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Found 10 results

  1. Currently when a Valrei mission expires or is completed, any Valrei creatures that spawned due to the mission are left behind roaming the server. This leads to large amounts of drake spirits, eagle spirits and even the dreaded "avenger of the light" wandering around the server, often clumping up near server borders. This server border hugging is especially bad when combined with the instability issues people often experience when interacting with the border themselves; with people crashing, dropping out of boats and just generally getting stuck. This is annoying enough without being hounded by 20+ eagle spirits whilst it's happening. The biggest issue however, is it makes for a very poor experience for new players. It's one thing avoiding bears and wolves in the forest as a newer player, but it is a game breaking experience running into a near unkillable, faster than a horse, kill you in 2 hits, Avenger. This sort of creature would be fine if it was a rarity, as with uniques, but they are in fact extremely common. Upon the mission ending, I would suggest: Making all Valrei spawned creatures automatically despawn or Increasing their aging by a large multiple. https://gyazo.com/6be7137e1bcb61b9689d466b7bcb5c3c
  2. Please can we make it so that priests of different gods can link to cast spells that both can do?
  3. Mmm been a while since an Epic player in Wurm has Ascended. Then again players been complaining about how dead things are, so go figure. Anyways, a while back I suggested cheese as being Nahjo's favored sacrifice item for favor (which its still not, Booo!). In that same spirit I recommend live alligators as Smeagain's. Maybe just alligator meat and other butchered parts, if leading alligators to the altar (copy-ing valrei mission completion code) is too troublesome. Stockpiling crops by comparison is far, far easier. Granted that's more of a personal joke as when the name Sme, and variations thereof, initially appeared... almost every time I saw the name, this scene kept replaying in my head: Still the character tended to be on Epic, so very limited interactions with personally afaik overall. Something else may be far more appropriate. -.-
  4. Hello, it seems the wiki doesn't have plenty of informations about Tosiek? ALL other gods have informations about bonus and passives, but not Tosiek. In case if someone knows and doesn't want to keep it a secret, could you share it? I would like to perhaps make my Tosiek follower-char a Tosiek priest, but i don't know about the passives for priest, nor follower bonus. Afaik spell list on wiki is complete. thanksalot for shared info!
  5. I am looking for help choosing a god for my priest. My current village has other priests, so none are particularly necessary, but I'd like to be a little less dependent upon their schedules. From my research, I've come up with the following. Fo has good heals, I'm not into pvp, and don't do that much fighting so not my style. Magranon seems to be eclipsed by Nahjo. Nahjo has strongwall and WoA and courier. Can both cut wood and mine. Vynora has WoA and CoC. Can cut wood and farm. I have another character to make/imp stuff, so sacrificing isn't really a big deal. I will do my best to prepare him so not lacking any skills. What I'm wondering is if I'm missing some benefits I'm not seeing. Nahjo seems far more useful than the 3 original white gods, maybe a little too much so. I made this spreadsheet to help me decide, but I don't really know most of the other spells.
  6. Now we have 3 new gods, it would be handy to see what passives we have active and at what favor/faith etc, in the effects tab. So have vyn passive show a little icon with +skillgain whatever % it is. Mag +25% dmg at 40 favor. Fo no aggro at whatever favor. Tosiek??? Nathan mag bonus Nacho??? Would be good to find out what is what, and yes Wurm Offline will shortly be able to show these sorts of things, but it should be a feature in Wurm Online.
  7. It seems as though Magranon priests are becoming vastly unpopular with the addition of Nahjo. So, to keep Magranon from becoming obsolete, I suggest the following new spell be introduced: Sands of Time: increases action timer Stackable with CoC Not stackable with WoA. Basically a spell that is opposite to WoA. So, you would have high ql coc/woa tools and low ql coc/sot tools 😉 What do you guys think?
  8. Assuming the number of player gods ever does become an issue... personally its not there yet, if it ever will be. I'm sure gamers will leave some gods pretty much forgotten, depending on the benefits. Anyways... there could be a hard-coded mechanic for this with soft dynamic limits. If a god's follower/priest collective faith count drops below a certain limit (with a grace period after godhood), then that god no longer can manifest themselves on Valrei and/or have an impact on the player world. Perhaps even varying levels of the god being energetic and able to manifest. Players may need to perform certain rituals to re-awaken them: orgies and certain sacrifices included. Yup, stealing liberally from ye 'old fantasy literature. EDIT: Might even forget the grace period, and require followers to let the new god get up and mobile.
  9. Should be cheese... and tortilla chips if we ever get flatbreads added. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcSBO8YAnTQ
  10. Demigod/god

    is it really possible to Become a demigod/God. if so how would that work? i saw it on the Wiki and was wondering.