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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, A bit of a sad week with the news of one of our GM team passing. We're reminded of the friendships and bonds we make in this game, and the memories we share. This week has also seen several new YouTube videos too! Factional Fight looked at their underground setup, Emoo founded Fosters brewery and Shady Vale continues development, I'm keen to see how it goes! But now, the news! Passing of Duce This week we received the news that a long time player, and member of the team, Duce (GM Baphomet) had passed away mid July. Many of you have already learned this and shared your thoughts and feelings, and there’s little we can say to add to the already amazing heartfelt memories and sentiments. We’d like to honour Duces’ memory within the game, and I will be in discussion with the team in regards to how we can achieve this (I already asked, a giant lobster model is probably out of the question). To those who haven’t already, feel free to read through the thread below and share any memories you have of him if you wish. Cooking up a storm As hinted at last week, we have some tidbits and teasers for the new cooking update in the works! The Factional Fight guys did theorise about some things, but are they correct? I managed to drag Tich from the kitchen for a few minutes to ask a few questions: After that she threatened me with a rolling pin, so I had to wrap the questioning up. Needless to say this is the tip of the iceberg of these changes. While we currently have no ETA on this update, I’ll be sure to delve into just what can be done as time goes on. PvP Changes We’ve continued to adjust, tweak and add to the PvP changes on the test server, with continued discussion with you all on what we want these changes to bring, as well as alternative ways of reaching those goals. QoL Changes We’ve plucked a few QoL suggestions from the suggestions board for the next update, mostly focusing around planting several different lighting sources, these include: Small copper braziers can be planted and turned now. Candelabras can be planted. Marble planters can be planted. Halter rope can be used to haul stuff up/down instead of rope. Hauling stuff up/down is now affected by deed speed bonus for item movement actions. Added Rift spawning message to Area History. The next update is currently scheduled for Tuesday 16th August, pending testing goes well. Community Content Those of you who have been around for a while might remember just how fun it was to sail. Larger ships often felt like part mountain goat when hitting land, and I’m sure each of us has had a GM come out to pluck us off the side of a mountain once or twice. This weeks’ screenshot is a throwback to that, with Ostentatio managing to beach a knarr and create an odd looking bridge to the house, so much nostalgia. That’s it for this week, I’m sure that cooking info will have you all curious and wanting to know more, we'll continue to work hard on it! Until next time, carry on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.