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Found 4 results

  1. If you have any questions or special requests leave a message or PM Dondersteen or Radulfus ingame 21-09-2021 Donderseen: You have just received the title 'Curator'! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Shafts ~ ~ Pegs ~ ~ Tenons ~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shafts price per item: 40c Tenon price per item 5c Peg price per item 5c Oleander wood amount: 5 Oleander wood amount: 1 Oleander wood amount: 7 Grape wood amount: 0 Grape wood amount: 2 Grape wood amount: 4 Lavender wood amount: 0 Lavender wood amount: 2 Lavender wood amount: 3 Camellia wood amount: 3 Camellia wood amount: 2 Camellia wood amount: 9 Shafts price per item: 80c Tenon price per item 10c Peg price per item 10c hazelnut amount: 0 hazelnut amount: 2 hazelnut amount: 3 raspberry amount: 0 raspberry amount: 3 raspberry amount: 3 Thorn amount: 0 Thorn amount: 6 Thorn amount: 1 Rosewood amount: 2 Rosewood amount: 4 Rosewood amount: 1 Blueberry amount: 1 Blueberry amount: 2 Blueberry amount: 1 lingonberry amount: 2 lingonberry amount: 0 lingonberry amount: 0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Statues fragments ~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price per fragment: 20c Statue of Goblin - 27 Statue of Kyklops - 15 Statue of Rift Beast - 23 Statue of Mountain Lion - 22 Statue of Worg - 23 Statue of Eagle - 13 Statue of Lava Fiend Alloy - 1 Statue of Lava Fiend - 23 Statue of Unicorn - 0 Statue of Hell Horse - 0 Price per fragment: 25c Statue of Vynora - 3 Statue of Libila Slate - 7 Statue of Fo Marble - 2 Statue Of Magranon - 0 Statue of Drake metal - 0 Statue of Drake alloy - 0 Price per fragment: 10c Statue of Tich metal - 24 Price per fragment: 5c Statue of Tich marble - 4 Price per fragment: 10c Statuette of Digger - 22 Statuette of Miner - 15 Statuette of Swordsman - 16 Statuette of Axemen - 10 combined / 17 lose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Masks Fragments & Masks ~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price per fragment: 30c Pale Mask - 1 Mask of the enlightened - 0 Mask of the Ravager - 7 Mask of the Isles - 0 Price per fragment: 1s Mask of the shadows - -0 Finished masks: Mask of the shadows - 0 (10s) Pale Mask - 0 (3s) Mask of the enlightened - 0 (3s) Mask of the Ravager - 0 (3s) Mask of the Isles - 1 (3s) Need any ware? Check out itsyaboy wares! Need any tools or weapons? Check out Achillis! Looking for a Huge beautifull decorated market with tons of merchants Check out South Harmony Market! Best Budget Tools In town? Visit Baeowufs!
  2. I was gifted or should i say prized this lovely 70ish ql cedar cog at a impalong, i would really like if a newish player who needs a boat would take it off my hands for free.. i don't expect many takers but if there is one that would be nice.. it is filled with lots of cotton for wounds etc, and some other stuff including tools few enchanted.. please just reply here and i will drop it off anywhere for my last voyage.. hopefully will see some people at the steam event..if you know somebody in game please have them contact me somehow.. same in game name.. some of you may remember me as the original Psalamon.. thanks in kind.. Keep on Wurm'in...good-bye
  3. located at x30 y 27 on celebraton map blackflame market its now mostly finished,and it includes a mailbox next to the token,a public tar pit and an inn with beds for 10iron(they would be free if that was posible) wurmplanner map of the market for easy navigation. Shop List: 1-1 Willow Landing Merchant1-2 Prosperous Carpentry : carpentry and fine carpentry items and tools. 1-3 CtC Sales : 70ql enchanted tools,weapons and armor 1-4 Komunalac´s Tools (60-90ql blacksmith tools and enchants) 1-5 Aarbi's Shop:tools and 5speeds horses. 1-6 Gj´s Bulk Goods: bulk goods and Mounts 1-7 Northern Light Supplies store (lockpicks,sails,ropes,bulk goods) 2-1 Sands of time goods 2-2 Blacktower goods: tools,anchors,pendulums. 2-3 tools,cotton,healing covers. 2-4 Empty 2-7 Gypsy's Box of Delights: leather tools and armor. if u are interested on one of the empty plots or have any suggestions,contact Tpikol. feel free to drop a merchant on the stall section.
  4. #1 69ql rare small mapplewood shield starting bid: 3s buyout: 8s #2 70ql rare saddle starting bid: 3s buyout: 10s Min increase:50c No reserve for both. i will mail it from celebration and u pay mailing fees. it will last 3 days