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Found 3 results

  1. Dear wurm community, I'm an experienced mountaindweller and it came to my attention that the shaker orb and rod of transmutation can be easily used to grief tunnelsystems. Now with wurm unlimited even poor griefers can easily get their hands on these items. I've run some tests and players are able to use both items in and outside someone elses village, even with all the guards alive. Now griefers can jump into someone’s 14.000 slope high reinforced tunnelsystem, spam some cavewalls and turn them into ore veins, trapping the mountaindwellers for weeks. I’d like to make four suggestions how to keep tunnelsystems more safe from griefing. -1st, make it impossible for players to use shaker orbs and rod of transmutation inside someone elses settlement (and add using of these tools to role management à mining). -2nd, make it impossible to use rod of transmutation outside your own settlement (who uses rod of transmutation outside settlements anyways except griefers)? -3rd, give mayors the power to turn veins back to rock ondeed (rod of reverse transmutation?, more use of alchemy, dynamite?). -4th, at least make it impossible to use rod of transmutation and the shaker orb when: -players of another kingdom are in local -not all the spirit templars are killed -outside your own kingdom influence Thank you for your time. Feel free to discuss. Happy wurming.
  2. Let's say Player A has a deed. She minds her own business on a PVE server. Let's say Player B lives nearby. He, for whatever reason, has warranted a KOS on Player A's deed. Case 1: Player B minds his own business and never returns to Player A's deed. This is fine. Case 2: Player B does not mind his own business and enter's Player A's deed. Player A's deed is not a highway, so he is not welcome and the KOS is legitimate and allowable. Player A is justified here, whereas Player B is not as he should not be entering an area where he is unwelcome. In this case Player A has low FS and bad gear, so he leaves when attacked by guards. This is fine, but current game mechanics do not punish him for returning to the deed multiple times. Case 3: Player A's deed covers a highway. This is not fine. Player A has forfeited the right to KOS players by deeding over or building a highway. This is not the subject of my suggestion. Case 4: Player B does not mind his own business and has high FS and good gear. He kills all of Player A's guards and stays on her deed just to harass her. This is not okay. Regardless of Player B's age and status, he is unwelcome on Player A's deed and therefore should not be there. To rectify case 4, I will make a few suggestions. These changes to KOS should be restricted to the pure PVE servers, but Chaos and Epic players who also play on Freedom servers are welcome to comment here. The suggestions are independent and are designed to be +1/-1'd independently (and implemented independently if at all). Suggestion 1: Boost the combat rating of all guards on deed by 100 vs players on the Kill on Sight list. This applies to spirit templars and tower guards whose towers are on the applicable deed. This should be enough of a boost to deter even the strongest unwelcome players from harassing others. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. In the event the situation is an example of case 3, Player B should have a /support ticket open anyway for being KOS'd from the highway. Until it is resolved it is unwise to enter Player A's deed. This suggestion therefore has no effect on case 3. Suggestion 2: Auto-kill players who remain in hostile perimeter for too long or who hop in and out of hostile perimeter too many times. An auto-temp-ban situation may be required for players who choose to park KOS'd alts on hostile deeds for "fun" and then re-park them once they die (i.e. run to deed, die to guards because KOS, respawn and repeat). There is a nice little time limit already in-game for us. When a KOS'd player is on your deed for an extended period of time you get two messages: [00:47:42] Something is wrong. An irritating feeling comes over you and you cannot focus. Your normal skill gains suffer. [00:52:42] You now feel greatly disturbed by an enemy presence. While your normal skills still suffer, your aggressive actions are probably more effective. When the second message appears, the KOS'd player should be auto-killed. Retention of inventory contents is optional and up to the developers. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. It also has no effect on case 3 for the same reasons as suggestion 1. Suggestion 3: Allow players to kill other players who remain on deed long enough to get the second "enemy presence" message. This is for players who choose to take matters into their own hands and is potentially very problematic. Again, no effects on cases 1, 2, or 3. It may cause a problem with case 4 as it involves player vs player combat and the deed owner may die in this case. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Please post here. If you decide to +1/-1, please add a reason.