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Found 19 results

  1. Me wonders.. who might be having the biggest setup for harvesting herbs in the game, also on side note.. what do you do with all that spice if not a secret? What I have is casual 30x planter racks in 2 lines of 15, each with 30 planters total of 900 planters. #casual What I plan to do with them? The worst ofc.. Just restocking for hfc(affinity pizzas) 50% of the deal.. rest or majority should eventually go down for beverages grind.. probably don't need too many to 90-99 it. Oh you might want a bit of good laugh, at the moment my gardening is 74, so there's that, I'm a bit lazy to 90/+ it for now --edit
  2. This may not be a glitch. It was pointed out to me that all the newer herbs/spices are very low difficulty. Just hard for me to understand how harvesting 60 would give no xp. I never actually measured just the xp gain on the new herbs before this. I just now harvested 60 pottery planters but got zero gardening xp here on my deed (Cornersville), on Independence. First rack has 30 pottery planters in it: Second rack has 30 pottery planters in it: No added xp in skill window (after I harvested those 60 pottery planters): Ok. So I had sleep bonus on, gardening food affinity was active, I got a permanent skill affinity for gardening. The QLs of the pottery planters were all 15 QL. This feels like a glitch to me. Tanks for your time. Teeebomb
  3. Situation: Planting flowers and sprouts. Expected behavior: Stamina loss from planting doesn't mysteriously get worse at 90+ skill. Actual behavior: Stamina loss from planting mysteriously gets worse at 90+ skill. There is no stamina loss at less than 90 skill, but after reaching 90, there is some loss. Steps to reproduce: Plant flowers or sprouts with a character who has less than 90 gardening skill, and note stamina loss (none). Then, plant them with a character who you've gotten 90+ skill with because you're dead inside and this is all you have in life, and note stamina loss (some, about 1.5% stamina loss on a character with no body stamina). Cause of bug: The code responsible for the cute "plants thanking you" messages in put the stamina loss code in the wrong place. Example from decompiled WU code: if (gard > 60.0 && flower.getTemplate().isFlower()) { if (gard < 70.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you can almost feel them start sucking nutrition from the earth."; } else if (gard < 80.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you get a weird feeling that they thank you."; } else if (gard < 90.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you see them perform an almost unnoticable bow. Or was it the wind?"; } else if (gard < 100.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ". As you see them bow you hear their thankful tiny voices in your head."; performer.getStatus().modifyStamina(-1000.0f); } } else { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName(); performer.getStatus().modifyStamina(-1000.0f); } In this case, you lose stamina if you have less than 60 skill and if you have greater than 90 skill, but not if your skill is anywhere in between. For some other cases, like planting flowerbeds, sprouts, or hedges, you only lose stamina if you have at least 90 skill, otherwise you lose no stamina. Solution: Move calls to modifyStamina() in's various planting-related functions to the appropriate spot, presumably after skill checks, depending on what the intended behavior is.
  4. As title says, Hops, Grape, Ivy or Rose seedlings are for sale. *70ql *100x = 1s Location: Independence T19 (41x 62y) Shaylies Workshop/Bear Dock (South central coast) Not feeling like traveling? Delivery can be fixed. Pm/post here or message "Willbur" ingame. Best Regards,
  5. It came to my attention today that every 10 levels of 50+ gardening give a new planting message for sprouts and then flowers (60+). As I assumed the wiki was accurate I didn't try planting sprouts/flowers after those skill levels , today when I tried planting a sprout and flower I saw a new message at 80+ skill. You plant the bouquet of yellow flowers, and you see them perform an almost unnoticable bow. Or was it the wind? And for a sprout: You plant the sprout. As you see the plant bow you hear the voice in your head of hundreds of plants thanking you. After checking around I was informed that there should be messages for 60-70 and 70-80, also 90+ that are missing from the wiki along with the ones I've listed. Please find and add them Pingpong
  6. One of the most recent updates was about how will be able to grow herbs finally!!! YAY! I love that and even spices and I know lots of people are happy about it. Now I saw we are going to be able to plant them in pots. Which is ok and looks cool but would be sweet to have Carpenters or Fine carpenters be able to build wooden raised beds square shape or rectangular etc that we would fill with dirt and plant lots of herbs in one spot. Even maybe have different kinds of size some portable some not. The smaller ones could be brought inside for inside herb growing. Just my 2 cents
  7. Pretty simple. We ought to be able to plant flowers on grass, like we can with sprouts. Mostly a convenience thing, especially for Fo priests; they get alignment from planting flowers, but can't pack the grass first to turn it back into dirt.
  8. This is really just a few ideas bundled in together for deed owners who want a more "natural" deed look. These are terraforming options only available in PvE (to prevent PvP exploits), though the devs might add some of the harmless ones into PvP. Grass Mechanic Change Steppe tiles, when harvested, how give "steppe grass". It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. Tundra grass may now be harvested from tundra tiles. It grows very slowly (1 produced per week per tile) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 30 gardening to collect. Marsh grass may now be harvested from marsh tiles. It grows slowly (1 produced per 3 days) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 50 gardening to collect, Flower Mechanic Change If a tree, or bush, spreads onto a tile containing flowers those flowers are preserved on the tile and appear at the tree/bush base. Flowers may now be planted straight onto grass. Flowers still will NOT spawn randomly on tree tiles. Tile Creation I adore reed and kelp tiles, they make a wonderful decoration for coastal deeds. Reed tiles are easier to look after than reed fields but offer lower and less certain yields. Kelp is a high difficulty level ingredient that not many gather. At 50 gardening a player can use a reed on a tile that is in water to turn it into a reed tile, at 70 gardening they may do the same for kelp and kelp tiles. Reed tiles may also be planted on water source tiles in this manner. Some people might want tundra on their deeds. This tiles are hard to create (requires a fair bit of magic) so I propose that, at 30 gardening, players may plant tundra grass to create a tundra tile. Some, very odd, people might want marsh tiles on their deeds. These tiles are a nuisance tile mostly which are hard to remove for other players, however they do serve as a good high level forage/botanise spot and some people are very strange. Marsh grass may only be planted on a deed that has existed longer than 3 months to prevent griefing using short term deeds and requires 50 gardening (anyone who reaches 50 gardening is not likely to be a complete novice) to do so. Planting Changes A skilled gardener can make plants thrive in environments that would, normally, be hostile to them using special techniques. At 40 gardening players can plant trees/bushes on steppe, at 50 gardening deserts, at 60 gardening on tundra, at 70 gardening on marsh and 80 gardening on rocks. These will not spread, and have a 50% chance not to regrow if they shrivel. Only the most skilled gardeners would consider attempting to plant fungus patches, knowing how quickly they can spread. At 60 gardening players can use a mushroom on a shrivelled tree to create a "mushroom patch" tile with a texture of several mushrooms of the type planted on it and a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. They may also create fungal flower boxes (and plant mushrooms in plantpots). Planting flowers by a tree is tricky, at 30 gardening a player may plant flowers on a tree tile. The ancient art of bonsai is a popular one, at 60 gardening players may plant trees and bushes in plantpots (both marble and pottery) which display a minature version of that tree/bush. Finally, at 40 gardening (with +1 gardening required per total slope) they may use peat on a flower tile to make a "flowerbed" tile which has a triple density flower texture with a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. Trees/bushes will not grow over these. Closing Note These changes require no additional graphical assets, they can all be created through modifying existing ones and some, namely the terraforming, require no asset changes at all. These option are all purely aesthetic save for the reed and kelp options and would add a lot of creativity options for players with more natural inclinations.
  9. Flowerpots with flowers can be repaired by "watering" them, which uses the player's gardening skill. Thought it would be mildly amusing to let summer hats be repaired in the same manner, perhaps with higher difficulty and fail rates.
  10. Wire Hedge Frame Constructed using wire (2kg worth), requires 30 blacksmithing AND 50 gardening to make. Used on hedges (requires 40 gardening), prevents hedge growth till decays away (looking at the hedge displays the message "the wire frame is at x damage", these cannot be repaired once placed and must be replaced. No decay on deed. Can only be removed by person who placed it on freedom or by anyone with deed hedge permissions (removal destroys the frame) or by appling fertilizer (see below). This required hedge permissions to use on deed. Hedge Fertiliser Created using tooth (0.05 weight) and dirt (1kg), requires 30 natural substances AND 50 gardening to make (weighs 1kg). No gardening requirement for use. Used on ANY hedge it allows one extra level of growth (and cancels out wire frames). Note this does not mean it causes instant growth, it just sets the "can grow" flag (or whatever) to true so that the hedge can be effected by growth ticks. This requires hedge permissions to use on deed. Why would these be nice? With hedges getting unique graphics for each type some of us would like to see things like 2 high lavender hedges, or restricted height maple hedges to line paths. A lot of wurm is about players altering nature and this fits the bill nicely, it takes some effort but gives more aesthetic control. The high skill requirement is there because gardening is not really a skill people use at the moment and it could use some fleshing out. Optional Extra : Allow frames to be used for trees/bushes as well to halt growth, with fertilizer just removing the frame.
  11. Object Name : Blackberry Bramble Type : Bush Thorns : True Season : Autumn months Fruit : Blackberry Item Name : Blackberry Information : Strawberry clone Item Name : Blackberry Trellis Information : A different kind of trellis using blackberry sprouts Optional Extra : Thorns effect (only one triggers per tile) Simples
  12. Currently moss has little to no use save in aesthetics (hardly anyone uses torches). It would be nice if we could plant moss tiles (maybe have a high gardening skill requirement).
  13. Reposted in the correct section (netbook lagged on me or something!) Essentially it adds an option with a shovel at 60 gardening/forestry (both). It allows a stage 1 growth tree (freshly planted sapling) to be dug up, giving the holder a sapling and turning the tile to dirt. No experience is gained for this action.
  14. Me and my friends are looking to make some silver coin we are semi-new player but we have a few people trying to make enough to make a settlement just send me a private msg if you want to make us an offer we are checking prices any questions ask me for any details or request and we will make out a deal also we have 5 people to get your order fast and we play for 7-8 weekdays and 12-15 on Friday and weekdays.
  15. This way, the wilds can remain looking natural, and on deeds, and player gardens don't look stupid because the plants place themselves randomly within a square. Also here:
  16. Composting is a process that has been around a long time - all the way into the B.C.'s I'd suggest a construct make-up similar to a charcoal pile - 2 dirts and 20 wood scraps - to start the compost pile. As the compost pile sits and heats up and decomposes matter it produces compost or fertilizer. Fertilizer can be on growing crops to increase the quantity produced, or the quality of the final produce, or expedites the growth process. However, unlike a charcoal pile, a compost pile would require (organic) items to be deposited into it to keep "feeding" it to produce compost - things like wood scrap, or filets, or foraged/botanized items. That's the short version of my 1:30AM EST idea. -end suggestion-
  17. Currently each apple tree gives one apple (using apples as my example here). Doesn't seem right considering that they're seasonal items. Then again we don't want to flood the world with them. So, without further ado : Fruit bearing trees/bushes now work differently. They have a fruit "pool" that fills when they ripen. This pool contains 5 fruit. The harvest of fruit gives EITHER gardening experience or forestry (random) If the pool number is 5 then anyone can pick a fruit. (so for people who do not invest in these skills things stay the same) If the pool number is 4 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 20 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 2 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 3 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 40 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 3 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 2 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 60 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 4 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 1 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 80 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take all 5 fruit) Thoughts?
  18. Okay so after coming to this part of the forums, and getting side tracked by many other posts, I finally made it to my own. What I wanted to suggest would be a way to plant trees in buckets using a bucket, dirt, water and sprouts. They should be limited on how big they can get while growing in the pot. They should also be place-able in side buildings just like a normal bucket and picked up with enough body strength, but not too much. This would be nice as you could pot a bunch of trees ahead of time and be able to replant them with little to no failures versus attempts. The potting failure should be the same when planting normal sprouts on a normal dirt tile. I apologize if this has been suggested before and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thanks everyone!
  19. Dyes: 1. Make dye accessible through gathering the variety of flowers we are supplied with in game. This would give gardening much more meaning. It would open up the possibility of grinding up just one skill that would give us the raw materials for creation rather than butchering, mining, foraging/botanizing, and would give more reliable quality levels than hunting for that elusive 80+ zinc vein. 2. Make the flowers that dye would be derived from grow and reproduce just the same as reed and grass tiles to make skilling a little easier AND to keep things realistic. 3. Making dye available through flowers would open up the possibility of new and lighter tinted colors since we already have purple, pink, white, blue, and yellow flowers available. 4. Just to keep things a little closer to realistic, creating dyes from flowers should probably be done through a specific dye-making skill. This would both open up a new trade between players and crafting dyes is not quite the same as creating healing items. Natural dyes are still made today from a variety of flowers and have been made from flowers for centuries, so for those seeking authenticity in Wurm, this idea holds that too. Wreaths and Garlands: On the line of thought that while we do have a few ways to make our deeds and homes our own through statues, dyes, and even snowmen, wreaths and garlands would add in another stationary, festive, individual decoration. These too should be made from the flowers already supplied in game. Flower tiles at full height should yield a number based off of gardening skill. Garlands and wreaths should take a specific number of flowers per item, with a finalized ql and decay rate. As a suggestion, garlands should be able to be applied to walls and gates, wreaths to statues and house walls? Types of flowers making a difference in the look of garlands and wreaths would also be nice (blue and yellow, pink and white, etc).