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Found 28 results

  1. This issue keeps reoccuring no matter what I'm doing or how many clients I have open.. Only one crashes at a time, but its the same kind of crash to desktop and its becoming more and more frequent. If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatful ❤️ hs_err_pid26552 Error log! Console Log:
  2. .... but you have a crippling Wurm Online addiction. What's the first thing you do? Rules: All WO staff are incorruptible It's not possible to buy ownership, you're forever a regular player
  3. How do I download the game again? Just give my info when it asks for new player info?
  4. I was playing Mount&Blade: Warband, when I suddenly turned around inside a tavern and saw Rolf at one of the tables having a drink!
  5. Prop hunt mod

    Hey I thought i would be fun like a prop hunt mod, that you could make a huge area with alot of items. And 2 teams 1 team that disguise they as the item, and the second team will be the hunters. An the disguiser have the option to right click on a item and choose "disguise as" the item then.. And the hunters have to go and look to try to find the other time and eliminated them.
  6. Game is ready all you need to do is apply here to get your key that open one of the 5 chests at impalong. there is secret content inside (rares, coin or tools and more!) there is only 20 keys! only 5 working! write here your ingame name and will send you key via ingame mail! Dont wait!
  7. So, I came back after a while to this game, prem'ed just to find out that all my effort I've put into this game was a waste of time. Good job! Long story short: some time ago I settled on Xanadu at Glasshollow. I've build my pens and farms at Glasshollow perimeter which was all good. I put there my fences and repaired them and imped when needed. Just FYI, Glasshollow's never had build permission on, and it's fine, since I was able to build on the perimeter. The owner of the deed was/is fine with it too. So, after a little vacation I came back and saw some of my fences missing. And I went to rebuilding them. I put a fence back on and tried to imp it. And it told me that I cannot improve it (even I was able to build it!). Then I tried to repair old fences and got the same message. So, I submitted a ticket. A CM came, investigated into the issue and told me that I am not allowed to build/repair/imp on the perimeter if the deed doesn't allow it. BUT how come I was able to do all of these before for a year if it's not allowed to? Now, I still can build fences (even the perm says I cannot) but I cannot repair not imp it? When I asked if something has changed about it I got the answer that it's been like this for 2 or 3 years.. ????? This is such nonsense since I was able to BUILD and REPAIR and IMP fences on the perimeter just two months ago... Surely something's changed. Something in the code about it. But without any advance notice. And that probably should make me feel great about all the time I've put into my areas... NOT! Since I cannot do anything about it. The CM told me that no GM will contact me and that I shall start a thread on forums. 'Good' customer service! I must tell you - this is not the way you should attract old experienced players back into the game. I love this game. But such things just make me put it away on the shelves in hope that some day the devs would think before making such radical unthinking changes.
  8. A little over a year ago I bought Wurm and joined some friends on a server called Redneck Solutions, we had fun in the beginning learning the game, crafting, competition and comraderie all in one, I looked forward to playing. Then it turned kinddah ugly, you find out on private servers thaty the people who have the server have clicks and they can pretty much do whatever they want, like spawning 15 Nogumps and a gazillion trolls around your property because they want your group to go we did..(And we all did the happy dance when they imploded and disappearred) to move on......So then you get your own server and it is a headache, especially PVE and dealing with new folks and keeping everything lies an oxymoron....friendly game.......well I come and go at this quite steady, really feeling underappreciated for dealing with new people and it is a struggle to have an independent open to the public server and cover all bases. Finally this chapter closes, alittle under duress and some friendships may never be the same. part of the group stayed with Redneck, but the majority left, some went on to the new map in the PVE after a bigh ole fat wipe, and some moved on.....So now we try server hopping, man there are alot out there that have good and bad points, same with some of the people. Tamureil, Mythmoor, Skotopolis, Highborne, and a few other I am sure I lost count...Its almost like feast or famine with this game. Finally settle into Fields of Conquest PVP, play for a while meet some folks, but never a steady stream, never the same....always feel like your just playing to beat maybe to go try something new....Well if you are a noob, do not go to a very active PVP server, more lessons learned over the next couple of days.....then I think did I really buy into this to be this frustrated.....I mean the level of tedium in the game is fierce even on the modded servers, and thats another thing, this server has this mod and that one has this and generally there is no where to find out and the maps are all different does anyone have a link?, It is completely maddening and its not fun anymore....well I guess some people were right PVE is to quiet and PVP if its an active server might not be your cup of tea, for there are surely days when you feel like you have been jumped by the mob. All in all it was great and it was depressing at times...I just can not find a happy medium I guess....any suggestions? there are aspects of the game I like but there are some that are not so nice....
  9. Here, in this topic you can talk about your favrate game, Any platform is ok. Better leave the site or screenshot here. 1. PC browser game, Hunter X Online - 2 3 4 5 . . .
  10. Greetings, I plan on setting up a exquisite treasure hunt type game around the Summerholt area and beyond ! The Summerholt Community Alliance has a market right next to Summerholt starting Deed which shall be the starting point. Update: I will be parking alts and having friends and family park there alts or mains in there secret hidden spots. . Treasure Hunters will be required to solve a hint / clue to there whereabouts and locate said name of the alts / persons name given. ( clues will be in the form of an AFK message ) once you message said person you will receive your 1st clue.automatically via afk message. no need to write down clues just message the name your given to refresh your memory of the clue at any time if you forget anything. once you locate that person you will open trade to receive your 1st item needed to claim rewards / treasure the more items collected via finding more people the better the rewards when you decide to turn in or quit the hunt, ( quality controlled ) once all toons / persons have been found and all items received you will be required to bring all the items to me @ the starting point and trade for your rewards. I will then confirm the quality and name of all items which were handed out once you trade with me. you may turn in items at any time if you have to quit the game / treasure hunt. however your name will be excluded from any future rewards but you will at least get a reward for turning in any items you earned during the hunt. ( Each item will be tagged with the name of the next person you have to message for your next clue which will be the person you have to find next. ) Quality Control Examples : the quality for example Large Nail 4.56 QL or another example 99.22 quality onions / etc these are just examples not items I will be handing out this will prevent people from sharing the item/s needed for reward/s and trying to turn in item needed for reward. and harder to duplicate the quality's for anyone attempting to take a short cut etc (subject to be adjusted and minor changes as any more ideas come to mind etc please stay tuned for updates ( there will be a very nice few days advance before this is started to give everyone plenty of time to prepare ) ( a special prize ( DOOR PRIZE ) will be handed out after the event has ended ) how do you get the door prize? ( your name will be wrote down and thrown into a HAT every time your collect a clue / item needed for the next clue your name will be added ) the more items you receive / people you find the more times your name will be added to the HAT ) My daughter will be picking the name out of the hat here at my house ( this person will receive the DOOR prize ) at the end of the game / Treasure Hunt even if said person already earned a prize / reward for turning in items for the game. please stay tuned for future updated and schedule As I am still coordinating this Event and others as well ! ! ---- Rewards will be hidden until handed out ----- ( Rare's / Supremes / Collectables and Unique items will be handed out as rewards ) ----- Tools / Armour / Decorations / Etc ----- The door prize will also be revealed if the winner wants to share what he or she receives Participants may need to work as a team: Items you may want to have access too Cart / Wagon / Boat A Mount to out run the occasional hell hound or Troll during your traveling from clue to clue Food And Drink Cotton / healing covers ( wine or Sandwiches for Stamina recovery ) " you may be required to climb or swim " A Decent Weapon with life transfer for self healing and Armor to defend yourself or to take a few hits while running ( Some areas may be troll and hell hound infested during traveling not responsible for deaths ) ( will assist with corpse recovery if needed after the treasure hunt has ended )
  11. I can start wurm unlimited and i will click on settings to lower them. When i click on a graphics opiton to set on low the whole client freezes and stops repsonding. When i click connect to server it wont ever connect either. It will show the wurm unlimited icon on the bottom of my screen but wont connect at all.
  12. Hello I has had a big problem with wurm and I am leaving. My deed has over 100 silva on it include Hota's , 4 complete sets of CoA items 99QL resources 5 speed horses etc. While trying to buy silver through wurm Xsolla took over £300 out of my account I have had to go through a thorough chat system a Live chat system and a 2 hour phone call to TSB's Security Fraud Department. I don't blame wurm I blame Xsolla im cutting my losses Deleting 4 chars with over 4 years of Experience. Now to the bit u really want 2 know: Event: * Quitting looters run * As of the events that made me realise how un-safe Xsolla payment companies are ive moved all items from 4 deed's onto 1 deed the chars with years of experience and skills will fade into the dust so if u are/was friends im sorry. (Everbound) (The Ranger) (Haullz) and my secret pvp alt I tried so hard to keep un-identified (Lyssa) Ok heres how the event works its gona work in 2 hours From Now! the deed on F9 xanadu will disband everything is up for grabs (Edit: 1:30am GMT perms get changed (1 hour from now) - this stops some spoiler Deeding the place and ending the fun. All items that are non collusion could possibly be a loot spot. can u walk through it? take a look. these are as follows: Full sets of 80+ tools most with Coc Woa and 4x spell weapons overall worth about 50silver worth. Sets of 80+ql armor and plate sets. Hota statues (inc lady of the lake worth 30s) and many more items and full bsb's + JK banners Rare items, 90ql lamps and rare 95ql lantern's. 5 speed horses , 1 x corbita , 1 x sailboat. 1 x JK wagon and small chests with the account's Bank balance spread within. overall there is 1 gold at least worth of items for loots. Now when the Deed drops its every man for himself don't ask me for stuff of pm me for stuff. its as if a huge deed falls and the player has already gone the only difference is ill be Recording it for Youtube lol. 2 hours from now.. time is a Ticking... Location: F9 Xanadu in the backward C section. (Note this is not Wurm's Fault - Wurm took no action as they never received any money im not Downing wurm in any way.) this is Xsolla the payment company's fault) But if it happen's once it can happen again. Risks not worth taking. Best of luck to all wurm staff and players of the lovely community. <3
  13. Witcher 3

    A fan of the original Polish novels (when they are translated >.<). So far liking what Ive read about the latest Witcher game:
  14. Has anyone else had trouble the last few days with the game trying to download a new application every time you open the game? It never actually changes anything that i can tell it just goes through the motion like there was an update. I know this because when it does change like with the update today it creates a new icon and moves it to the default new icon place on my desktop. All this on the unstable client Edit: I have tried to clear wurm out of my java list and let it download everything again but that did not help any.
  15. you will own this game if you download it this weekend. ship control = awesome net code = awesome battles = awesome
  16. I'm wondering if any Wurmians have tried Medieval Engineers yet? If so what do you think? I haven't jumped on yet because they still haven't taken Space Engineers out of early access yet, it worries me that this could be another game in perma-early access. Looks pretty good anyway.
  17. A first look at Mechwarrior Online. I head out in my Raven 3L, learning the ropes. I know there are people out there that play other games for a different pace, this is one of mine. Enjoy &gt;
  18. Hello there! I was looking for a good MMORPG and I came across this title. It looked really weird and it said that that was a sandbox game that you can build towns and all kinds of structures. I decided to find some more info online but there was nothing specific about the game out there so I came to the source- the forums. I scrolled around a bit and I was baffled "WTF is this game?" everithing is just so weird and alien about it- not the typical WoW clone with a building gimmick that I expected. I just can't comprehend what is going on so I decided to register and ask the community (I read the FAQ and I got nothing). So here are few of my qestions: 1. Is this game still alive? (obviously, but are there enough people playing to make it interesting and fun) 2. Is it and RP (role play) MMORPG? 3. How complicated is the game? Can a complete noob like me get into it easy or I will need months to learn the ropes? 4. Is the community good? By that I mean are there alot of trolls, hackers, cheaters and a-holes in general? 5. Is it a pay to win game? 6. How are new players treated? Will I get bashed by others every 5 minutes for my noobish mistakes? 7. Is the game still supported and is the community growing or dying? I am asking because the most current info I got about the game when I searched in google was from 2012-13 and that made me think that the game is going to "die" pretty soon. Those are my questions for now I'm pretty sure there will be more later. I usually never ask questions about a game, I just join in and see for myself but WURM looks like a game I will not understand on my own and I will leave it in like 2 hours. I just don't want to missout on a cool game just because I didn't get it. Thank you! edit: Something else I never got is this a free to play game? I understood it can be downloaded and played but there is some kind of a subscription or something like that. Is it possible to play for free without limitations?
  19. Plus an SNL sketch. EDIT: Reminds me of a dev's article commenting on how Oblivion gameplay encourages one to act ingame like a skipping flower-picker just to get up the skills needed for a sneaky, poison-using assassin.
  20. 1. Was thinking what if someone put a wave simulator at edge of the ocean next to land like small waves crashing just to test if it would work nothing to fancy untill someone in that department was satisfied it would work also implement the sound of waves crashing on beach. 2. If the wave idea worked the second step it would be cool to have a storm factor implemented into the games graphics nothing over the top at first just get a feel for it. Like gale winds that will make ur boat go other way and also a skill gain from weathering the storm. Other player can avoid the storm if need be by the dark clouds that surround the area it is at. As well as weather on land like the worst living on the coast and the lest inland. Also weather damaged houses and buildings like lower skilled players who made a 10ql house would face a storm of 60ql and after storm a house wall would be damaged. And you would repair it. The stronger the storm the higher chance that a wall will be ripped off leading lower skilled players the opportunity to rebuild parts of there house for skill gain. Needless to say the storm would keep you from falling asleep while waiting to make 1k of something lol as well as would be pretty i have my graphics on as high as you can go and its already pretty i think you guys can incorporate this into the game. 3. Fighting style is it possible to make a real time system like you click your mouse and it makes you swing your sword. and you right click and it makes you block ive played new games that have this feature and it has same chance like Wurm has of hitting or missing depends on skill. But it is a bit more fun to actually control whenever your character swings his/her sword and blocks. Just throwing that out there. 4. With the fighting idea on number 3. I will ask is it possible to make fishing look more real? Like when you click to fish show you throwing the line out and it landing into the water with splash animation and actual fish jumping out of water literally not all the action in a text format. 5. add new species to game like whales for meat or tame for the Animals protection lovers, as well as cougars in trees,Mountain Goats, Ect new animals that fit into there said environment. Also animals that fly and you can tame like avatar lol hey nowadays it is possible. Please Wurm workers and Rolf please continue to impress our imagination don't be afraid to explore the boundaries of a video game surpass the limitations of said technology make this game into a masterpiece that the world will come to love like our small community does now. Please I ask that you consider theses small ideas and im sure there is more to come in the future thank you Wurm and Wurm team
  21. Good Day A year ago I mentioned that there was a new 2D space game under development called Epic Space Game on Kickstart. It did not get the attention at first and it went into a steady development without the kickstart but instead was funded by people who backed it thru its website. Another Kickstart is underway for the Capital Ship Project. As an added bonus the Developer has mentioned that anyone from Wurm will get a bonus of 1 Million credits (Just mentioned that you came here from wurm and was refereed by Horton) You can join the forum at The Developer is pretty active and continues to develop the game. The universe is ever expanding and there is no limit but that of fuel supply. There is missions, exploration, mining, trading, and crafting once you got a station. Later there will be NPC, pirates, Alien races, etc. Since the game is currently in closed beta you can help with bug reports and help polish the game since the Developer is very open to suggestions and feed back. I currently own several stations in 0x-13y and surrounding areas and you can complete missions for large sums of credit to start. Once you are able to make a station you can claim the sector which allows you a steady income.
  22. Hello everyone. I am currently on holiday and downloaded wurm to my mum's computer as I own a desktop and cannot leave wurm that long because I have animals to take care of. I tried adding wurm to my this computer but it will not work. It just gets stuck on downloading application. I have tried removing wurm completely and re-adding it but whenever I do the install location at start wont show up and it just says downloading application again. I have uninstalled java and reinstalled but still it does not work. I cannot get into the javas -viewer thing because whenever I try the box is just white and doesn't load anything. Im really stumped and I would like to know if anyone knew how to completely remove wurm from my computer so I can re-add it again. Thanks -Doobster
  23. Geoguesser

    Guess where in the world you are. Get more points for the closer you guess. I got 12,009 on this one, want to challenge ? ~~Don't post answers, and no cheating~~
  24. This game should have been awesome! This game should be 1,000 times more popular than it is. BUT.....whoever thinks forcing someone to play this terrible unrealistic version of first person is crazy. THIS IS NOT WHAT LOOKING OUT MY EYES FEELS LIKE! The simple fact this company refuses to give the player the option to switch betwee first perrson and third, is the entire reason this game sucks, and is doomed to fail. I've never shown this vvideo to anyone without hearing, "I get sick to my stomach just watching this!" I agree, this game could have made the makers millions of dollars, but in the end it's free to play, flawed full of bugs they can't afford to fix, and run by morons.