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Found 75 results

  1. Kingdom graphics: All in one: Banner: Flag: Tall Banner: Military Tent from side: and Wagon: and image all follows same theme, in case you are wondering the FF on tent side, it means AO in runic Prices in silvers: 20s Wagon 8s Military Tent (can be mailed) 3s Tall banners 2s Banners (can be mailed) 1,5s Flag (can be mailed) Other payment options: Or equivalent amount of bricks/mortar in silvers. Or equivalent amount of 80+ quality saccing materials in silvers. Goods can be transported to our freedom deeds, pick up can be arranged also. PM me in here, discord or post on this topic and we get you sorted or if you feel like hermit and don't want social interaction with us, we got trader set up on E25 Xanadu on the island. Place is called Sleepys Island. Image of the shop: QL and Material varies, our contracted courier might ask some fee from delivery, depends on the location.
  2. How much better the game could look like if the client side color saturation would be increased. Watch some more ingame footage with increased color saturation in our new Sklotopolis trailer:
  3. Errors around roads

    As of the last update, I see these odd squares and triangles of different textures around my roads. It seems to be on tiles that are half paved.
  4. friends after the update on April 26 my pc is running the game very slowly, I play on a pc core 2 duo - 2.93 Gz - video card - AMD - 5850 - and it ran 30 to 40 fps, but now it varies between 5 and 15 fps. Do you have any configuration to make and leave the game lighter?
  5. Flashing rainbow colors

    After the recent update the graphics have been glitchy, things flash in rainbow colors, mostly red in geometric patterns.
  6. Hi, This could be something to do with my settings. If so, please advise me where and how to change them. Thanks. Still getting some weird tile visuals (pics below are in the order I saw them) and the gates on my deeds keep opening by themselves - nearly all of them:
  7. Question about lava

    I recently got a copy of Wurm unlimited, and one of the first things I tried was changing a tile to lava. I think lava as displayed on the wiki is beautiful and I want to make some designs with it. The lava I got wasn't the same one displayed on the wiki. The one I got was hideous and freaky. These are the two lava types I've seen: The one I want is the picture with the lava spiders in it. Is it supposed to look like the other picture, or is there something wrong with my graphics? Has it changed, or possibly it's different from WU to WO? Is there any way I can fix this?
  8. I love the looks we have of many of the floors and roofs, from the top side. However, from underneath, it is very rough and unfinished looking, like you would only have in a barn, or crawl space in a basement. I would love to have a few choices of finishing treatments to apply to the underside of the roofs and floors. Plaster, fine carp, detailed stone work, repainting, etc. Maybe when starting the floor of a certain type (such as Stone Slab), you then have to choose an underside finish: none, plaster, box wood, beams, logs, clay tile, marble, mosaic stone, etc. For plaster and the wood options, should then be able to paint the plaster (also between the beams) to really liven up the insides of our houses. Would need to add extra materials to complete. Might also want to make it a stand alone option that could be applied to existing ceilings (roofs and floors), so folks don't have to rip and replace.
  9. I have seen various questions about correct settings but nothing about Sierra. I am new to Wurm and have never successfully run it before - it will load but the graphics "stick" and there are semi- to multi-second lags between frames when moving around. Even getting the settings window to popup causes a delay. My basic info can be found here: 4GB Ram, 512MB VRAM I have lowered many of the graphics settings (but maybe not enough?), I have a 25mbps internet connection and I can run other games (like elder scrolls online) with no problem. Apparently, I am using Java 8, 111. Anyone have an idea what's going on? Thanks.
  10. Visual on fishing

    How about showing a fishing line extended somewhere to the side if fishing on boat, and to the tile when fishing on tile? doesnt have to be hoverable or such just eye-candy thing, would make for better screens
  11. New renderer performance seems pretty good for me, mostly better than the old one, especially when around a bunch of dynamic light sources. I'm getting 60fps (vsync'd) in most places, which is neat. ... Then if I go near trees, it goes completely to hell. Seriously, standing inside a single almost-mature young fir tree drops it from 60+ down to 45. Being in a fir forest brings it down to 10-15. Disabled transparency AA in NVidia Control Panel to see if that was the problem, but that didn't help. Also occurs at night, so I don't think it's shadow-related. System info: I'm 370% willing to help test what might be causing this, if anybody has any ideas or wants me to test anything.
  12. Ok, Since coming back, I've noticed the extra work my CPU & GPU have been doing, causing my fan to go into full on hair dryer mode. In the past, I used to run 8-10 clients with ease on moderate settings, but now 2-3 on the lowest settings can start the hair dryer. After a bit more research, I've noticed it is magnified around large settlements. That was also a factor before, but with whatever graphics update we had while I was away, it really is a pain to get near a large settlement/deed. So, how do we address it? I'm not a programmer, but I do like to imagine solutions from a layman's perspective, so please forgive me if my ideas are silly or impossible - or already attempted with no success. 1. Lights. We make deeds to show them off, as well as be functional. Lights bring them to life and we want them to reach far distances. Sadly lighting is really hard on GPU, with the color, intensity, bloom, shadow and whatnot. Allow us to choose the range we wish to see any lighting in client settings. 2. creatures. I use a long distance range for creature draw distance, because I want to know if I'm heading into a den of trolls. I also want to see the dragon from long range, but not the 100 blood catching alts. I don't care so much if I can see sheep and pigs from 3 servers away. Allow us to set the draw distance for human (NPCs and players), to make hunts and Impalongs much better and for agro or non-agro critters. I don't want to have my client draw the 500 horses living next door, but I do want to see that hell hound in the middle of my vineyard. 3. Inside Items. If there are 500,000 items in buildings, in the deed next to me, I don't want to know. I don't want my client to know. If I get within 1 tile of the building, go ahead and draw the items, so I can see them through the windows. "Draw items inside buildings when outside" (on or off toggle) Probably need the on toggle for pvp or something. 4. Outside items. How about we also set a range for the draw distance of these? Separate item and building draw distances. 5. Buildings. A large building is most likely being rendered by the client as hundreds of individual parts. If so, is there some way we can replace all those parts with a 3d rendering of the building as a single object? I'm sure this is some kind of programming voodoo that isn't possible, but if it were, we could eliminate 90% of building lag and still have long distance viewing of all the awesome buildings in Wurm. (also see #4) 6. Water. I generally end up using the lowest settings, with no reflections and low detail, which means there is a slightly opaque skin over the bottom of the lake/ocean, looking nothing like water. Yes, this is handy for finding out what you are sailing over and spotting lost items/clay/tar. However,it looks really lame. Could we also have a toggle for low QL water that gives a completely opaque slightly choppy water surface, with darker or lighter color to designate water depth? I can't imagine it would take much CPU/GPU to draw that and water would gain so much over what we have now. You could even have different levels of chop/waves, based on the wind speeds. Right now, sailing in a gale with glassy water is silly. For the distance settings in all options above, Please allow very granular settings in tiles: 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,50,75,100,150,200, etc. I think this would solve performance for 95% of all issues we have now, that aren't brought on by slow servers or slow internet. Boss hunts would be a breeze Exploration would probably not need relogging every 15 minutes Living next to the mega deed, or in a busy neighborhood would be fun again Sailing would seem much more realistic. I'm probably missing many great things that could be done to improve performance, but hopefully at least 1 thing above sparks an idea that turns into a better client experience. There are a ton of brilliant folks in Wurm, devs and players, so PLEASE pitch in with any fixes to my silliness above, or additions. Devs have busted their butts to make some great features in this game, so let's give them some ideas that helps us all enjoy those features better.
  13. this has ot been happening till i got a new laptop with an Intel graphics card. it causes shifting tiles like all of the other cases but i dont know how to fix it. i have fiddled around with the settings but to no eval.
  14. Woodcutting Animation

    While woodcutting with a saw, the animation is for an axe and the sound is of a saw. Therefore I get to watch myself beat a tree with a hack saw while listening to something that sounds nothing like what I see. I don't know if this is the right place for this, if not I'm sorry.
  15. Need Help with Textures

    Alright so I started working on a Sphax PureBDcraft patch for Wurm Unlimited, cause it's by far my favorite texture pack for Minecraft, and I've been dying to see how it'd look in the Wurm universe So everything was going well for figuring out how to edit the textures and what-not, then decided to give the textures a test run before I got too far along and invested with em all, everything tile, and pumpkins seemed to be working beautifully, even better than I'd imagined it would turn out, but, the sprites for the grass for whatever reason were rendering the "background" (invisible part of the texture that isn't being used as part of the grass texture) was black, instead of being the see-through invisible that it should be. I'm just curious if anyone would know what would cause such a thing to happen =/ Including a screenshot of it for reference, though not sure how much it will help.
  16. My sister recently got windows 10 and The weird graphics is different every time,most times cant even move. Any suggestions? tx zigon
  17. Tile Model Glitch

    Since I've been playing wurm initially, the ground infront of me has always looked like this ( ), the entire time I walk the two tiles infront of me look like the intended texture and then everything else is a buggy mess. After messing around with all of the graphics options I figured that it was just normal and everyone had to deal with it. Then I watched a few youtube videos on wurm while playing, and realized that it's not intentional. I went back into my settings, and remembered that I'd turned off GLSL shading because it made my character model bug out ( ). When I turned GLSL shading back on, however, the ground infront of me problem was fixed ( but now my character was a buggy mess. Is this something that can be fixed or just a problem that I'll have to endure without GLSL shading? PS. Sorry if this was in the wrong place, but I figure this has to do with the texturing of a model so I put it here.
  18. I fear the black shading has something to do with the "Terrain/shadow Resolution" options, as when I change them, the blackness renders closer or farther. Another thing to note is that when there aren't black slivers like in the photo, slivers of other terrain types show up. When I move about, while my cursor hovers over a dirt tile, I will see slivers of a cobblestone tile, for example. Is this common?
  19. I've noticed that rather often, when I start swimming, snow effect will break, and I get a visual of snow falling... but only below the water line. Sometimes it's a localized effect, and above the water line I can see some spots where it's snowing and some where it isn't. Screenshots: Note that snow is visible underwater but not above water... or maybe it's the reflection that's visible? Who knows.
  20. Rift reflection bug

    if you see the red rift beacon reflected in water it shows as the white model like it was the "White light" on elevation/chaos.
  21. Okay so I switched over to a new computer with Nvidia Experience. Brand New computer, I updated all of my drivers and downloaded the game, ran it, and got on the server and the ground textures are glitching and not displaying the correct tiles. They change from grass, to dirt to crops and sowed earth. please help? Here is a gif of my issue. I really hope this helps. This is very annoying.
  22. Hello Im new and my FOV and other advanced graphics options are disabled. I have looked everywhere and cant find as to why they are disabled... Im trying to play and i cant stand FOV at 80. Pls help
  23. Dragon's model has a slightly rubbery toe that stretches various distances/directions based on angle and position to the dragon.
  24. Intel Graphical/Texture Issue

    Hello, Now, i know this topic has come appeared and there has been several answers to the problem. But after 2 days of googling and trying almost everything, I've yet to find something that works. Basically, The ground tiles all move when I move. The tile that my character stands on looks fine, but the others appear to move and look weird.(I don't own these images, i didn't take them either) I have tried(In no particular order): Restarting the game, several times Restarting my Computer, several times Updating my graphics driver Updating my Java Reinstalling Wurm Unlimited Turning all my settings to the lowest settings Turning off FBO, GLSL, and VBO I read about pbuffer, but that doesn't show up on my options, or i can't find it. None of these have worked. Here is my setup: Windows 7 Professional Intel i7 32GB RAM Using the Integrated Graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4600) More than enough storage (1.5 TB) Thanks in Advance!
  25. Rendering Issue Windows 10

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue while rendering the floor (and anything i.e. the cart on top of that tile) when looked at from a certain angle and it seems that it started when I upgraded to Windows 10. I have already tried disabling the GLSL shader and it did not work. The following url shows how the game from two different point of views standing at the same point: Below are my graphics settings followed by my hardware specs. Note: Turning off CrossFire did not change anything. And just to complete the picture, I want to add that I have the latest drivers for my card.