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Found 55 results

  1. As title says; trade via paypal verified account. My apologies but I wish to do this trade with established /known-by-myself forum and/or ingame accounts only as a result of the former scandals. If you are interested, please send a PM here or ingame to Jaz/Zaj.
  2. sold

    I'm selling 100s ingame currency for 100€ via paypal, verified only. Send me forum pm if you are interested
  3. Time to clean out the coffers- I have gold coins for sale, at the old exchange rate of 1s=1euro I'm a long time PayPal user and verified, so shop without worry! If you are interested please send me a message. Happy Wurming!
  4. 1 gold coin = $100 US dollars (paypal verified, buyer pays any fees) Edit: I will also sell smaller amounts at same rate but 20s minimum and buyer pays any fees SOLD
  5. WTS up to 6 gold coins 1s:1$ Verified paypal only. Please send a PM.
  6. As the title states, I wish to buy your virtual coin's, 1.6AUD per silver coin (as of this post google says 1EUR = 1.6Australian Dollars) For quantities lower than 25s you will need to pay the Paypal fee AND the CoD fee For quantities between 25s and 1g I will pay the Paypal fee, you the CoD fee For quantities over 1g I will pay all fee's 240s/300s Purchased
  7. Close

    WTB 100s happy to buy in lower amounts (lowest amount 10s) at a ratio of 1s : 1.6 AUS (1.06 EUR at time of post) I will pay paypal fees, you wear CoD fees ... for every silver I get, you get 1.6AUD Please feel free to reply to this post or inbox me
  8. I wtb gold coin. I need 2 and 1/2 gold. willing to pay standard rate 1 e for 1 s im paypal verified. Need it ASAP ready to make transaction at 10 pacific standard time. If you have the coin want to sell it PM me on Angar. Thank you.
  9. wtb gold coin 100 E for 1 G write back to make arrangements, pay pal verified only.
  10. Selling 100 Silver = 100 €. Can sell in fractions of 50s. PM Reaverkane ingame, or KanePT here. Paypal Verified please.
  11. Today im selling 110s for 110 euro , if you're interested pm me or leave a reply in the thread. Notice : Paypal verified only.
  12. PM me ingame on Tango/Huskyjnr. Looking to sell it as a whole
  13. -SOLD- 100eu 95eu Verified Paypal account only please. (spawn@Release) note: I agreed on cleaning the thread. Thanks for the feedback but please take it to the right sub-forums.
  14. I have for sale one gold coin. Price is 100 eu Verified Paypal Leave message here or pm on forums if interested.
  15. Gold coin for sale 100 euro, paypal verified only. Independence linked servers only. Please contact me here on the forum if you are interested.
  16. 105 euros or 146 usd paypal must be verified. only 1 gold left
  17. PM me with price thanks
  18. selling gold coin 100 euro via paypal verified only please first in first serve so get in quick
  19. Let me know your price.
  20. WTB silver coin or a gold coin. PM with ur price. You must have a Pay Pal account.
  21. As stated in title I am buying in-game currency at the rate of 125AUD per 100s with minimum increments of 10s (12.50AUD) Remaining coin needed - 200s
  22. Hi ! I'm willing to buy Gold coin. I prefer trusted sellers. I have a valid paypal account. please pm me with offers