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Found 13 results

  1. Old Grumpy Couples horsemarket Finally we want to broadcast our market here as well! It only took us two years to write a post ! Anyways! We are the old grumpy couple, Miralux and Bunnlose. We are running a market from our deed at North Deliverance. Here we got 55 salespens with animals, containing 4 speed horses, 4 drafthorses, draft and output bisons, draft mules and more. We got selfserve pens, but if you cant find the exact dreamanimal you were looking for, you are always welcome to ask us and we'll be happy to help. FIND US: Our location:,309 To arrive to our deed you got two options: if you come by land its very easy to just plot course to Old grumpy couple, and the highwaysystem will lead you to us. If you arrive with ship, there is a ship tunnel to our underground docks. Entrance for the tunnel is about here:,178 When you arrive to the docks, you will find a guestdock to the right where some tiles are offdeed, so you can easily unload/load creaturecages if you need. Follow the ledge straight south from guestdock (look for signs), and you will exit the mine and arrive just next to the marketbuildings. There are plenty of sign showing directions on our deed, but should you still be unsure where to go, never be shy to ask in local. Our market is divided in two sections: The upper market contains mostly draft animals. Here you will also find 8 merchants selling various of good. If you are looking for a special treat: check if the animal got a colored banner inside its pen! That would mean it have a rare trait. Additional info is on the keys to the pens. The merchants here currently are: Merchant_Key-Per: holding the keys to the pens Merchant_Animal gear: well, that might be selfexplaining but it sells Saddles and horseshoes with woa casts and other gear for the horses. In case of being sold out? Contact Bunnlose in game Merchant_Grinder: Specializes in high imped leather gear, toolbelts. Also got some tools and goodies. If you look for more items like this, or the merchant being sold out, look for Fossil in game. Merchant_Godofredo: Various items from archeology mainly, like seasonal items, masks, statuettes. Merchant_Berta: Selling masks, statuettes and random rare items Merchant_Supergluemaster: Selling shafts, planks, tenons, pegs in the archwoodcolors. Trying to keep all colors in stock, but in case of being sold out, contact Meitai in game to ask for more. Merchant_Hq tools: Selling rares, supremes, high imped tools thats fully enchanted with enchants atleast at 90+. Stock being updated as we get more goodies. Merchant_Jolly: Selling decorative items The lower market contains all the speedsters, along with some output bisons. Additional info about the animals are to be found at the keys on the merchant. Here you will also find a trader, accompanied by a few other merchants. The merchants here are currently: Merchant_Horses: holding keys to the pens at this level. Merchant_Sally: Selling various of tools and weapons with a minimum of 3 runes and/or enchants. The tools are always iron or steel, and the weapons are iron, steel or silver. The most part of these are being sold for only 20c. Here you can get nice items with higher chance to be imped rare, gather runes, holding enchants longer, shatter resist, gathering runes and so on. The variations are big so here you need to come and look. Adding new items all the time. (Exceptions for material might be made for rare items, though if not the mention materials, prize will also be very low.) BULK: From time to time we got bulk items avilable for purcase. Contact Bunnlose or Miralux if you need any of these Current stock (updated16.February 2022) is: Marblebricks (2,5s/k): 4000 in stock Slate bricks (2,5s/k): 5000 in stock Pottery bricks ( 3s/k): 1000 in stock Colossus bricks (2s/k) 2000 in stock Sandstone (2s/k) 4000 in stock Stone bricks (2s/k) 2000 in stock Rounded stonebricks (2s/k) -
  2. Make an offer via PM or in the comments! If you're unsure about pricing, I do have prices in mind so feel free to ask. I accept both Silver and Euros, Euros must be paid via verified PayPal and Friends&Family. ALL ITEMS ARE MAILABLE AND WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR CHARACTER. PLEASE PROVIDE A CHARACTER NAME YOU'D LIKE IT MAILED TO. TOMES Black Tome - Last Charge Green Tome - Last Charge Tome of Incineration - Last Charge White Tome - Last Charge TOOLS Rare Seryll Needle, 64QL Seryll Hammer, 72QL Seryll File, 72QL BotD (CoC and WoA) Hatchet, 77QL, 83 BotD CoC (Skiller) Fishing Rod, 76CoC Hatchet, Steel, 83CoC Grooming Brush, 70CoC Leather Knife, 85CoC Needle, 90QL, 81CoC Stone Chisel, 79CoC Wild Cat Pelt, 100QL, 86CoC GEAR Black Scale Set, Rare Pants, 90QL Black Drake Cap, 91QL Ruby Staff Rare Backpack Rare Mask of the Isles Rare Mask of the Enlightened Mask of Rebirth x9 Soft Cap x5 Witch's Hat x2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad x14 Left Layered Shoulder Pad x3 Small Shoulder Pad x5 Double Shoulder Pad x2 Curved Shoulder Pad x2 Right Elaborate Shoulder Pad Right Basic Shoulder Pad x2 Left Shielding Shoulder Pad x2 Crafted Shoulder Pad x2 WEAPONS Maul, N67, CoC76, FA61 DECORATIONS Valentine's Pottery x24Picnic Basket x2 Yule Reindeers x7 Easter Egg (Gift) x6 Rare Champagne Valrei Items x64 Unique Skull (Looks Like Dragon Skull) x5 Rare Armwood Chair Rare Chair Rare Fine High Chair x2 Rare Large Sign x3 Rare Meditation Rug Rare Meditation Rug (Fine) x2 Rare Pointing Sign Rare Shop Sign Rare Small Sign Rare Runed Spinning Wheel x2 Rare Still x3 Rare Village Recruitment Board x3 Rare Waystone x4 Supreme Flowerpot SOLD
  3. My proposal is simple, Fantastic items are pretty much non-existent. Since these items are so rare, allow finished items to have a one time rename to an independent item. Examples of finished items: Weapons Spindles Armor Tools Statues Wagons/Boats Horse Gear Examples not allowed for rename: Raw Materials, Rock shards etc Weapon heads Tool Parts Ribbons, Nails An example would be: Fantastic Longsword, iron -> Rename -> Goreswing The sword is now Goreswing, on examine it will mention it is a longsword, this item is unique. They are practically artifacts at the point of Fantastic Rarity. Naturally the not allowed for rename would cover more, as would re-nameables.
  4. Tools/Gear/Shields
  5. Starting bid : 20s Increments : 1s Buyout : 30s Snipe protection : 2h
  6. Flippy's Harbour is located at L8 on Deliverance Some merchants have CoD option available and are marked as such, unmarked merchants are in person only transactions! Any questions feel free to leave me a message here! Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed
  7. Asking 10 silver for these. Buyer pays cod. Will be cod from chaos.
  8. WTB rare bridle, saddle, horse shoes. Or of course, supreme, or of course fantastic. PM me with your products and prices please. Thanks!!
  9. Up for auction, is a 90ql Supreme Bridle Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Winner: Niki 8s Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here. The winner pays CoD or can pick up from Top Notch x8, y8, Exodus. Happy bidding!
  10. Hi. I think Wurm would visually benefit from introducing more clothing, be it for roleplay or generally game-feeling. These are some suggestion as to what might be possible, the images are for brain storming. Blacksmith's apron MiscellaneousTabard slotUsing leatherSuccess chance somewhat higher than a leather armor (21? dependent on smithing skill?No defense since it is no armor slotChef's uniform MiscellaneousHead and torso slotUsing clothSuccess chance somewhat higher than a cloth armor (21? dependent on cooking skill?)Defense of a cloth armorBandana HeadgearHead slotUsing clothSuccess chance appears at 21-30 cloth tailoringDefense of a cloth hoodOptional: possibility of applying dyeNobleman's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and head slotUsing cloth, gold/silverSuccess chance appears at 40-50+ cloth tailoringDefense between cloth armor and leather armor due to thicker linenVillager's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and optional head slotUsing cloth and leather (perhaps leather scraps, so not officially leather armor and thus no armor boost)Success chance of cloth armorDefense of a cloth armor Please let me know what you think.
  11. 72.09Ql 55 WoA 71.71Ql 55 WoA 71.35Ql 54 WoA 71.23Ql 52 WoA Price for the set is 3s, located at X42 Y9 Celebration. Free delivery to any coastal location on cele.