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Found 3 results

  1. When placing an item in a group I often get something similar to the following message: [14:47:48] The Tools Group contains too many items already. This occurs even when there are very few items in the group. The real reason it is doing this, is that my whole inventory has too many items (the whole inventory is full). So even though the group itself is not full, the game gives a message that implies that it is. What we really need is a message to say the whole inventory is full: [14:47:48] Your inventory contains too many items already. This would help people to know what is really going on. Thank you for your time.
  2. Guys, I think I have a problem. I am addicted to this game. So much that whenever I am at work I troll the forums looking for threads to participate in. I realized the problem is the lack of community, not in a cultural sense but in a quantity one. I am used to large communities. My EVE corporation houses over 4000 accounts, and my alliance has nearly 20,000 with about 9000 individual real players. There is always someone to talk to, and someone to hang out with or something to do. Here I often find myself alone, sitting on my own discord, with no one to talk to. Does anyone here feel that way? How do you deal with your solitude in Celebration? Give your thoughts below, and help me deal with this nagging feeling of being alone.
  3. So after talking with some of the other players here’s a suggestion to the permissions system Groups: Anyone can create personal groups. You will be able to add anyone of the same and enemy kingdom to the group. You will be able to give the group access to writs, boats, mine doors, etc. You will be able to type /managegroups which will bring up a window where he can see all the groups he own. If you click manage on a group you get a new window where you can change different settings and add new members: If wurm can handle the massive amount of data it would to pull, those two windows could easily go into one: Here you can just select the group you want to change and it will show up on the right. The usability of the interface would be much better, but it will require wurm to pull a lot more of data The whole point of this group system is so that you no longer need to add different people to your friends list to give them access to different things and you won’t need different alt’s to own your stuff to have different permission settings. In the way I see it this would enable you to make let’s say Group1(G1) with all your alts in it, add G1 to your writ and all your alts now have access, then you can make G2 with all your close friends who should also have access and add them. This would enable you too quickly and pain free add and remove multiple people from write, boats etc. If a writ or boat is given to a new person the writ/boat should be stripped of all players/groups and it’s up to the new owner to add people/groups. This suggestion will require some of the current permission system to change so it would not be a thing that’s doable right now but should be done with the much needed rewrite some of the other permissions systems like the writs.