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Found 17 results

  1. ? Sovngarde is selling bulk-goods ? Hello fellow wurmians. I'd like to offer you some of my awesome bulk goods to buy. Currently producing carpentry and forestry bulk, will include blacksmithing soon. *Lemonade Days: get 1.000 lemons for just 2s* Stock & Prices: Carpentry Forestry Blacksmithing Misc Get it before the Trash Heap does Prices are pick-up prices Delivery will cost a fee of 50c Delivery of orders >=4s are free of delivery fees Will only deliver to non-PvP coasts Pickup @ Blossom, Pristine or Sovngarde, Pristine (whatever you prefer) If you 're low on cash, pm me to arrange trade-ins
  2. Seven lots of beverage related produce Lot A - Maple sap - 22 full small 45-litre barrels 63-64ql - start bid 5s Lot B - 300 blue grapes 50ql + 400 green grapes 60ql - start bid: 2s Lot C - 10,950+ Lingonberries 99ql + 6700+ Lingonberries 98ql - start bid 8s Lot D - 8,900+ Raspberries 99ql + 4300+ Raspberries 98ql - start bid 6s Lot E - 10,750+ Blueberries 99ql + 3100+ Blueberries 98ql - start bid: 6s Lot F - 7,600+ Strawberries 99ql + 1900+ Strawberries 98ql: start bid: 4s Lot G - 1,200+ Olives 53ql: start bid: 1s Set the juice loose! Please state which lots(s) you are bidding on when placing your bids. Winners agree to pickup from Southport U18 Deliverance, or that lot will be offered to the next bidder Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions!  Buyout: PM with offers. No Sniper Protection Start Bid: See Lots above. <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No reserve.
  3. Since the old personal goal system is closing to an end i'm selling my grapes reserve. I am asking 4s/1k but we can negotiate depending on amount I have to offer 7.5k green grapes 100ql sold 3.5k 1.6k green grapes 94ql 1.6k blue grapes 95ql Yo can message me here or ingame on same name for desired amount, delivery will be free for amounts over 1k (2k for coastal Xanadu and 3k for central Xanadu, sorry i really hate going there) or you can pick up at my deed Deliverance G8 Cheers
  4. Maple Syrup - total 723 kg - amphora included http:// Grapes - 2,800 grapes - FSB included - which should give around 750 kg grape juice http:// Starting bid: 5s Increments: 1s No Buyout - no private bids - all bids here please No reserve Sniper protection: 1 hour http:// Collection from NE Exodus, or delivery to coastal spot (not Chaos) for 1s. And if you want me to juice the grapes, we could come to some arrangement about that. Happy bidding!
  5. 2700 blue grapes, QL 64.90 comes in a food storage bin Starting bid : 1s Increments: 1s No reserve Buyout: 20s  Pickup from Xan S9 Free delivery on freedom coasts with buyout!
  6. WTS 3800 blue grapes qt 74.65 Price : 14s Pickup from Deliverance coastal T21 (Avalon) or Sharklake
  7. comes in a food storage bin Starting bid : 1s Increments: 1s No reserve Buyout: 40s Sniper protection : 2hours Pickup from Xan Q25 Free delivery on freedom coasts with buyout! Good luck! : )
  8. Buying grapes 20c per 100.
  9. Buying up to 1k of grapes. Will buy smaller batches of at least 100 units. Paying 20c / 100. Located on NE Indy.
  10. Note: This has nothing to do with sickles, or the issue with having to bind the "harvest" action I have noticed for a few grape seasons in a row a problem: a missing "second" season. To make it simple here is the difference: How grape season(s) used to be: -Season listed as 1-4 Raven -however it was effectively two seasons. Those being: 1-2 Raven, and 3-4 Raven What I've noticed is now different: - No "second season" harvest available weeks 3-4 Raven. (for a few seasons in a row now) Also please note well that this past season due to the server reset in week 3 Raven it was possible to get a second harvest. This second harvest was not the result of the "second" grape season. I purposely paid very close attention this season round because of the missing season in the past. There were no new grapes week 3 of Raven prior to the server reset. This was an issue before 1.1 was released. I am pretty sure it changed somewhere 1.0 to 1.1. (I wasn't really up on my grape collecting for awhile before 1.0 so I can't say for certain it couldn't have become a problem then.) Can we *please* get the "second" grape season fixed? I can't see how the old way of having two grape harvests could have been the glitch- given the long history of it's existence. Also, seasons for other harvests are 1-2 weeks long ( So it always made sense that grape season was actually two 2-week seasons one after another, even though it has always officially been listed "1-4 Raven" This likely also impacts apple season- as it is identical to grape season. I did not get the chance to check the apples though.
  11. Currently each apple tree gives one apple (using apples as my example here). Doesn't seem right considering that they're seasonal items. Then again we don't want to flood the world with them. So, without further ado : Fruit bearing trees/bushes now work differently. They have a fruit "pool" that fills when they ripen. This pool contains 5 fruit. The harvest of fruit gives EITHER gardening experience or forestry (random) If the pool number is 5 then anyone can pick a fruit. (so for people who do not invest in these skills things stay the same) If the pool number is 4 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 20 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 2 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 3 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 40 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 3 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 2 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 60 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 4 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 1 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 80 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take all 5 fruit) Thoughts?
  12. Lots of food for sale again! Prices are 1s/1k for all crops, and 3s/1k for grapes. 1000 green grapes 18000 corn 7000 potatoes 2000 pumpkins 2000 barley 4500 oats 2000 rye 3000 wheat 5000 strawberries 6000 onions 3500 garlic edit: bumped and updated stocks
  13. Hello! I'm selling about 500+ juicy green grapes ql ~ 17! Leave a message here or via PM for more informations! I live in Exodus, I can delivery if needed in all freedom isles
  14. WTS 4k grapes for 3s/k, free delivery to nothern Exo and southern Deli (delivery fees apply to deliveries to other regions depending on your location). PM me here on the forums or in-game on Deli to work out the details. Current stock: 2k grapes @ 1ql 2k grapes @ 27ql
  15. Setting up shop, beverages and Lamp oil by the barrel. Independence: Black Dog Isles, near the canal.
  16. Fruit Harvest.

    Im not sure if this is a game change that happened or a bug but I make wine, and have lots of grapes and maples. Every season when either maple is harvestable or my grapes, I pick em first thing when harvest starts and I always harvest them a minimum of 2 times and sometimes even 3. Now last maple season, and this grape season that just passed, I was only able to harvest once. Is this a new thing when we can only harvest once now? no grow back t'ill next season ? Im confused a bit over this if its bug or a change
  17. Hi! My first post about "suggestions & ideas" here I was just planting some grape in Wurm and I had a Idea: Why can't we plant grape bushes on tile border? Maybe planting 2 shaft and some strings of cloth we can create the "structure" then we can plant one sprout inside each structure then 1 or 2 weeks before the harvest we can "farm" those structure if the player will not farm those structure the grape can decay or give lesser kg.. The idea is to get something more cool when planting grapes, like: hope you like it!