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Found 14 results

  1. End of Year Rares Auction in 2 lots: Lot 1: Rare Soft Cap Lot 2: Rare Yule Goat Ideal for showing off at parties, for decorating and/or as fancy dress/gifts at the coming Impalong! Cap glows when wearing it too! Cute little goat glows too! Must go to good homes! Can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Please state which lot(s) you are bidding on, when you place your bids! Have fun! Buyout: 25s each No Sniper Protection Low Start Bids: 5s each <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
  2. Hi, i need a pricecheck on (selling) spyglass, brass (QL70, 2kg) personal merchant contract yule goat, straw (QL99, 0,5kg) yellow potion (QL32, QL32, QL16, QL16) compass, brass (QL64,56, 0,6kg, settles in less than 1s) (buying) cog, would prefer oakenwood, med QL thx
  3. Want to Auction some hard-to-get christmas gifts Start Price 6s Bid Increments 50c sniper protection 1h Happy Bidding
  4. After this mornings attempt by Gene to start the Great Gnome Riot of 1053, I have decided it is time for Gene and his gang of miscreants to find new homes. Luckily his attempts were quickly quashed by the grandest GM, Forsete, but to prevent further issue arising from these naughty gnomes, the must be split up, far and wide across the servers! I greatly caution against getting all these gnomes into one home again in fear of what grave mischief they may get up to. Please indicate which Gnome you wish to give a new home. Starting Bid: 3s per Gnome 1s per Goat Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Winner pays CoD, or can be picked up on Deliverance at Funndy Docks.
  5. Ships QL 60+ Come with lock and anchor *pick up only* Caravel - 14s Rare Stone Chisel, Iron 27.39QL 6.5s Rare Rake, Iron 22.96QL 6.5s Buy pays cod from xanadu
  6. 7x Yule Goats - 2s each (cod from pristine at buyers expense) Note: Make sure to leave the number you would like and the name to cod them too..thanks
  7. 1 rare shovel 82ql 77woa - 5s 2 rare saw 82ql iron - 3s 3 rare horse shoe 74ql - 2.5s 4 rare chain jacket 80ql - 2.5s 5 rare chain gaunlet 75ql - 2.5s 6 rare chain boot 71ql - 2.5s 7 yule goat - 1s 8 snow lantern - 50c 9 fireworks 80ql - 50c 10 fireworks 80ql - 50c
  8. Santa this year has given us a new toy. I am looking to sell my yule Goats for 4s each I pay COD and dont wanna keep them for 4 months and sell for 10s PM me offers and how many you need.
  9. I put this in Town Square, but probably should be here?
  10. I was surprised to log in and see a message that Christmas was over. Sadly, I had not put up my tree yet and checked for gifts. I had just assumed it would run through the end of December, or we would at least get a warning message somewhere, like the "server is shutting down" or maybe email? Anyway, I vote for an extension to the end of December
  11. For Sale Yule Goats... pm me, here or ingame , thanks kindly they are 2s each plus cod , i have 4 for sale
  12. Selling: Clay Garden Gnome, (the gnome with shovel) and Yule Goat 8 silver wins both. Buyer pays C.O.D.
  13. Closed

    like the title says i am buying the christmas yule goats for 5s each looking for 3 of them 2-3 bought looking for one more. Closed
  14. Buying yule goat, 1 silver plus cod , mail to tikki , thanks bunchs