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Found 16 results

  1. Wall of house is lifted since update, part is poking through the roof and there is a space now at the bottom I can see through to the grass since my wall is up. another bug may be in regards to item placement, thinking it is inside building when it is infact outside. Case in point, I had pickup perms on a neighborr deed. I could pick up items from Pile of... boxes, say meat in this case. This box was not near a wall or fence/gate. The box near a wall kept saying I didn't have perms, while having perms. And another is I couldn't brush my horse hitched to a hitching post because "the gate's in the way" that is obviously not in the way, as I just literally brushed the other horse also hitched to the same post. Possible bug: You can add same player multiple times to settle roles despite them already on the roles. Also, log off by sleep in the normal bed apparently is having issues logging me off. Sorry, no pics/vids!
  2. Perhaps we could have a better looking option for gates in a chain link fence. Take the model of the current chain fence. Place a ball or other ornament on the top of the masonry post. Opening animation could have the chain lower to the ground, much the same as an incomplete chain link fence. Yes? No? Better Ideas? Mal
  3. I'd love to be able to right click a gate or door and choose to toggle to the open position, where it will stay, unless an unauthorized person or agro comes within a tile of the gate/door, at which point the gate/door swings shut. I walked out my front door to see my tall gates stuck in the open position and I liked how it looked. Obviously, the graphic should be separate from the actual ability to pass through the gate or door, otherwise, a left open gate might allow bad people to sneak in during a laggy moment.
  4. I would like a chain fence gate added to the game. We have these nice chain fences now but if we use them as edging around say a garden area with trees and shrubs we block off all access to that area or are forced to put in a huge gate in comparison to the small chain fence that the other tiles have. The only other option is to bash down a fence every time you want to make changes or repair any statues/decoration in the garden area. To make it visible as the gate just put a lock on the center link or something
  5. If the game checked gate permissions one tile away from the gate (instead of when you're trying to push your way through it), it would mostly eliminate gate lag, which is really annoying when you're trying to get somewhere (or get away from something). Even if it means the gates graphically open one tile sooner, I would think that is an acceptable compromise. Just a thought, it would smooth out the gameplay.
  6. I would like to see a way to change the direction a gate opens/closes. I can't seem to flip them nor affect their orientation like house walls.
  7. On 31 January, myself and Elizarya were getting ready to start a guard tower. Elizarya built a pole fence around the spot for the tower while I was leveling the area. She gave me two gate locks so they would be in my name. I attached the two of them... when attaching the second one, I got a message that the other gate was blocking me so I stepped through it and it completed. I set permissions successfully on the first gate (north side - now labeled Top of Bridge Tower 1) and then didn't have the option to do the second one... west side gate. When I paid more attention, I realized it said the owner of the second gate was Mystellenery. Neither of us has any idea who that is and they weren't online at the time. The gate lock may have been one that Elizarya found somewhere but in any case, the first one worked find and listed me as the current owner even though I (Abbynormal) didn't actually build the gate or the lock. I submitted a support ticket (#155890) on it and Tarissa responded and fixed it for us but asked that I submit a bug report on the issue. So here I am This is located south of my deed (mayor is Slyther) called Enuntqua located a ways north of Vrock Landing. The actually gates are located a few tiles east of the north end of the large bridge that was built, I think, by Joedobo. If you should want to find it, there is a road south of the deed roughly 100 tiles or so (wild guess)... follow that road west and then south to the bridge, then go left (south) about 17 tiles along the gravel path there. If you need any other info, please contact me through the forums or on Abbynormal (my main character). Thanks and I hope this helps.
  8. As things currently stand, you go to each gate and set it so trusted friends or friends (whichever one you choose to set) may pass. This adds the individual names to the currently managed gate. It is an easy way to get groups of people to pass gates as current gates do not work even with a deed role set for "may pass gates" (i.e. you create a deed role for a deed and tick may pass gates, yet your gates will not open for a member of this deed unless you actually added them by name to the gate individually). What is problematic is that when you add someone to trusted friends or friends later on, you have to open and manage each individual gate again, and tick the friends/trusted friend list again, to get this name you added after you allowed the list originally, to be added by name to the gates you have. The opposite of this is also true: Previously added people who were added to pass gates because they were part of your then list of friends or trusted friends, have to be manually removed from all of your gates if you are no longer friends with them. You can remove them from your friends lists but they remain on your gates. Suggestion: It would be extremely helpful and time saving tool that can eliminate a big portion of human error, if people who are added or removed from your friends or trusted friends lists, automatically updated on all the gates. The rest of this suggestion is just more clarification on the suggestion above, possibly TL:DR Add Trusted Friends or Friends as a GROUP not as individual names, to gate pass permissions (same extends to carts, ships, wherever you add these people to have access or pass or command), to allow management of groups of people to pass (or command or access), and if you remove or add someone to these groups, the permission is replicated everywhere you ticked this group to either have access or pass or command, or not. This means that this group of people will be the same as people belonging to a specific deed, where you tick a box to allow a deed to do certain thing, and people who belong to that deed can do things you allow. If you move someone to your group of people you want to allow gate pass, they should automatically have gate pass as long as they are in that group, and automatically lose it the moment they are no longer part of that group. Second suggestion: Make one tick box for all the gates on your deed, on top of the original box that pops up when you choose to manage gates, where you can choose to "clear all settings for gates on your deed" . Add to this an option to also open an individual gate and in one click clear all settings, save it for that gate, and then go back and add new permissions for that gate (say your friends or trusted friends or deeds etc.) Currently you have to go into each individual gate and manually tick deny all for each added person, then save. If you have ten people added, you have to tick ten times deny all for each gate, then click save, then find the gate again, open, add the group(s) again, save. The reason this should only be an option for gates on your deed, is that you get all the gates you have manage permissions for, on your list of gates, not just the gates actually located on your deed, so you could inadvertently clear permissions for gates on someone else's deed if you just blanket clear all the gates you have manage permissions for. Adding these suggestions will greatly enhance the enjoyment I get out of Wurm.
  9. As the title says, the deed is Enchanted on Release. It's the gate near the green and red wooden house (visible from the water) if any GM/Dev cares to check it out. Next span up, there is a dead boar that starved to death on a bridge with the corpse not able to be taken as it's not on the same bridge I am.
  10. So when you have 100+ gates, the Manage Gates menu prompts you for 0-99 or 100-199. I apparently have just enough gates that one doesn't appear on either selection. 100-199 shows blank.
  11. Pretty much just as the title says, the idea of drawbridges or retractable bridges being introduced to the game. What are your thoughts on it?
  12. Is this ever going to happen? It would make houses have so much more options and designs, without adding putting too much effort or manpower towards new models, not to mention the code already exists for upper floors. I tried surfing around the forum but I couldn't find any discussion on this anytime recently. It was a bit of a let down once I got my house plan finished only to find out you can't do fences or gates for that matter, inside. Now I'm stuck with trying to come up with temporary solutions that would still look nice, yet do the same thing as planned. Please Rolf, please let us have them on the first floors aswell. Pretty please? (See below)
  13. The one thing I found out not to long ago is you cannot remove a lock from a gate only replace it. Also the way templars are now getting stuck and constantly attacking a mob over and over for days is causing gates to lock even though they are set to open all the time and limiting access to public markets and area's on deed. This is the main reason I would like to be able to remove locks from gates I have the key for just like chests, boats, etc. Oncethe lock is removed the templar sticking forever bit will never be an issue again blocking access. Anyhow either fix the templar from locking 24 open gates or give players the ability to remove locks from gates that they have placed on them with the key.
  14. Just wondering as I have never tried this, but I can't seem to find a way to remove gate locks from gates that I do not want a lock on anymore. One of the reasons is I set gates to be open all the time, but stuck mobs and guards are constantly spamming chat and making the gates locked. This seems to make them never open when I told them to be open all the time. So can we remove gate locks like boat locks?? Or are they stuck there forever for some reason??? Why can't the gates be open all the time when you set them to be open all the time???
  15. I noticed there is a new option to build a crude wooden fence gate. I started one, using a shaft. I then examined it and it said: [13:15:58] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 3 shafts. I added one more shaft and re-examined. [13:17:01] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 2 planks and nails. Hmmm...seems like the original examine message is not so accurate. EDIT: Also just found out you can't walk through the unfinished gate! LOL
  16. Hi it would be great to manage who can go into a fenced area instead of shuffling with keys. It would help with personal areas and villaages both. Anyone agree?