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Found 7 results

  1. Wurmonline. A game that is often undervalued due to its tedious activities. Usually, a newbie will spend their first time getting lost in the wild, realize their limited options in crafting, and eventually quit. Those who make an effort to explore the game more either deal with the issues they approach, or reach for assistance. There is community assistance available, but most feel some sort of guilt when asking too many questions. Also, the CA help channel will not provide assistance in any form besides verbal. Eventually, a player realizes that the best option is to work with others to achieve the greatest achievements possible. Build luxurious buildings, pave the world around you, craft the finest tools, fight against the uniques, and more. Moonlight Shadows is a deed made specifically to experience Wurm to the fullest. Image of deed from the front, on a bridge. Moonlight Shadows is located on s18 in Exodus. We will provide a ride if you do not live in Exodus. You may contact Yiraia or Pumpernickel in game. Q: Why would I want to join Moonlight Shadows? Q: Are there any reasons why I should not join Moonlight Shadows? Q: Are there any requirements to become a villager? Q: What are the rules? Q: How welcoming are you to people that do not natively speak English?
  2. A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling. Want to Sell: 45+ ql lunchboxes In stock: 50 copper + COD
  3. I made a recipe but it doesn't work quite right: It makes fresh spices but when I go to put the spice back in the bin it goes in as a new line item without the fresh tag and grouped with other same named spices. When I take the spice out it's not fresh anymore (I didn't expect it to be either). If I again convert it to fresh, it does so. It seems this cycle can go on forever. And every time the stage and ingredient count goes up. I suppose a fresh herb/spice has a stage and ingredient count of 0. Can I make a recipe that would give that?
  4. Hello fellow Wurmians! If you're a new player, welcome to the world of Wurm. For veterans, welcome back! I'm Mayor of Shattered City, a small, growing community located at Newspring S9 and looking for fellow villagers. Here at our city, we do not ask for high skills, a lot of time spent grinding, nor do we ask for any donations (time, items or products) We simply ask you enjoy the game and hone your personal skills within a tight-knit community. Giving you a chance to explore and feel the game how you choose without having to work. After time we'll part as friends. Upon joining you will have a 4x4 plot where you can start your adventure by building your first house (Materials supplied) Water and food provided, plenty of trees, iron and marble on deed Mid-High quality tools available for everyone Access to the sea is now available by our canal. So, if you'd like to join, make some friends, level and enjoy the game without feeling indebted message me! Forums- Zanada In-game- Zanada If I'm unreachable as I'm on GMT timezone /tell Tranderas Thanks for reading, and enjoy your very own adventure! P.S Here are some pictures: Building Area Main City
  5. Hello foilks, i'm Selvagem! I just started a deed at Xanadu and i would like some good fellas to live in it. It's very fresh, so you will be able to see it's transformation over time and also be part of that, Server: Xanadu Taking non-prems?: Yes Taking newbies: Yes Location: R19 PM me if interested and we can talk, i'm interested in good and decent folks to play with.
  6. Hello! Fairly new Village looking for only a couple helping hands to get me started on this village with potential. The deed size is 19x23, I have 1 spirit templar on deed. This deed is on the Deliverance Server, located just above the Y-43 grid coordinate, at the southern part of Shark Lake. If anyone is interested in helping me out PM me in-game -Brycen- or respond to this post! I hope someone see's this.. as i don't make many forum posts.. heh. Thanks! -Brycen
  7. Hello, i just joined yesterday, I go by the name of Warzhogz, and i'm on the Chaos server, now everyone thinks that is bad why? I travelled far from where i spawned, and i lost my compass, i'm by Gold Coast if i'm right, where would you get boats? I saw on chat that halfway down the eastern shore on Chaos, that there's a cave full of stolen boats, do you know of that? Questions: Where to find cotton? my guy is hurt to the point that he won't heal Can i swim to other servers? The sun rises from the East right? that way i can use that as my guide