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Found 7 results

  1. *EDIT*Solved thanks to Darklords, apparently I should have been looking in the City Hall section for WO, not searching the WU section for this.*END EDIT* I've been searching all over for this info, but all I can find assumes basic knowledge and starts well after what I need to know. I have a PMK on my server that I want to implement a custom graphic for the banners/tabards/etc... for but I can't find how. I'm a complete beginner at this sort of stuff and everything I've found just tells me to open/decompile the .jar and edit stuff in there, but none tells HOW to open them, such as what type of program do you need to do so?
  2. I think it time for new 3D models for the trees, as Trees are probably the easiest objects to improve that would improve the entire game for the eyes which needs that strong scenic look. Quite a few trees have problems, Oaks and Chestnuts for example causing problems in the past do to their width, Other trees like maples have odd looking branches that look like the are arrows and other trees looking far better when compared to the rest of the tree rotation. Also a lot of the trees look flat as their leaves are on a flat plane, instead of curved. Especially a problem since a lot of the UE4/Frostbite/CryEngine games are starting to looking amazing with their trees and vegetation Quite a few 3D design tools for tree creation today including Arbaro and SpeedTree ------------------------------------------ PS loved the new items and their models lately
  3. I have, for the last few months now, been experiencing this graphic issue (see imgur link below). Textures (generally tiles like grass, farm, slabs etc.) seem to randomly change as I move around. This issue becomes particularily more noticeable when I attempt to login a second client like my priest. I have disabled GLSL Shader, FBO and VBO, I have tried combinations of all three, I have disabled and re-enabled tile transitions, I have uninstalled and freshly reinstalled wurm with all new settings. I am pulling my hair out here.. On top of that there is a second graphic issue, with objects/people where they seem to stretch infinitely (also posting picture). I have an AMD A10 processor, Radeon HD 7660 graphics card. I can run most games at medium to high settings (WoW I can push ultra with certain things lowered like shadows/lighting) Please help Tile graphic issue here. Object/Person graphic issue here. Edit: Adding other screenies with issues: Extra 1 Extra 2
  4. So i bought wurm on steam and have playing around ALOT with it for a week or so. Then i started playing around with the deed item to fund a settlement. after that my gameworld got destroyed and ocean titles was created in the middle of my village and destroyed the map. posting a screenie....what to do?
  5. This is only my second topic now, please forgive me If I put it in the wrong section. Has anyone else noticed the spiders underground? No, not in a cave... the spiders are walking around with just their abdomen sticking out. They look a bit like a rock, but they move around very quickly and attack you. This is on Chaos, near The Landing. It's rather annoying, since it's harder to see the spiders.... I guess I could post a screenshot if anyone feels it's necessary.
  6. Hi all. I know this has probably been brought up and a fix posted, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm playing on a 2011 Mac pro with Mountain Loin. The new patch works perfectly and finally allows me to enter the game with no crashes. However, I seem to be getting a strange issue when I move around. It's as though adjacent tiles are jumping into each other. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you can imagine two rows of tiles: one stone and the other grass. If I walk down the stone row, as I'm walking the grass tiles will start flashing between grass and stone and the stone tiles will start flashing in the same fashion. When I stop moving, everything "rights" itself. Is there a graphic option or something I can do to keep this from happening? Thanks in advance for any help. Here is a Youtube video of what I'm experiencing:
  7. I have noticed some graphic glitches that only appeared after 1.2 1. Looks like most people now have white hair. The beards and facial hair are still normal colour, but all hair on head is white. 2. All animals lost their colour overlay as to blue, green, red, yellow etc. 3. Wooden items decay and shows the decay. When you repair them, the decay goes to 0 damage but the item still displays the decayed graphic. 4. Smoke is teal blue. Spirit templars are blue too. 5. All fish seems to be white, no more purple/blue etc. fish 6. Horses are back to looking plastic and reflecting light in very strange ways. 7. Are oleanders supposed to look only slightly purple instead of nice bright pink? 8. It seems that piles of stuff in mines now break up into single items, you have to pick them up individually. So a heap of ores will just be a heap of single ores, not a pile you can pick up. 9. Dirt is acting strangely sometimes, when you put it in a cart it shows up on the ground in front of you, but you cannot pick it up from the ground as it is in the cart inventory. 10. Very strange shadows on faces of female players, it seems they make black edges and black cheeks, only the eyes nose and mouth sticks out as normal. There may be other glitches, these are not affecting game play so just for information to devs.