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Found 3 results

  1. The default server setting means that players on the server are not getting enough time to sleep and work the field - in my own experience I planted the seeds as one of the last things I did then logged in less than 12 hours later to fields of weeds from having missed the harvest time. Could someone please help by explaining the Field Growth setting? Ideally I'd like a field to last at least 24 hours so players have chance to do various things but I've no idea how to configure the setting to achieve this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wire Hedge Frame Constructed using wire (2kg worth), requires 30 blacksmithing AND 50 gardening to make. Used on hedges (requires 40 gardening), prevents hedge growth till decays away (looking at the hedge displays the message "the wire frame is at x damage", these cannot be repaired once placed and must be replaced. No decay on deed. Can only be removed by person who placed it on freedom or by anyone with deed hedge permissions (removal destroys the frame) or by appling fertilizer (see below). This required hedge permissions to use on deed. Hedge Fertiliser Created using tooth (0.05 weight) and dirt (1kg), requires 30 natural substances AND 50 gardening to make (weighs 1kg). No gardening requirement for use. Used on ANY hedge it allows one extra level of growth (and cancels out wire frames). Note this does not mean it causes instant growth, it just sets the "can grow" flag (or whatever) to true so that the hedge can be effected by growth ticks. This requires hedge permissions to use on deed. Why would these be nice? With hedges getting unique graphics for each type some of us would like to see things like 2 high lavender hedges, or restricted height maple hedges to line paths. A lot of wurm is about players altering nature and this fits the bill nicely, it takes some effort but gives more aesthetic control. The high skill requirement is there because gardening is not really a skill people use at the moment and it could use some fleshing out. Optional Extra : Allow frames to be used for trees/bushes as well to halt growth, with fertilizer just removing the frame.
  3. Currently trees cycle, with constant care a tree enters a new stage of growth. Ancient trees are hard work to produce. They must be kept at very old for a certain amount of time (I would say 5x the amount of time from very old to overaged) without reaching overaged. It then naturally transforms into an ancient tree. The benefits are : A much larger amount of wood (perhaps even double in some trees?) and it produces saplings roughtly 2x as fast. The slightly harsh bit : It has a timer till overaging occurs, a lot longer than normal (again I would say about 5x), if it overages then the ancient status is lost. It can be trimmed back to ancient easily. This is just to prevent immortal trees really.