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Found 14 results

  1. Allow a merchant to set a trade in value for an item(s) they will accept as part or full payment for something they have on sale. So for example a merchant in an inn could set a price of 1c on each piece of meat or herbs the owner uses in cooking. I had the idea as I'm building an inn where I want to allow new players to get cheap supplies, so the idea they could toss in some herbs or meat and get something in return might be nice. Added after comments in the thread: Maybe a configurable list on the merchant, a search like the crafting window has and then you add an item from the list with price and quantity you want. ------------------------------------- Feel free to shoot me down or like. Also, does anyone use wurm's uservoice now? I created the idea there, but it doesn't look to be used much, hence the post here.
  2. Hello. Everything on the screenshot is for sale. PM with your offer or ask me about price. I am taking ALL offers into consideration! Feel free to pm me, I don't bite!
  3. We are here for you! Localization:(T-18 Independence) Order Status: Open Contact (ingame): Kgorski ,Rafaello, Kijan Contact (forum): Kgorski (only Kgorski) Bulk Goods: Blacksmithing: Mining: Logs: Farming: Leather Works Carpentry & Fine Carpentry: IN STOCK MATERIALS/SPECIAL OFERTS: Dirt 60000+ (200+crate) Stone Brick (4k 27Ql) (4k 15QL)= 8K Mortar:1k For orders over 7s delivery is free to any server. (excluding Chaos) Payment: Silver coins. Sleep powder.1s/1sp
  4. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Based on distance, negotiable. General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* For 2014 references when I was on Release, see this archived link: Thanks, MrFusion [on Xanadu]
  5. PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED Hello all and welcome to the Deliverance server Market thread. The market is a free open market with no staff influence or party player influence. I would like to welcome you to the market and discuss it's functions. There are 60+ merchants on deed loaded with good items. The setting is great and the market well organised. Mail box and open public trader right at the center of the Plaza. The plaza has been running about 2 years now and will continue to server the community for years to come. Cord and map placement from Greendog starting area Deliverance server freedom islands. The market was founded By players of freedom and for Players of freedom. ANY ONE MAY PLACE A MERCHANT AT ANY OPEN STALL: Take a look, find a key, take a look into the labyrinth of eternity! The plaza is a full market and event deed. Upcoming changes and restoration coming soon. The full opening of puzzle plaza and all of it's features will be an on going project. Any questions about the Plaza: PM Foreverskyz, Zalifear. Nyteshade, Galilmar, Quasiwud, spyte. Thanks for tuning in and see you at the Plaza!
  6. I bought a deed on Independance at 30x 16y The Northern Outpost and it come with some things that has value i guess but i don't want them. The rafts are the best thing i guess there must be at least 50 there not real sure might be more. Has 90ql cotton and some bulk marble. Anyway i am offering all you want too come get and haul off for FREE ( i just ask you to leave the FSB alone so my alt can eat) but take the fish if you like.. The deed is open and pickup/load is ready to go. There are some carts/wagons but i don't own them and not sure if they work my alt is to low skill so bring your own to be safe. hurry before all the good stuff is gone..heh
  7. Serving Freedom Since 1034 Iron lantern,Awl,Dredge,File,Hammer,Hatchet,Large anvil,Leather knife,Metal brush,Needle,Rake,Pickaxe,Saw,Scissors,Shovel,Small anvil,Stone chisel,Trowel,Cauldron,Frying pan,Sauce pan and Horse shoe Bracelet,Candelabra,Chain,Necklace,Pendulum,Ring and Statuette I can deliver anywhere on deliverance for a 10c fee or just send it CoD if available. (Pickup is free off course) Location: deliverance, Nightmare Animal Retreat 30x 20y (only for smithing items) Referal - 7s Ash - 25i Mortar - 25i Bricks - 25i
  8. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Release - 10c Pristine - 50c General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* Thanks, MrFusion [on Release]
  9. Hello everyone, it's time to open the doors for business, as the title says the stock will contain enchanted goods. I'll try to update the list as often as possible and add stock at least once every other week, this as I try to aim for power of enchants at 50+ for me to add it here, with rare exceptions, (below 50 will often be on my merchant*). Items can either be picked up at Weeping Angels for free (coords 40x, 31y), or mailed through CoD. We have a new mailbox, mails will now take about 14 minutes to arrive even faster! Only 8 minutes mailing time now, almost a blink of an eye! During sales: All prices below are before discount calculated I respond a bit slow every now and then, as real life starts taking more time lately. Sorry in advance for any potential inconvenience. Price guideline is: 1-50 power (1c p.p.) - 5-10c 50-70 power (1c p.p.) +- 5c 70-80 power (1c p.p.) + 10c 80-90 power (1c p.p.) + 30c 90+ power custom price (Skiller tools generally have a custom price at 85+ power) Green = 70-80 power (and/or item QL) Orange = 80-90 power (and/or item QL) Red = 90+ power (and/or item QL) The following items are in stock: Name QL Enchant(s) Price Special Carpentry: Fine Fishing Rod 60QL 66CoC 71c [All (Fine) Fishing Rods are not made of willow, unless specified otherwise] Spindle 90QL 64CoC, 77WoA 3s Mallet 80QL 63CoC 65c Mallet 80QL 68CoC 70c Mallet 52QL 58CoC 50c Mallet 52QL 57CoC 50c Mallet 56QL 59CoC 55c Grooming Brush 18QL 73CoC 75c Rope Tool 10QL 58CoC 50c Rope Tool 24QL 75CoC 80c Press 50QL 66CoC 70c (Used for making papyrus sheets) Press 8QL 81CoC 1.10s (Used for making papyrus sheets) Leggat 21QL 71CoC 75c Leggat 18QL 72CoC 75c Cloth Tailoring: Meditation Rug 40QL 70CoC 80c Meditation Rug 41QL 70CoC 80c Meditation Rug 50QL 70CoC 85c Meditation Rug 46QL 78CoC 95c Meditation Rug 50QL 82CoC 1.20s Meditation Rug 40QL 84CoC 1.20s Fine Meditation Rug 41QL 69CoC 80c Exquisite Meditation Rug 14QL 74CoC 90c String of Cloth 57QL 52CoC 45c String of Cloth 57QL 52CoC 45c String of Cloth 57QL 63CoC 60c 2.61dmg String of Cloth 57QL 63CoC 60c Blacksmithing: Rake 15QL 68CoC 65c Rake 8QL 68CoC 65c Rake 15QL 69CoC 65c Rake 48QL 78CoC 85c Hatchet 4QL 76CoC 80c Pickaxe 4QL 71CoC 75c Pickaxe 3QL 72CoC 75c Hammer 60QL 65WoA 61CoC 1.40s Stone Chisel 70QL 81CoC 1.40s Needle 70QL 71CoC 1.05s File 70QL 66CoC 90c File 70QL 72CoC 1.05s File 70QL 74CoC 1.10s File 70QL 75CoC 1.15s Awl 70QL 64CoC, 86WoA 1.90s Awl 70QL 60CoC 85c Awl 71QL 66CoC 90c Awl 70QL 76CoC 1.15s Leather knife 71QL 63CoC 90c Leather knife 70QL 60CoC 85c Leather knife 70QL 79CoC 1.25s Small Anvil 51QL 73CoC 85c Small Anvil 70QL 76CoC 1.15s Small Anvil 61QL 76CoC 1s Small Anvil 60QL 86CoC 1.30s Weaponsmithing: Longsword 70QL AD, M70 , N91, CoC69, FB891, 2 5s Sickle 5QL 66CoC 65c Sickle 5QL 69CoC 70c Sickle 5QL 70CoC 70c Sickle 3QL 73CoC 75c Armour Smithing: Large Metal Shield 54QL 61CoC 80c Large Metal Shield 52QL 64CoC 85c Large Metal Shield 51QL 71CoC 95c Large Metal Shield 50QL 74CoC 1s Miscellaneous: Iron Lump 60QL 72CoC 75c Iron Lump 62QL 76CoC 80c (CoC = Circle of Cunning) (WoA = Wind of Ages) (N = Nimbleness, FB = Frostbrand, M = mindstealer, AD = Animal Demise) Prices are all without CoD costs. 1. Item made by Lancelot 2. Can't be mailed, requires pickup (I hold the right to change prices and service offered at any times; although checked carefully, typos are possible.) * Merchant has been called back, his next stop will be updated here when he's stationed again
  10. The deed of Ghosly Willow is selling tons of items to help pay for deed upkeep. ALL PRICES CAN BE NEGOTIATED! (not sure how much things are worth) More items will be added all the time. Animals: (you may come and check them out before buying) 3 Aged Horses (one black, one grey, one tan) - 20 Iron Each 3 Venerable Horses (one dark brown, two grey) - 30 Iron Each 1 Adolescent Horse (black) - 40 Iron Copper 2 Aged Bulls - 20 Iron 1 Adolescent Bull - 25i 1 Cow - 25i 1 Aged Female Dog - 1i Crops - None Yet Ores: Iron Ore (QL 14 - 30) (30) 10i (200) 2c Marble (QL ?) (20) 10 Iron (100) 2c Goods: (NOT MADE YET, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER! PLEASE WAIT A FEW DAYS TO A WEEK FOR COMPLETION DEPENDING ON SIZE OF ORDER) Planks (Pinewood or Maple) - (100) 30c (1k) 1s Planks (Willow or Oak) - (50) 30c (500) 1s Stone Bricks - (100) 30c (1k) 1s Mortar - (100) 30c (1k) 1s (CURRENTLY OUT OF CLAY AND SAND TO MAKE THESE SORRY, PLEASE WAIT) (you can order other things so tell me) (IF I DONT HAVE CHARACTERS WORKING YOU MAY ORDER WORK) SnowKinge: WORKING GhostlyKaylaMae: WORKING Misc: (items can be sold in bulk) (the items in bulk are only one item available and cannot be pre-made) Source Crystal (QL14.95) (3i) ( + Pottery Flask (QL 2.20) (4i) + Clay Shaper, Cherrywood (QL 14.82) (10i) -all for 10 Iron or seperate for their prices. Large Sheild - Iron (QL 30.73) - (3c) Small Chest - (40i), Small Anvil - (40i) - all for 3c or seperate for their prices. Raft (QL 12.64) - 1c GEMS: (once they are gone you have to wait until i find new ones) Ruby (QL 12.55) (x1) 6c
  11. [media] we are on Independence. Feel free to order and comment below! --Update-- Seems we may have to close down operations for a bit on stone things, our current stone coffers are dry!?!?! but other wise please feel free to place an order
  12. Welcome all! PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED: LOCATION: 25X 32Y DELIVERENCE SERVER Hello all and welcome to the Puzzle Plaza thread. The Plaza is up and running, The event section should be open in time for a Christmas event. After wroking long hours, Puzzle Plaza is now the main MarketPlace for the whole Deliverence server. I would like to Reach out to all the players that helped with DMP and watched as it fell. The DMP was a place built by many good players all with the right intentions. The reason it was built and the person who birth the idea may have been alittle less forth coming of why. So to all that helped I hope Puzzle Plaza will be in your travels for the future. Accomplishments: Since opening the Market has attracted over 50 mercahnt and has Hosted 2 major events: The server wide god spells were successfully casted on the 22nd of september 2012 and the Troll king was slain one week later on the 30th of september 2012. We are working toward a great place where the whole community can meet up and have fun, make friends, and celebrate this wonderful game we all love to play. Something new: Webbler, Monctonclown, Tep and Snoo have been working on a desert and when complete will be 16,500 tiles in total, making it the biggest desert on Deliverence server. It is located Just west of the main entrence of the Plaza. For all new hunters and all old, it should prove a nice hunting ground and centeral locations for all. The Truth behind the events. After hearing of a place called Puzzles labyrinth, I quickly contacted these Players. Griphyth (also see blog) Faeran (Maze Designer) Nicilie (Building Champion) We Lassoed the Idea together in Fusion of a game/event deed, Comperhensive Market area and a Well designed Puzzle/Labyrinth, in a compact area. The Puzzle: Monthly events ( 1 week on 5-6 weeks off). Games, Mini quests designed by us for the players, Team events with preists needed to complete tasks inside the Labyrinth (challenges for older players) and a 4 day event timer, for starting events at maximum players online ( Sermons between thurs-sat) While players gather for a Sunday event time. The Market: Mini map, Colored sections, Player name and description, trader, mailbox and altars. The Grounds: 8 Bed Inn (perplexed Pillow), Working church with water (Priested pietism), Stable and parking area (Puzzle Parking). Puzzles crew and design team: Faeran, Nicilie, Griphyth, Lizabeth, Snoo, Wulfgar. Mapping and screen shots by Foreverskyz Special Thanks to: kaih, Snoo, Lizabeth, zuperman, Sandyar, Wulfgar, Gumbo, Zivrit ,Raycg, Despise, Clifford, Fig, Bonehunter, Jamesp, Metaldragon, Drago,Willow, Order of Black Rose and all others from Christmas event 2011. ZA|!F3A® Clear, Build and Own the Land!
  13. 2s for pickup, 3s if you deliver Delivery will be to southern Oliphant Peninsula on the Exodus server
  14. As stated Post your dispute here. Deliverence only please. New thread about Puzzle Plaza Market is here: [/size]