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Found 6 results

  1. Original thread by: Rayjon I thought it would be nice if players with a little experience in one field or another offer some advice to players on the good ways they have found to grind different skills. In some cases when I have added a quote to the Original Post I have taken ideas or information from others wo have posted in this thread. Where feasible to simply cut and paste whole quotes I have. It is a good idea to look through the whole thread if you have the time. I have just tried to place as much here as I can. Don't worry if you think everyone knows already. If it is not here let us have it The Wiki also offers a wealth of information. Here a couple skill related links. Alchemy/Natural Substances Nothus: Crops like wemp plants, garlic, onions, corn, pumpkins, and wheat can be used to make crappy healing covers that are great for building alchemy/natural substances skill. Posteh: Just my tips for Natural Substance (Alchemy), mine's over 60 now. The only real way to get there is making heal covers, and really only way to get to 50 is to do it on sleep bonus. You're only wasting your time not doing it on sleep bonus. The only main issue with most people is that you have to hunt, or purchase, animal parts to create the healing covers. What I did was brought rope to the traders at the Shroud, and I assume this works for other main capitals. I simply traded in the rope for the animal parts. Most noobies sell the parts for a few copper and iron coins, and the traders are stocked full of hundreds of teeth, glands, horns, paws, etc etc. You can easily fill small barrels full of animal parts at a well-known popular trader, and wait till your next 5 hour sleep bonus and crank them out. You could also just buy the parts from a trader too, but usually using rope discounts it heavily. Keldun: Natural substances: When collecting animal parts, you will end up with a lot of animal fat as well. Combine fat with string to make candles, or with garlic to make farmers salve. Kaih: since most animal bits can be combined (and put in bsb too) nowadays you can use CoC'd bits for natural substances grinds and just fill up with more when the item runs to low weight. Carpentry Slickshot:The wiki outlines this in the carpentry guide section, however I feel posting this here will double it's benefit to players. From 40-50, building houses gives good skill gain. Most players who build anything will usually hit 50 carpentry this way, just by playing casually and not grinding. Pretty easy stuff here. From 50-60 building houses drops off significantly in skill gain. This would be the time to use the imping trick for most other skills. Start by making about 10 mallets or fishing rods, or both. Imp them up as high as you can get them (if you want to be really clever about it watch your skill ticks for the 'sweet spot', that is to say the ql range of the item that gives you the most skill when imping), and then place them in a heated forge to decay them. Make sure to watch your forge contents carefully. As the mallets and fishing rods heat up to glowing with heat, they'll start to lose ql very quickly. You can decay them down to 2 or 3 ql and start all over, or if you found the sweet spot you can decay them down to the ql range of the sweet spot. This is still pretty easy stuff, but of course takes a bit of time and patience and is the point where you'd actually purposefully grind your carpentry skill up unless you're already making wooden tools to sell. 60-70 and beyond. After 60 skill, and even more-so after 70 skill, the best way to grind your carpentry skill is to work on the sub-skills. These skills include: Fine Carpentry, Ship Building, Bowyery, Fletching and Toy Making. The benefit of this situation is that you get to grind up 2 skills at once. It is of course fairly slow going, especially if you've never bothered leveling the sub-skills up much to begin with, however that is to be expected as you climb higher into a skill. The real secret here, if you're out to grind it up as fast or as best you can, is to grind your Fine Carpentry. While the other sub-skills do benefit your carpentry fairly, Fine Carpentry is where the largest chunks of skill gain occur. Tested with the other sub-skills, at 70 Carpentry and 50 Carpentry in the sub-skills, all of the other sub-skills netted around .09 skill gain in Carpentry, per level gained in the sub-skill. Fine Carpentry is the exception to this, netting around .15 skill gain in Carpentry per level increased in Fine Carpentry. Of course the higher levels you get in the sub-skills and in the parent skill, the larger the percentage netting will be per level, so it just keeps getting better and better. Channeling Vynora Tilly: Once you have enough Channeling to successfully cast Opulance (sorry do not recall what skill lvl that is) the following is the way that I grind Channeling. It cannot be done every day but can give you ome bursts of gain. Spend some time creating ropes. Do this until you have several hundred. Also collect plenty of vegatable as well. When you have done this choose a time when you have some sleep bonus and then stand in front of the altar with your rope and veggies and cast until your sleep bonus is gone or you run out of ropes. Opulance only requires 10 faith to cast so you can get much more casting in. Opulance will not transfer to meals cooked with the veggies. If you use the method I gave to raise Hot Food Cooking you will have a ton of meals on hand to cast on instead. Warlander: My way of grinding channeling after 40: I have two satchels: in first satchel I am storing gems ql 10>, in the second gems ql <10. 1. Prepare max favor 2. Activate sleep bonus 3. Vessel as many low ql gems as you can. 4. When you run out of favor, wait until you have about 7,50 favor and enchant high ql gem as fast as you can. 5. Repeat until all high ql gems are vesseled. 6. Drain favor from high ql gems, starting with lowest ql gems, make this until you have full or almost full favor. 7. Put ql <10 gems from high ql gems satchel to low ql gems satchel. 8. Repeat from point 3 until you have low ql gems. Alternatively, if you don't have low ql gems you can cast enchants instead. This method guarantees very good skillgain and long lifetime of your gems at the same time (so you can grind channeling even more). Characteristics Rayjon: A guide to what skills raise what characteristics can be found here on the Wiki: Cloth Tailoring EliasTheCrimson: When improving large cloth tailoring items such as sails that require large amounts of raw material in the improving process, you will conserve precious string of cloth by improving using individual strings (0.1 KG) instead of a combined bunch. Hot Food Cooking Tilly: 10 cooking containers (pottery bowl= casserole Frying Pan = meal) In an Oven using seperate pottery bowls get a large amount of filet and a large amount of onion, corn, or potato to searing hot. Then add 1 filet and 1 veggie to each searing hot container. This will produce an instant meal or casserole. Casseroles are better at lower skill (pottery bowls). This method will provide relatively quick skill gain even once you pass 50. I do in tens as that is what size stacks you can grab. This is a great method if you are working on taming too as casseroles and meals can be used to do that. I believe this is repeated in the wiki but cannot hurt here Fill a forge with 100 frying pans, hire someone to place a filet and a vegetable in each pan, take the pans out of forge and put them back in. Light forge and turn on sleep bonus. Forestry Dashiva: Picking sprouts is horrible forestry skillgain. Get yourself a large fruit yard or similar and harvest instead. Leatherworking Improving leather gloves gives decent skill gain and doesn't use much leather. At higher levels, toolbelts are nice, though they use up a lot of leather. Meditating Andobi: From what I can tell, there is no difference in skillgain based on quality or type of rug. Circle of cunning increases skillgain, and I've heard that a higher quality and better type of rug (i.e exquisite) makes it easier to "get the question". This does seem to be the case based on my experience. Mining Artibaton: Mining! When starting off the mining skill, you want up to a 30ql pickaxe, if you cannot get that, than so be it. Do not go higher than 30ql pickaxe unless you want ore. Of course use CoC and no WoA. For skillgain, I have always tried to mine on a wall where I am not QL capped (so if you have 50 mining, I mine a wall with 51ql shards) You will want to mine rock until 50skill. Continue repairing your pickaxe, and keep it at around 10ql. At 50 skill, you will want to switch to iron, the easiest to mine of the ores. Upgrade your pickaxe to 25ql and begin mining the iron ore. Continue mining iron until 60, at which you can switch to copper. Mine copper until 70, where you switch to tin or lead. At 85-90 mining, start on silver and continue to 99. Gold will never be a good way to get skill. You do not have to switch to ore at 50 mining, but it will drastically increase your skillgain. For mining ore up to silver, you will want between a 15 and 25ql pickaxe, whereas silver you want around a 30ql. Ore difficulty is as follows: Rock -> iron -> copper -> tin -> lead -> zinc -> silver ->gold. Best skillgain while mining is where you have about a 65% chance of getting ore that is <1/2 skill. You will want ore failures, so you may have to adjust your pickaxe quality. At 90skill on silver with a 30ql pickaxe, I get about 15 1ql ore per 100 mined, and this is the best skillgain I have seen. Gems you recieve are based on the ore you mined with the gem. If the ore was 1.21ql, then so is the gem, btw. This is what I have learned from Wurm. Plate Smithing Equinox: Plate smithing: This is a tough one due to 3 skills being required Coal making: No easy way to grind this, just spam charcoal piles as long as you can stand it. Metallurgy: Making bronze and brass helps raise this skill to increase your chance of success on making the steel. Plate smithing: Materials: 2 forges 7 cauldrons Place all 7 cauldrons in one forge. Cauldron #1 - 100 coal Cauldron #2 - 100 iron Use the remaining cauldrons to sort your steel lumps - ie: 1-10ql 11-20ql etc.. (This just makes it easier when your trying to imp and keeps things nice and tidy now your ready to start, make 100 steel plate gauntlets (cool and reuse your scrap from failers). Imp all the gauntelets to 5 - then 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - and finally 50. At about 35-40 skill start spamming 20-30 great helms as well - these can fit in the forge with the cauldrons. Tip: Use your lowest ql steel for the creation of items, the success rate is greatly reduced but you can cool the scrap and reuse it over and over (placing glowing lumps in a cold cauldron in an unlit forge insta-cools the scrap). Steel being extremely difficult to create this an effective way to use every bit of it. Good luck and happy smithing, Eq Gallath: You dont need to place iron inside the forge, as only coal needs to be glowing to combine these two materials. Tissotx Here is a tips from a Master Platesmith: We all know that for the avarage platesmith u end up with 95% bad ql steel lumps and only 5% good through metallurgy. Use a high ql 70+ Smelting Pot to smelt down 10 plate items a time u imp'ed to max ql This way u transform ur low ql steel into high ql steel lumps. Since imping a item only uses 5% of the item weight as lump cost, and between the lump clicks u improve with other, whetstones, pelt, water, hammer. And the return for smelting it is u gain 90% of the weight back as a new lump. Its effcient all the way up to smelting down 79ql items to get a 79ql steel lump back, but beyond this point u should sell the 80+ plate items. Repair Rayjon: This is a useful skill to every player. Even if you are not a crafter you will benefit from a decent repair skill as we all use crafted items of one kind or another which can be repaired. It can be slow going simply repairing your own stuff and any newb piles you run across so I used grindstones at lower level. Make a pile of 100 grindstones using low ql shards with a low ql tool and leave this pile in a cave or off deed. (Due to ongoing changes in decay rates you may have to see what works best) Check it regularly with your sleep bonus and repair away. I found this a very effective way to zero in on this skill. Slickshot: I'm not sure about NOT waiting for decay, however I do know an object that I have to repair quite often due to the amount of damage it takes over a short period of time (like 2 weeks). In my workshop I have 4 forges outside in a semi circle. Since they are outside they take massive damage ticks it seems. About once a month I check on them and repair them from 50ish damage to 0 damage. Maybe this will help you in the mean time. Make some forges or ovens outside your settlement areas but don't go too crazy (no need to litter the environment with trash) and let them rot for a while, while you do other stuffs. Good luck! Traxx: I used to use unfinished clay jars... they are easy to repair and decay fast even on deeds.. make 100 or so and check on them evry other day... then if you need a jar for something its easy to just repair and imp it up... Ropemaking MadWallaby: You can grind Ropemaking now by improving Net Traps. These improve like cloth items once they're made - Strings of Cloth, Needle, Scissors and Water (better make sure it's pre-washed and doesn't shrink on your victim in the rain). It's pretty heavy on the String usage, so you might want to put your spindle in your fifth toolbelt slot. Taming Dannyiron: Animal Taming: Animals: -At a lbeginning level,(about 1 or 2) tame a pig, pheasant or similar depending on the resources available to you. I would reccomend a pig because they will eat a larger variety of items; and should also be easiest to tame. (Pigs may be found wandering the wilderness and forests.) -At a new tamer level, (about 5 to 10) you may choose to keep taming a pig or pheasant, or you may choose to tame a cat, a rat, a wolf etc. instead, although they will prove harder to grind it with. Keep grinding on the animals, keep taming. -At a medium level (about 15 to 25) you may choose to keep taming a pig or pheasant, or you may move onto a cavebug, wolf or similar for similar gain plus enhancing the tame level of your own pet of choice. Keep taming them. Bear in mind that you should now be at about bear taming levels. -At a higher level (about 30-40) you may choose nearly anything to tame - anything virtually up to unicorns, but again, a wolf, cavebug, pig, pheasant, deer, rat, cat etc. will get you more gain. You will not be able to tame many champion animals yet, or unicorns/crocodiles very well, but you will start getting there. -At a title level (50+) You can tame virtually any basic animal now. Crocodiles will tame with a few attemtps, but taming a cavebug or similar may be your best choice of taming. If not there's always the good ol' reliable pigs. -At master levels (very very high) you can choose whatever you like. You should also be able to master most champion animals, but be cautious nevertheless. Taming Food -If you are a fisherman, you may choose to fish and slice some filets to tame with. Animals you can tame include: Pigs, large rats, wild cats, black wolves, brown bears, black bears, cavebugs, crocodiles. -If you are a farmer, you may choose to grow some exess seeds to tame with. Animals you can tame include: Deer, pheasant, pig, unicorn, hen, rooster, chicken, bull, cow, calf. -If you are a fighter or warrior, you may choose to slaughter the bretheren of a carnivorous beast you wish to tame. Simply, you may tame some of the following: Pigs, large rats, wild cats, black wolves, brown bears, black bears, cave bugs, crocodiles. -If you are a forager/botanizer/herbologist, you may find some odd berries or plants in your scavanges. The only animal you could tame with these is a pig. -One old trick in the book is to fill a cauldron with water, and add some meat or fish and maybe a plant. You should get a heavy amount of soup. From this, you should fill up a smaller container, such as a pottery jar, and fill up a pottery flask with soup to tame a pig with. This will use 0.25kg of soup per tame and the soup should last maybe 150-200 tames; and is fairly easy to obtain again. However, this does only work with grinding taming on pigs so may not be the best choice, depending on the creatures and resources available to you. Timespan -The timespan will depend on your level. At lower levels it will raise fairly quickly, but as it advances it slows dramatically. At skill of 50-70, 400 meat filets taming a cavebug (without sleep bonus) may gain you about a skillpoint in taming, maybe less. (This is without affinities too) but by this level you will respectively be able to tame most creatures. Hints -When taming, always have somewhere safe to retreat to if you have to. A tamed pet or aggressive creature, or any animal you're taming can in one fell swoop start attacking you, so you always need somewhere to retreat to/a plan about avoiding attack. -Sleep bonus is very useful for taming - you should gather your taming resources (your fish, meat, seeds etc.) without sleep bonus, store them in a container near your taming pen or area overnight, get some good sleep bonus and tame with it. This will boost skillgain quite a bit. -Affinities would help drastically. 5 affinities in taming will boost skillgain 50%, so they are definitely worth seeking/investing in. -Always carry some healing covers or rags/strings of cloth with you, in-case you do suffer wounds. -Be fairly patient when you can and if you need to - it doesn't always follow a regular path as other skills may. -Taming is changed occasionally. Always check out skillgain or how your taming skill changes if any updates occur related to taming (eg. the soup taming method may suddenly proceed to give little skill gain, that sort of general change.)I'll give you a nice tip for taming Che: get as much stew as you can and then do this : create a pottery flask, and then fill it with vegetables and edible items 6x sage 2x wheat 5x oregano 1x onion (whatever works but I can confirm that these edibles makes you use extremely little stew) then when you have both the stew and the pottery flask with the edible items, grab the stew and move it over to the pottery flask, you will see that you will only be using 0,00kg of stew each time you tame. However it uses a tiny amount of stew so as much stew as possible is recommended. With this method you do not need tons of seeds and meat to reach high taming levels. ReaverKane: Use a reed pen, and dishwater on a pig. If you don't have pigs, yeah, stew works for carnivorous animals. Tools Rayjon: Low ql tools generally give better skill gain than High ql although the action timers increase...but this is good for skill gain. For skills I am working I usually keep 1 set of High ql WoA/CoC tools for work and 1 set of Low ql CoC only tools for skill grinding Somtimes the wrong tool for the job is right! For instance, many different tools can be used to chop down a tree. If you use a Longsword to cut down a tree not only will you get Longsword skill up to 20 but it will take longer to cut down the tree thus netting more Woodcutting skill. There are many instances of this in Wurm so experiment and see what else you can do. Weapons Rayjon: Longsword and 2 handed Sword skill can be raised to level 20 by activating the Sword and cutting down trees. This also works for Axe type weapons which can also be used to chop the felled trees. Weaponsmithing Wiro: Like posted in another thread, weaponsmithing should be done with wooden spears - you suffer no restrictions for CoC (in smithing you can't use CoC water) and it is easy and portable. One downside is logs cannot be combined (for CoC) whereas lumps can. Berris: Longspears can be put in a forge and heated to cause them to lose quality. In this way you can grind to any skill level without having to make lots of items - just 'reset' the quality down to (skill-5) or some similar number whenever it gets too high to easily imp. Woodcutting Xallo: ALWAYS use two different hatchets when cutting down trees. It's always nice to have that top quality wood, so therefore, you need one very high QL hatchet with some nice WoA to speed up the process. Equip your high QL hatchet with WoA and cut the tree down. After you've done that, take out the low QL high CoC hatchet and start cutting the tree into logs. Remember, you gain MORE skill cutting trees into logs rather than cutting trees down. Personally, I use two 1.5kg hatchets, one 15QL w/ 99c, and the other 70QL w/ 97w 95c. It's always nice to have a toolbelt to speed up the process. I use slot 1 for the high QL, slot 2 for the low QL, slot 3 for water, slot 4 for my meal, and slot 5 for cotton (if you fall). Wiro: For woodcutting if your only goal is high QL logs then by all means use a high QL hatchet to cut the trees down. If you want lots of high QL logs then use a low QL hatchet so that you will gain hatchet skill. Your grind will be much slower but your high QL trees/logs much more frequent due to a higher hatchet skill. Holar: Woodcutting: If you have the patience just load up crates into a wagon, chop trees down (don't use sleep bonus use a high ql hatchet) load the trees into a crate until your satisfied with the number. Take the trees back to your deed mine or w/e and cut them up. You don't have to walk from tile to tile and its all right in front of you
  2. Ever been envious of those people that have insane HFC skills? Want to bump up your SD and ML from time to time without making a chore out of it? You contemplated about making pans and forges to grind HFC but you loathe the thought of having to make pans? Maybe you do not have enough room for a panfilling area? If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions then this auction is for you! On offer for today is the Speed Cook 9000! A forge integrated with the maximum number of pans possible (259), this baby can bump up that pesky HFC skill whenever you want! Also it is a great space saver as it is only one forge that you can hide (or put on display) almost anywhere: in the kitchen, in a barn or in a warehouse! (please make sure the rooms are well ventilated, you know - against fire and health hazards). Also with the easy naming schemes of the backpacks you can easily keep track of what you filled and what not. But there's more! All pans are improved to roughly 40 quality to insure that they will decay slower and you don't have to worry about decay much! Well if the quality suits you, you may even decide to use them for regular cooking! Here is a pic of what you will get Now here is a breakdown of the items that you are bidding for: 1x Forge (the Speed Cook 9000) 70Ql 259x Frying Pans ~40Ql 7x Backpacks ~28Ql This kit can be picked up from Q11 on Xanadu, more details will be provided to the winner Start bid: 7s Increments: 50c Reserve: NO Private bids: NO Sniper protection: 2 hours Buyout: make me an offer! Happy Bidding to all of you! Thor out
  3. Hello, I joined the game 6 days, 19 hours, and 12 minutes ago. I have only played 2 days, 6 hours and 36 minutes in that time. I have done some reading on the forums and have received information from some of the players that you are limited to how much experience you begin gaining around 70 fight skill. However I am at 55 currently and it has slowed down immensely. For example, at level 54 and below when I fought spiders it would give me about .25 experience per kill. Tougher creatures would give me about .30 - .40. However as soon as I hit 55, killing spiders alone dropped down to giving me .02 experience, tougher creatures would barely push .03-.04. I am brand new so I do not fully understand how the experience system works. I have heard some things about something called a curve however I do not understand that either. I know that epic gives you double experience as opposed to freedom, sleep bonus does not affect fighting skill, and that it is suppose to limit how much experience you get starting at level 70 fighting. Is there a reason my experience gain has dropped so low?
  4. Skill Tick Bug?

    Hey all, Something that I've noticed increasingly while grinding skills is that sometimes, I get no skill ticks whatsoever, often for 30+ minutes of grinding. I then suddenly seem to get all the skill at once. Most recent example: grinding normal fighting skill against horses. Didn't get a skill tick for well over half an hour, and then suddenly got hit by a load of skill: [23:57:08] Normal fighting increased by 0.792 to 45.793 FYI 0.792 is a massive tick, I'm normally getting 0.01s at 45 skill. It seems like either the client or the server is lagging in displaying skills. I seem to get it eventually, but it's weird and confusing when all of a sudden you stop gaining. Especially when you're in grind mode and are watching every tick like a hawk. Worst case scenario, the server isn't actually giving you any ticks at all, but then maybe catches up randomly at one point. I wonder what happens if you log off in the middle of one of these "update voids"... do you not get any skill at all or does it show up again properly when you log back in? I can recall seeing this problem for the last week or two, and have seen it on 2 different computers on differing accounts. I can definitely recall seeing the problem with normal fighting (as above,) large metal shield skill and channeling on my priest, there might be more. Anyone else noticed this? Thanks!
  5. There are a lot of conflicting beliefs and myth about skill grinding floating around So I tried to collect and verify what I could. When talking about skillgain you first have to be aware that there are two different values to consider: size and rate of skillgain size: this is the value that is displayed in the skill tab like " you gain 0,000526 mining skill" Some people also say they gain 526 mining experience, I'll use that terminology as well as it's convenient. rate: this is how often the skillgain appears in the window, not all mining actions give mining skill. To correctly judge this you have to make sure to set your skill log to the highest sensitivity. Then there are four factors that the player can influence: CoC - Enchant, WoA - Enchant, Tool - QL and Material - Q. All my tests have been done with mining, these are the results: Skills and Characteristics First, there seems to be no difference in the way skills and characteristics are handle, nor does there seem to be any relation between the two. When you have low skill, you gain a lot of skill, when you have high skill, you gain less. When you have low charactersitics, you gain a lot of characteristic, when you have high characteristic, you gain less. When you have 25 body strength and do mining at 5 skill you gain the same body strength as if doing mining at 70 skill. CoC - Enchant This one if obvious, it's a straight percentage increase to the size of skillgain. Does not seem to affect the rate of skillgain. Conclusion: always use the highest CoC you can affort on all of the tools you care for skillgain. WoA - Enchant This one decreaes the size of skillgain, but it also decreses the timer, both decreases are exactly equal in size. A 12s timer will give for example 512 xp and a 19s timer will give 811 xp, that's 42,7 cp/s for both. Does not seem to affect the rate of skillgain. So WoA has absolutely no affect on your skillgain, it will just change your material throughput. Conclusion: Use WoA when you want to get things done, don't use WoA when you want to preserve raw material such as high ql iron. Stamina Site note: Rolf himself once claimed that you get less skill when you have less stamina left after a longer action, but in the example above the 12s timer ended in 82% stam and the 19s ended in 74% stam, the gains were still equal. Tool - QL Two test values, mining rock with unenchanted pickaxes: 70ql pick: 12s, 582 xp, 82% stam, 48,5 xp/s 10ql pick: 19s, 921 xp, 74% stam, 48,5 xp/s The skillgain size is exactly equal! However when you mine for 100 actions it is quite clear that the rate of skillgain with the lower pick is much higher than the 60% increase in timers. You also get a lower average in rock quality though. Conclusion: Use a lower ql tool, when you want more skill. Use a higher ql tool, when you want to get things done or want higher ql mats. Material - QL Just did a quick test, when mining there is an obvious difference in base value between rock and different types of metal, but again using a 20 ql rock or a 60ql rock at 40 skill. has no effect on the size of skillgain. Rate hasn't been tested yet. Untested rumor: People claim that you get the best skillgain when your average result is half your skill. It's supposed to work with lower ql tools, it's more doubtfull if it works by using capped veins. Hope this helps some people. Does anyone have any complaints about the points I amde? And I mean foundated complains, not: "I read in the chat that ..."
  6. Eden . Welcome to Eden. We live on the far west of the Chaos server and have resided there for almost two years now. Some of the most down to earth, friendly, insane and awesome people live here and we are opening our doors once again to players of all shapes and sizes, new players and old players alike. Do you enjoy hunting? The amount of mobs here will make you cry for joy. Do you enjoy crafting? We have the finest facilities and tools at your disposal. Do you like to sit in a cave and mine all day? We have every resource and TONS of rock for you to pick your way through. Do you like to PVP? We can help get you PVP ready in record time! (0-70 fight skill in a weeks time... been there.... done that!) Do you like to farm or breed animals? Tons of horses and wide open fields are available. Do you like to do a little bit of everything? Join the club! Eden has literally every resource anyone would ever need and our members have the skills to create any item at any quality (Yes, over 90 even). We are pretty laid back and we don't require anybody to fit into 'roles'. People come and go and help out with town projects as they see fit. Our only requirement is to treat everyone with respect and just chill out and have fun. Here are a few pictures that don't even begin to give this deed the justice it deserves: If you are interested in joining, post a reply here or give me a PM. Thanks for reading. Rolf wants YOU to join Eden.