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Found 6 results

  1. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  2. Buying bulk: Meat/Fish Any_QL and type 30c/1k Veggies: Corn/Onion/Potato/Garlic/Pumpkin/Carrot/Cabage/Tomato/Cucumber Any_QL 40c/1k
  3. Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Selfservice Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is at my dock so close to water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon, on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y Selfservice of bulksale: Updated contain of FSB/BSB And lowerd the price Buy key to the fsb/bsb you want from merchant Jane Doe then go to the fsb/bsb and load up your bought crops. (Since the fsb/bsb aint loadable for you, you need your own containers or something else to load it in) Sold out! Welcome by and shop Maiya
  4. Delivery is free for Release and Pristine (To nearest coast, not inland). Xanadu free delivery for +5k orders Price: 1s/k or 10i each Currently In Stock: Veggie: Pumpkin Ql 84,25 3,000Onion Ql 82,30 2,000Potato Ql 84,46 1,000 Garlic Ql 83,06 3,000 Grain:Oat Ql 80,08 1,000Wheat Ql 77,93 1,000Barley Ql 80,17 1,000Corn Ql 83,88 2,000Rye Ql 78,55 2,000Rice Ql Berry:Strawberry Ql Miscellaneous:Cotton Ql 83,95 2,000Wemp Ql 84,51 2,000Reed Ql If its not in stock please place an order For more information and questions please pm EnnoFiliusDiaboli Current Orders: 12,600 Garlic, 12,600 Onions 20,000 Garlic 20,000 Onions Completed orders: 1,000 Wemp - Delivered 1,000 Onions, 1,000 Pumpkins - Delivered 500 Corn - Delivered 500 Potatoes, 500 Cotton, 500 Wemp - Delivered 1,000 Pumpkins, 1,000 Onions, 1,000 Garlic, 1,000 Corn, 1,000 Wheat - Delivered 1,000 Wemp, 650 Pumpkins - Delivered 1,000 Onions, 1000 Cotton - Delivered 4,000 Corns, 1000 Potatoes - Delivered 3,000 Garlic - Delivered 1,000 Potatoes, 1,000 Onions - Delivered 1,000 Potatoes - Delivered 1,000 Potatoes, 1,000 Pumpkins - Delivered 1,000 Cotton - Delivered 300 Pumpkins, 700 Potatoes - Delivered 2,200 Onions, 2,200 Potatoes, 2,000 Garlic, 2,400 Rye, 1,300 Wheat, 1,800 Barley, 1,500 Corn - Delivered 1,000 Wemp - Delivered 1,000 Barley, 1,000 Garlic - Delivered 1,000 Cotton - Delivered 4,000 Pumpkin, 1,000 Onion, 1,000 Potato, 2,000 Corn, 1,000 Wemp, 900 Strawberry - Delivered 4,500 Pumpkin, 2,200 Corn, 2,000 Strawberrys, 1,000 Onions - Delivered 2,000 Wemp - Delivered 1,000 Potatoes, 500 Garlic, 1,000 Wemp, 500 Cotton - Delivered 1,000 Potatoes, 1,000 Garlic, 1,000 Onions - Delivered
  5. Selling the Items below! My times on will be beneath this and forum PM's are OK! Catch me Ingame around 4PM (PST) To 10PM PST, or the general 9PM to 3AM for those in the UK, Monday-friday. Or anytime during the weekend! If you don't catch me just send me a forum PM, it wont hurt you anymore than losing out on these sales will! Work in Progress: Floorboards and Beams are on hold till farther notice. VEGGIES & GRAIN 1s/1k Some veggies are less Qnty. working to restock for more also. (SOLD: Corn x1000, Garlic x700) TOOLS & WEAPONS (SOLD: Trowel) Bows: 50c/each Tools: 1.5s (-10c I pay shipping if shippable) MISC & OTHER (SOLD: Thorn x2, Grapes x71) 10c/25sprouts! Resurrection Stone 2.25s! SOLD RARES (SOLD: PLANK, LARGENAIL) Some items are unknown in price to the seller and may/will/can be subject to price questioning and advice seeking, if or when then happens do not feel judged or mistrusted it is only to make the sale easier and not to oversell the item(s) in question. Mey-mart is not responsible for any damages before or after purchases and/or from the cause of enchanting. Thanks, Meyfei CEO & Owner of Mey-martâ„¢.