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Found 13 results

  1. farming in wurm online seems lackluster and really bland, the quality of the seeds do not dictate the quality of the crops and you can grow things in the winter out in the open like it was summer or spring, which really does break my immersion a bit, i'm currently growing a small garden for personal consumption, but it would be nice if we had more than just the bare-bones definition of farming in the game, so here are some suggestions from me, you're friendly neighborhood moogle, Kupo! 1st~ Drop crops growing in the winter, this adds another layer to the game, though the seasons are not that long in comparison to IRL, this means players would need to start preparing food for the winter, or storing things away for when winter season comes, towns would need to build granary-like buildings or food cellars in order to last the season 2nd~ make crops seasonal, though some crops grow during multiple seasons, make them bear the most fruits/vegetables during their preferred season, or make them have a higher chance of producing higher quality crops during their preferred seasons (locked by only your skill at farming for example you could never grow a crop who's quality would be higher than your skill) 3rd~ watering plants should be considered part of tending a farm, not just taking a rake to it and removing weeds, watering could also be used as a means of improve crop quality once per day, a small increase for people taking care of their farms properly. 4th~ (and my last suggestion) rain could possibly water crops for you, so on rainy days, players would not need to water crops, but still need to check for weeds. this suggestion will probably be met with a lot of backlash from players who think farming is hard enough, but in truth, it is not hard at all. the amount of skill gain for doing farming is minuscule in comparison to other skills, and a small garden like mine nets next to no exp on a daily basis, but adding changes like these would make farming more in-depth like cooking, maybe even take multiple people to work on a large farm just to keep the work at a minimum, you know, like a real life farm. and in the winter months people would have more open time to focus on other things instead of just growing crops year round. you also already have growing seasons for trees and their produce, why not do it to farming too? Kupo!
  2. Wurm players have always wanted a way to turn a non-water tile into a water tile and I have a few ideas that might make heading down that path a bit easier: Idea 1: Create koi (fish) garden pond items (basically a water basin) that you install into a tile like floorboards. This could consume one tile as a single small pond or you could create multiple items that would create a bigger pond that would take more tiles (think of a pie cut into four equal pieces (+) that make up a larger item) and it could even be filled with water like a fountain or placed like a well to fill on its own. This could provide water in deserts/steppe/tundra and on top of mountains, where you currently have no access to water if you are above water level, making it more difficult in these fantastic places. Imagine an Oasis in the middle of a desert/steppe or a hotspring resort on top of a mountain, or even a fish farm far inland! It would certainly help fishers hold their catch. I also had some other idea's: A multi-story stair or floor that is a trap door (so think in pvp if you you pass/bash through a gate or into a building, go up some stairs and step on a trap door and get trapped in a makeshift jail below). And another idea that could add some more capacity to multi-story buildings is theorizing that you could somehow add additional coded containers per height level for each floor which would allow you to treat each floor level as its own tile with its own tile contents, instead of just a single tile with multiple floors. This would allow you to do things like add trees on top of buildings, or other tile enhancements that are currently restricted to single tile. I don't know if this is possible but I thought that it would be worth looking into, if the devs already hadn't. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, I'm sure they would improve the game and help players accomplish more in the game as well as more personal enjoyment.
  3. Can we get a new flower bed that is large like tile size and can go inside or out and be movable? Something like the one below but full of nice flowers with a medieval look to it. I guess you can even make it functioning too like plant flowers or herbs and then you can harvest them for flowers or more herbs but i am wanting it more for indoor decorating.
  4. No it is not the new ones these are the old versions that were given out as Christmas gifts back in 2011. I thought people might like to get one of these older ones now that they are becoming a collection set. There might even be more gnomes to come so don't miss out on getting this one while you can to add to your set. 10x "Digger" Garden Gnome - 4s each (CoD at buyers expence from Xanadu) (0 of 10 remaining) I call this version "Digger" since he has his shovel and is ready to work. Note: Make sure to leave the number of them you want the name you would like your gnome sent..thanks
  5. I have a 4x2 area I'd like to turn into a zen garden type area. Also, I'd like to have a plaza/courtyard area in the middle of my homestead. Anyone willing to share ideas, designs or their own? Size is really no matter on the plaza.
  6. garden gnome,clay QL 13,90 Starting at 4s Min. increments: 20c Pick up or cod (cod cost covered by buyer) (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  7. Even now as I type this I feel like Im being watched... I try to convince myself its just a silly delusion, and yet I can still feel their beady eyes. At first I too thought they were a mere curiosity that went up in ql the longer they were stashed away in specific ways. That is until I found one with keys... keys I had never seen before, let alone could have accidentally placed there. I fear there is only one possibility... one I dare not name. EDIT: Granted with the crowd I run with, someone could just be messing with me. It is after all something Id do as well.
  8. The Holidays are Coming! Make sure you're ready with one of these fine little fellows. Only one left in stock! Price: 3s/ea Location: Deliverance Mail: Buyer pays shipping. A small serious gnome stands here ready for Christmas. Plays music when used on the ground that can be heard by everyone in local. (Unless music is disabled in the client settings.) >
  9. Buying garden gnome 3s thanks
  10. I have 10 Garden Gnomes for sale i am asking 4s each COD (at buyer expense) or pick them up at Brookhaven 45x 41y Celebration server. 10 Garden Gnomes - 4s each 1: sold 2: sold 3: sold 4: sold 5: sold 6: sold 7: sold 8: sold 9: sold 10: sold Note: i will edit with what is left as we go. Post who you want them COD to and the number of gnomes you are wanting..thanks
  11. I bought a few garden gnomes today and one of them had been dyed with blue color and it makes it too dark for me but when i went to remove it i get a message saying i could not remove the dye. I then tried to change it to a white thinking it might lighten it up some and got the second message... 1: [18:28:41] The garden gnome is indestructible and the color can not be removed. 2: [18:30:55] The garden gnome is indestructible and the color can not be replaced. Now why would you make something able to be dyed but not give it an option to be removed or changed? Is this intended or is it a bug? Edit: While we are here talking about gnomes maybe we can get a new version for next Christmas? I would like to have a mining gnome or a farming one and hey are there any female gnomes out there?
  12. Hi there! I would like to sell Garden Gnome (19.5 ql, clay) - 4s (+ CoD, Deliverence). Send me forum pm if intrested. My ingame name is Archerpl.
  13. Hi there! I have a Garden Gnome (clay) for sale: [14:30:03] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. [14:30:03] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read ''. It's 15 ql. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 10c NO BUYOUT No reserve Free CoD Auction Ends at 8th August 12PM CEST Good Luck!