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Found 4 results

  1. Here's a chance to say what you're looking forward to in Wurm... My favourites are: Malena's 5 new horse colours - I can hardly wait for the little foals to be born! End of year gifts - whatever they may be! Let's keep it positive! What are you awaiting? Have your say here...
  2. Dear Developers, As we all know Wurm (both Unlimited and Online, but Online is better) is little known to the major playerbase. I know plenty of people that would gladly play a game of Wurm's likes but just can't ever find one. I don't know if something like this has been suggested before but I will anyway: start advertising How many times did you people bump upon World of Tanks' ad when it was in earlier development? It started out with a rather low playerbase too and look at it now. Same happened to a lot of games and as much as I do realise that newcomers might make some problems every now and then like griefing, building shacks all over the land and leaving to never return again remember that the more people get into the game the more people keep the development up. The more people keep the development up the nicer stuff we can have etc etc. Create some ads, speak to the peoples' dream of freedom, tell them the world is theirs. They will come. PS: Remember to state that it's indie or they'll go off about poor graphics (whatever). Sincerely, Like over a half of Wurm's community I'll leave this thread open for discussion as I believe this is worth looking into.
  3. 1. Was thinking what if someone put a wave simulator at edge of the ocean next to land like small waves crashing just to test if it would work nothing to fancy untill someone in that department was satisfied it would work also implement the sound of waves crashing on beach. 2. If the wave idea worked the second step it would be cool to have a storm factor implemented into the games graphics nothing over the top at first just get a feel for it. Like gale winds that will make ur boat go other way and also a skill gain from weathering the storm. Other player can avoid the storm if need be by the dark clouds that surround the area it is at. As well as weather on land like the worst living on the coast and the lest inland. Also weather damaged houses and buildings like lower skilled players who made a 10ql house would face a storm of 60ql and after storm a house wall would be damaged. And you would repair it. The stronger the storm the higher chance that a wall will be ripped off leading lower skilled players the opportunity to rebuild parts of there house for skill gain. Needless to say the storm would keep you from falling asleep while waiting to make 1k of something lol as well as would be pretty i have my graphics on as high as you can go and its already pretty i think you guys can incorporate this into the game. 3. Fighting style is it possible to make a real time system like you click your mouse and it makes you swing your sword. and you right click and it makes you block ive played new games that have this feature and it has same chance like Wurm has of hitting or missing depends on skill. But it is a bit more fun to actually control whenever your character swings his/her sword and blocks. Just throwing that out there. 4. With the fighting idea on number 3. I will ask is it possible to make fishing look more real? Like when you click to fish show you throwing the line out and it landing into the water with splash animation and actual fish jumping out of water literally not all the action in a text format. 5. add new species to game like whales for meat or tame for the Animals protection lovers, as well as cougars in trees,Mountain Goats, Ect new animals that fit into there said environment. Also animals that fly and you can tame like avatar lol hey nowadays it is possible. Please Wurm workers and Rolf please continue to impress our imagination don't be afraid to explore the boundaries of a video game surpass the limitations of said technology make this game into a masterpiece that the world will come to love like our small community does now. Please I ask that you consider theses small ideas and im sure there is more to come in the future thank you Wurm and Wurm team
  4. {Enter: Airwalkre and her roommate Redrum. some of you out there might know them } Airwalkre and Redrum arise from the sleep in their beds. Airwalkre says " I'm hungry " Redrum replies " What do you want?" Air replies " try something with wemp in it the horses and cows seem to love to eat it up from the fields" Redrum agrees and heads off to the kitchen. Redrum asks Air to make a new grindstone for her in the meantime, Air agrees and goes off to make it. Redrum cooks up several more meals than she should of because they are both really hungry when they smell them cooking... They sit down and eat and the meals tasted very very good. Redrum gets up and grabs the grindstone to go make some flour but she ate a little too much and drops the grindstone in the bucket of olive oil. Airwalkre yells at her and tells her to go pray to your god and tend the darn fields. Redrum leaves with head held low. Air walks over and gets the grindstone out of the oil. She spins it around and notices it spins very easily so she takes the handle off and spins it a few more times, she then starts feeling a little creative and artsy from the meals earlier. So she looks and the iron and copper she has and decides to light the forge. She then makes an iron rod and cools it off and sits it on the grindstone and spins it around a few times. She then wants to sit something on top of the iron rod or around it. She pounds out some hot copper and make a long wire out of it and then decides to wrap it around the iron rod but not as to make it tight on the rod. Air then has the copper over the iron rod but not touching them as she spins the grindstone around to see if the iron rod should be facing a different direction... When all of the sudden her hand hurts that was holding the copper wire. What was this feeling she felt? She spins the grindstone around again and hears a snapping sound and notices what looked like a very very tiny lightning bolt at the ends of the wire as her hand hurts some more from this small bolt. What was this she asks herself again. What in the world is going on here. She spins the grindstone a few more times and it happens again and again. What was this piece of art she started to make doing? Air then made a conclusion that the small lightning bolt like thing she saw seemed to look like the spark of a steel and flint so she grabbed some kindling that Redrum was using earlier to cook the meals and places it between copper ends and spins the grindstone, 'spark', it lights the kindling. What was this spark she has made and what can it be used for in the future it seems very interesting. But as it is late and she now very tired she decides to go to bed to dream of what could become of this thing she created as a result from her 'spark' of inspiration from her meals during the day. She dreams of windmills with better designed creations of what she made, water wheel along side rivers. She dreams about having something that can hold that spark or create something similar for a longer period of time to have a source of light. And thus from a crude piece of art she was trying to make the first crude electrical generator was born into the wurm universe.