of bad mannered replies. But, I felt like putting this out there. I'm sure many have the same thoughts as I've written here. Now it's out there. Take it or leave it. (PS, I really don't care if some or all of this has been mentioned a million times before, if so, make this a million and one. If some of this has been mentioned a lot of times before and nothing has changed or improved for the better, then this million and one mention needed to be done. Until "they" get it.) T