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Found 1 result

  1. Napland Starter Village (located on the island of Exodus) Features: 8 Farming plots - 4 x 4 tiles, 15 farmable tiles, fully enclosed - 1 x 1 shack, bed for sleep bonous, large chest for storage, writ held by mayor, access limited to plot user only Bunkhouse & Blacksmith work area - Two forges - Food barrel containing nutritious meals when available - 10 Bunkhouse beds for characters not interested in farming or who are waiting until farming plot becomes available Village services - Village market with access limited to village citizens, contains items that are enchanted and better ql then starter tools at a low price. Even better tools are available at nearby markets - Mailbox available - Settlement token for banking services - Village contains altars for all three white light religions (Mag, Vyn and Fo) - Priests are available to convert you to follower or priest for all white light religions - Meditation trail with appropriate rugs to begin your meditation skill gain. Nearby path of love, knowledge, insanity and power tiles available for when you choose a path Security & protection - Village is fully enclosed by a stone wall with locked gates to protect you from unwanted visits from unfriendly creatures - Observation tower to allow you to survey the area outside the village before you venture outside - Three nearby guard towers so you can call for help as required - Well lit village, darkness should not be something you experience here Village livestock and vehicles - Large cart(s) available for premium players to use while part of the village (skill limiters prevent use by free to play players) - Lots of horses, cows and bulls available for animal husbandry and/or use once your skills develop enough to utilize them Mining - Village mine contains 3 iron ore veins of varying quality - Forge for easy smelting of ore into lumps - Lower level contains plenty of opportunities for rock shard mining Forestry - Pine forest located in and around village - Nearby plantation containing camelia, lavender, lemon, cherry, pine, maple, olive and pine for sprouts Fighting skill training - Archery target in place with tiles marked for starting placement when using either short or medium bows - Practice doll placed and ready for use. Use wooden shafts only when practicing Group activities - Group hunting sessions to allow you to enjoy raising hunting skills while being escorted/protected by highly skilled fighters - Village assistance when village members move out to create their own deed. This may include helping terraform, cut down trees, build your first building, opening a mine etc Other - Village is part of a nearby alliance so you can join in alliance chats - Rowboat is available at the nearby lake for rowing and fishing excursions - When you reach the point where you would like your own deed then escorted tours of the nearby area will be available to you to help you find what you are looking for Costs: All village upkeep costs are covered and you are not required to contribute to upkeepPolicies: No buildings may be created on the site without mayor approval first. All building writs must be held by the village mayor without exceptionIt is the intent of this village to provide a safe and fun place for people to learn about Wurm. If you play with this in mind then there will be no problems. If you are unwilling to play in this manner while a member of the village then you and your belongings will be removed from the villageCurrent occupancy: Plot A1 - In UsePlot A2 - In UsePlot A3 - AvailablePlot B1 - In UsePlot B2 - In UsePlot B3 - AvailablePlot C2 - AvailablePlot C3 - AvailableBunk A1 - AvailableBunk A2 - AvailableBunk A3 - AvailableBunk A4 - AvailableBunk A5 - AvailableBunk B1 - AvailableBunk B2 - AvailableBunk B3 - AvailableBunk B4 - AvailableBunk B5 - AvailableLocation: Ingame map - h17Exodus deed map - - X26, Y16 Contact: Ingame /t NappyWurm Forums - private message to NappyPictures: Looking down at village square and farming plots from observation tower Animal pens Bunkhouse Blacksmith area Farming plot Archery range. observation tower and livestock pens Mine Forest