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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone! A late happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wurm, we give thanks to you all playing and enjoying the game, and especially to your feedback! There's been a lot of upheaval and questions that right now we don't have answers to, and I know that makes things uneasy in your confidence in the game. I can assure you that we are here and going to be here for a long time, we know our goal of continuing to polish the game and address bugs and your suggestions and we are working towards it every day. Anyways, on with the news! New Keybinds Heading off from the pinned suggestion thread, we'll be adding the following keybinds next update! These are all aimed at making the game much smoother to play, and we'll likely be adding more as we go on! Hoist the main sail! The artwork for sail furling is now complete! Ships will be able to go full, half or no sail and will have models that match it's state, see below for all of them! The farming box art is also complete, with a few surprises included: This unfortunately won't be going live in this weeks update, but we aim to have it out before Christmas (Which is scary close!) The stronghold is revealed Last weekend the beacons were weakened enough to reveal the location of the stronghold, the hidden base of the creatures of Jackal! This led to a countdown of 144 hours, with a large fight expected. If that the end of it? Maybe not... The stronghold is revealed (Hey, they're not knowing for being the wonderful designers Freedomers are, maybe that's why they raid?) Shrimpalong! I refuse to call it a Christmas Impalong because it ends 10 days before Christmas, but it's on! Expect Shrimpiies usual slew of games, prizes, deaths and of course, impings! Last year we had the famous The Public VS Dreammaster trial, will the acquitted killer return? It runs from the 6th to the 15th of December, so plenty of time to celebrate with your Wurmian friends before the real world drags us kicking and screaming away... Wulfgar joins the dev team! You may see forum member Wulfgar with a shiny new developer tag on our forums (And I totally wasn't reminded by him posting beneath) Wulfgar has joined us to work on the game bringing a vast amount of knowledge on coding and has been working on bringing in quality of life changes including the new keybinds and the paper decay removal suggestion to come soon! Everyone give a big warm welcome to Wulfgar before demanding he fix things! What Retro is up to: I smartly decided to rebuild my PC, having purchased another 8GB of ram and a new 500GB hard drive. I forgot how difficult and time consuming it is to set everything up juuuuust the way you like it. What a pain! I also have a new keyboard coming and phone adjustable LEDs... for purposes My schedule is going to be long this week... That's it from us this week, I'll be on this weekend streaming on our official channel, taking questions from you and discussing the world of Wurm with you all Until then though, keep on farming, playing with daisies, and Wurming! Regards, Retrograde & the Wurm team