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Found 29 results

  1. I'm currently trying to build my own world at the moment and I'm having some difficulties with terraforming and creating a dock and starting town. I have my character set up with max GM permissions and such and have been using the wand to dig, flatten, and level. I need to lower the seabed outside of the dock so I can sail ships around and such, and I'm having troubles leveling out the dock now because it's either saying I can't hold any dirt or I need dirt. So, is there an easier way to terraform and is it possible to perform a mass terraform on an area as a GM rather than trying to go about it one at a time?
  2. Ok, I'll spare everyone the details of server drama. But I, as the owner of a hosted server, asked two (probably now former) married friends to run a server for me. I could pay for it, but they had the mad skillz to run and mod it. So we teamed up with the explicit golden rule ("he who has the gold makes the rules"). Despite that, I was pretty much hands off for the first six months... Only, you guessed it, one of them abused the heck of her powers, to other players' annoyance and detriment. To the point that it was necessary for me to "fire" them. Only I can't figure out how to do that within the game. All three of us are GMs. I removed their server access and had the host change the db password. But they still have GM characters. I can find no information on how to remove GM status from another player, especially while they're offline. Best I have been able to find is how to ban them, but I don't know if that works for GM characters. If they're online, it becomes "who's quickest on the draw" and I don't type well enough to risk that! Am I going to have to learn some SQL and go into the database to fix this before I bring the server back up?
  3. Hello i have question for GM, one year ago I sold account for awhile becourse I had finance problem but now A year time ago I wanted to buy it out from that guy that helped me he is alright with it but rules changed and can we make this trade or now it will be rule violence ? We done it A year ago, he help me and now I wanted to get it back when I have money now, what to do ?
  4. Hello fellow wurmians! New Admin here. I want to setup a HOTA zone which i already did with the wand, and it seems to work. I also want to set the same area as a no build and a bigger area as a pvp zone. so the idea is: 160x160 HOTA - 180x180 No Build 200x200 PVP zone. If i just create the zones will they overlap properly? so generally asked, can a tile have more than one zone designated to it?
  5. I had a question directed toward the Wurm Online Staff. I know you guys allow for players to make custom banners and stuff to upload to PMKs on Epic/Chaos, Well my question is, Is it possible for you guys to take requests for Wurm Unlimited as well. By default, the Wurm Unlimited Graphics.jar file reflects that of Wurm Online, so being able to get custom banners submitted through Wurm Online officially so they can be used on Wurm Unlimited will help the community make their servers more customize able. This will help with the players not needing to figure out how to force custom content packs on a server to people with client mods. Also players wont have to each manually edit their files for the server. If someone however, does know how to force a Texture Pack for PMKs or How to force a Server Pack that will allow you to "overwrite" default content/new content please let me know. Id like to change how the freedom Design looks, as well as making the other players able to see it without them editing their files.
  6. Any way to put a unique creature in to a closed instance and that it does not break the walls? Managing walls permission with GM and make them indestructibles does not work. thank you
  7. Having seen a few questions on the use of the #changemodel command, used by GM's to change their own, or player models Here is a short list of many of the creatures you can change your model to. model.creature.gmdark model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg model.creature.humanoid.gorilla.mountain model.creature.spawn.uttacha model.blob model.creature.drake.spirit model.creature.eagle.spirit model.creature.humanoid.giant.juggernaut model.creature.humanoid.giant.manifestation model.creature.humanoid.giant.epiphany model.creature.humanoid.kyklops model.creature.humanoid.nogump.son model.creature.humanoid.avenger.light model.creature.humanoid.demon.sol model.creature.quadraped.hyena.rabid model.creature.humanoid.human.skeleton model.creature.humanoid.hen model.creature.humanoid.rooster model.creature.humanoid.chicken model.creature.humanoid.human.spirit.wraith model.creature.humanoid.giant.incarnation model.creature.snake.serpent.sea model.creature.quadraped.tortoise model.creature.quadraped.crab model.creature.quadraped.sheep model.creature.quadraped.sheep.male model.creature.quadraped.rat model.creature.multiped.scorpion.hell model.creature.humanoid.lavacreature model.creature.humanoid.giant.forest model.creature.humanoid.troll.standard model.creature.humanoid.troll.king model.creature.humanoid.goblin model.creature.humanoid.goblin.leader model.creature.multiped.spider.huge model.creature.multiped.spider.lava model.creature.dragon.white model.creature.drake.white To use the models you must use the correct name found in mappings.txt, not the actual model name (.dae). Example: #changemodel model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg Which will apply the model to your GM character, (also makes you visible and vulnerable). To change another player the format is slightly different Example: #changemodel Playername model.creature.quadraped.wolf.worg 3600 Note that changing non-GM player models does not work on PvP servers, the number after the command is in seconds, and I believe 1 hour is the maximum time possible (3600 seconds). These are not the only models possible of course, the file Mappings.txt which can be found inside the Graphics.jar in the client folder has a complete list, some of which may not work as intended. To see these it's probably best to open Graphics.jar in something like 7-Zip, and extract the mappings.txt file to view in a simple text editor Also contained within the Mappings.txt file are a couple of commented out lines for alternative models for some creatures, such as mappings for the halloween creatures, to use the halloween models you would have to edit the mappings.txt file and replace the one in the graphics.jar file, use this information at your own risk, I am not responsible for death by scary tree.....
  8. Why every time when i have problem with this GM ( enki ) i waiting 3+ days for answer ?? everytime easy conversation take weeks :/ . He total ignore players and dont take responsybility for this . Someone have same problem with this ? I spend money for this game and pay for customer services . in WURM this is no exist :/
  9. Can someone please make a mod to increase the max size you can make buildings or make your skills 999 so you can build bigger... You would be a legend if you can make this happen! thanks
  10. As a GM, you can create a focus zone, but how do you remove them? --Llurendt
  11. I recently created a really nice map I want to use for a PvP server. I have it running fine, but now that I am trying to setup the initial towns for each kingdom I'm having issues. What is the recommended way of setting a settlement token as a "permanent town" for each kingdom? I have tried using deed stake, clicking make permanent, and finishing, but I get an error saying I do not have the silver required. I have spawned a settlement form and created a town, but it does not work correctly and I cannot set kingdom. The server is setup as a creative server with PvP enabled, but not Epic server settings. What is the recommended way to setup starter towns for each kingdom, as I cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance!
  12. Nobody is responding to my posts and I need help badly! Please look at this post.
  13. Can anyone confirm that affinities applied to Characteristics (Body Strength, Body Control etc.) do not have any affect? I'm looking to enhance specialists on my world but it seems like even with "Body Strength *****" it doesn't go up any faster than "Body Stamina". Also curious: is there somewhere for GM specific chat, like an IRQ or something?
  14. I destroyed the token to my village and I would like to disband my settlement. Is there any way to either get the token back, or to disband it? (This is my server).
  15. Hi all, I am trying to change the affinity of a character on my private server but I can't get the changes to stick. I have tested this with my GM alt and main character. I use the wand to do the Learn command on the player, select the skill and change the affinity and it all seems to work. It shows up as changed in my event log and even in the skills window of my main but as soon as I log my main out and back in the affinity reverts. I can change the skill value and that saves, but not the affinity. I eve tried using the wand on itself and doing the Learn under Servers, but that didn't help. I am assuming that's just another way to open the window? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a commit command or something? Or is the command broken? Thanks
  16. So the Ebony Wand allows us to modify the world with ease. The Mission Ruler allows us to add a feel to the world, making missions and rewards. I can't figure out/ find the final item that allows you to modify NPC's and scripting. There's starter NPC's that just stand there and chat with you, I tried making a mission using a statue to emulate what they are doing but I can't replicate them. They have an added NPC option to learn and invite to join. All while you can have your pets attack and follow you quite well. There's got to be a final tool, is it locked away? How can we access it to script NPC's?
  17. How do you enable flight as a GM in WU?
  18. Never played WO, kind of hung up my MMO hat for the most part. I've got about 45hrs into WU and like it a lot so far. Was playing Rising World, but that needs to progress further to become a full fledged survival/adventure game. I enjoyed the building aspect for the most part though. I have spent a little time looking and haven't been able to find a guide of any kind for enchanting GM spawned items with the GM tool (ebony wand). It might be eluding me because I haven't played any priestly type characters in WU and just don't get how it works. I'd like to be able to gift my friends playing on our private server with the occasional pick/sword/armor with a useful enchant on it. What am I missing?
  19. Hi Rolf, On behalf of Serenity, I would like to ask if we could make some improvements to the Strongbox area. Our main goal is to improve the the quality of life and transportation in the region. Currently Strongbox is on a slope, and our goal is the flatten the area just above water level. We have a crew who is willing to do the work, but we are not allow to make changes due to restrictions. Thank you for considering our request. v/r, Happychappie
  20. Would love to see more GM Zone's.. Like, a no-decay zone. (not having to use a deed) A decay everything to 80 or 90 % dmg zone. More buildings (Timber framed) as options. Fixes for the GM-spawned walls, so they can be improved. Ability to spawn creatures with variable skills (in bulk, not 1 by 1 and hand touch each one) A way to disable PMK's from being automatic options to new characters. I understand that Wurm Online isn't designed to have GM's add scene to the world, but some tools for Creative servers would be awesome.
  21. gm mode question

    in gm mode is there a way to turn of foliage and trees to work development mode to work on terrain
  22. Hello fellow wurmians! Wurm unlimited just came out one day ago and as a total programming noob I already have some trouble regarding being a GM and altering the server so it suits me better. As an example: - I made a map, using Budda's WGenerator. However I have absolutely no clue on how to use the map. That means: making it so that I can use the map in my server and play on it. I looked for a maps folder in the wurm folder located in steamapps > common > wurm unlimited dedicated server, but it wasn't there. Only the creative map and the adventure map. I put the map I made inside the dedicated server folder just to check and see if I could choose that map on the dedicated server tool but (like I actually expected) it didn't work. Also I could not find a tutorial on how to use maps and if I did I didn't understand a single ###### from it because I suck at programming. So to make having and altering a server easier for everyone (mostly the noobs out there): The basic server GM package This includes: - A text file with recommended tools that you can download that already exist. So like Budda's WGenerator and WesncIsme's Character Importer. - A text file with basic info on running a server and info on the dedicated server tool that you got when you got wurm unlimited. - A map importer: For putting your custom maps into the server and managing your maps. - A GM tool for spawning items and using commands: (anyone who remembers invedit from minecraft? Sort of like that) With this you can: spawn in items, change the weather, spawn creatures, set your skills, remove follower or priest restrictions etc. If anyone knows anything else, please tell me. For everyone who says: Just learn how to use the computer! I get that but not everyone has time to learn how to code and some people read instructions (that include coding and not: put it in this folder located here and run it - instructions) as if it were chinese (when they are not chinese). This is for noobs and the most nooby noobs of all, like me d: Thanks for reading, if something already exists, like the map importer, comment it.
  23. Looking for a Summer Hat. 95+ QL Message or comment I have = Trades.
  24. Up for auction today is this very special butchering knife: that I got from the latest treasure hunt. I am assuming that there are under 5 existing in the whole of Wurm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What makes it so special? Cannot be crafted (as it is made of brass) It is made by a GM It is 90 ql It weighs 25% less than a regular butchering knife and it's RARE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auction details Stating price: 15s Reserve: none Increments: 1s Buyout: make me an offer Sniper protection: 1 hour Private budding is not allowed. Private buyout offers are allowed. Good luck and have fun! Item will be COD'ed to the winner from Xanadu
  25. Glad to see these troublemakers were caught and dealt with. May they be subjugated to long hours of ship collision calls and paperwork.