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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome one and all to the first Valrei International of 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful new years break, and settling back into the ride that the next year is going to be. Valrei International Changes With the new year we’ll be making some changes with the Valrei International. Firstly, it will be released on Thursdays instead of Fridays, giving us a better timeframe to work in (and not while everyones looking to get out the door) Secondly, we’ll be changing from weekly news to to fortnightly releases of the news. The reason for this change is to better match development releases (usually fortnightly) and allow us to collaborate and fill the new with tons of tasty goodies, as well as a few competitions and giveaways! We'll be trialing the fortnightly news over the coming, uh, fortnights, seeing how it fits in with development and our projects, with some long term projects in the works (such as the new UI, already underway). We may also use an alternating system of community news and events, just enough to keep you all in the loop! Affinities As we all know, (or for those who don't) affinities grant a 10% skill gain bonus to the skill they're attached to. The existing mechanic with affinities is each player starts with one (hidden until premium), but it can be lost through a death to an enemy kingdom player when above 20 fight skill. With the next update, we’ll be changing how affinities are gained and lost, as well as expanding on a more PvE friendly mechanic as well., Firstly, we’ll be introducing the ability to gain new affinities via the use of skills, with a small chance to gain any affinity of a skill you’re using, including characteristics, parent skills, and sub skills. Secondly, gaining affinities via PvP will be changed to take into account the killer’s existing affinities in that skill, where there will be an increasing chance to not gain the affinity lost by the deceased depending on the number of affinities the killer has in that skill. This will mean neither the deceased or the killer will get that affinity. We’ll also be making some changes to how the overkilling mechanics in PvP work, so alt abuse is less prevalent. Firstly with overall kills on a single character being taken into account rather than just the number of kills on that character from a specific other character, and secondly with tweaking how the existing overkilling timers work. We’ll be including more information on these features in the patch notes upon launch, so stay tuned for that. Miscellaneous changes A couple of quality of life updates, long desired are also in the works for the upcoming patch: Sealed containers Coming with the next update sealed containers will be possible to stock on merchants for sale. This has been desired for a while, so I’m sure you’re all keen to see it come in asap! Well that’s a little embarrassing… Nevertheless, I’m for real this time! After a few delays, this change has had the cobwebs dusted off, and cleaned up, and will be coming in the next update! Just to prove I'm serious: This will only be a keybind (dig_to_pile) and won’t affect leveling or flattening, but regardless, I’m just glad it’s finally coming in! More info will be made available about all of these changes in the upcoming patch notes for the next update. Community Content - Wurm base jumping This weeks community content is an old video shared on our Discord server. One of the first things I ever did when I got a flying account was go up to the top and jump off, and I'm positive I'm not the first! This is a really old video, with the green tunic avatars even, I may have to go up there and do an updated jump... That's it from us this week, the new update should be out prior to the next news, so expect those features live then! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team