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Found 17 results

  1. Greetings, fellow Wurmians of the Freedom Isles! I have a suggestion to offer that I have considered from time to time since my early days in Wurm. My thoughts have returned to the idea as of late, and I figured it might be time to lay this down in the forums for consideration. The suggestion is to offer something new to the PVE side of the game- Their Majesties' Favor. I've long wondered why the king and queen of the Freedom Isles are so uninvolved with their subjects. We pay taxes in the form of upkeep to obtain ownership and protection on our deeds, and the king kindly places guards in guard towers wherever we deign to build them. Those two things alone are quite helpful, but the king and queen are otherwise resigned to abiding in their castle somewhere secretive and we never otherwise here from their majesties. The Freedom Isles are a vast and wondrous place, and their subjects are quite faithful and creative across the realm. I would think any king and queen would be proud to rule over such a kingdom, and might strive to reward in some way those among their subjects who are the most inclined to support and defend the lands so as to encourage more of the same in others. Thus I would request the king and queen that they consider bestowing their favor on those of their subjects that would seek it, and if I may be so bold as to suggest some ways in which the king and queen could offer to bestow favor on their subjects, I would humbly offer the following: To obtain their majesties' favor: Let the king or queen place bounties on various creatures in their lands from time to time. If the land is overrun with unicorns, let their majesties offer favor and perhaps a small bit of coin to those who would slay them and deliver their unbutchered corpses to one of the kingdom's cities. When the king or queen hears word that goblins are run amok, let them offer a bounty on them, allowing citizens deliver their unbutchered corpses to one of the kingdom's cities for a small price in coin, and favor from the king and queen. Does her majesty desire some tamed animal from the wilds to place in her gardens or the queen's forest? I am sure one from among her subjects would be honored to provide, if she were to make the desire known. Does the king desire some number of beasts for a tourney? Be it bears or wolves, hell-hounds or crocks, I am sure his subjects would take up the challenge to tame the beats and deliver them at his request! Let the king and queen also make it known to their subjects when there is a need for various items or resources, from building supplies to food items. If the king requires supplies for building from time to time, let his subjects know so they can serve the kingdom by providing what is needed. Be it brick and mortar, planks or nails in bulk, or any other thing, let those who might seek their majesties' favor have the opportunity to provide what the kingdom requires. If the kingdom's food stocks should need filling, let their majesties make known to their people the need- be it wheat, barely, corn or any other thing that might be stored for the kingdom's security in times of need. Do their majesties' require cotton or wemp, woven fabric, wool, or leather? Should the king or queen have need of it I am sure their subjects would make their offerings if the king or queen were to make their wishes known. Choice wine or other drink for king's winery, or choice meats for his larder- let their majesties but ask, and those who would seek their favor will provide what their majesties require. For those who rally to defend the lands from the rifts that occasionally plague the lands: Let the king offer favor to those that attend, offering their swords and their blood to repel the invaders, not forgetting those that stand in support providing aid and healing to those that take the brunt of the assault. Let the king and queen also consider offering quests and missions to subjects and to settlements, when the king or queen has special requests to make or when they desires to personally test the resolve of their subjects. Let the king or queen send notice to a player or to a settlement that a quest or mission has been offered, and if they accept the challenge, give the details needed to fulfill the quest. Much could be offered here, and their majesties imaginations could, I am sure, envision many tests and challenges for their subjects, with favor and other rewards for those deemed worthy in the completion of a task. With regard to the favor earned from their majesties, I humbly suggest the following: Let the favor that the king and queen grant to their subjects be counted toward the subject that has earned it. Let all the favor obtained by all of a settlement's citizens be counted toward the settlement where they dwell. Let the king and queen take into consideration the total favor earned by settlements that are in an alliance with one another. Let the king and queen grant benefits, titles, and privileges to players, to settlements, and to alliances based on the amount of favor that has been earned. To the subject: Give them the challenge of earning the title of "Knight of the Freedom Isles", granting them their own coat of arms that they and they alone can create and wear in the form of a customized tabard. Also allow for the subject to craft a coat of arms plaque(s) to be displayed on walls or atop a suitable pieces of furniture. Their majesties can provide a list of images, color and design options that a subject can choose from in the creation of thier personal coat of arms. To the settlement: May the king and queen allow various blessings to the settlement that have earned enough of the king's and queen's favor. This can be in the form of slightly increased skill gain in a chosen skill or skill set, slightly faster creation times, slight increases in the rarity window, or other similar benefits. The king and queen should choose at random to bless a settlement with one or more of these benefits for a limited time in a random way at their majesties' discretion. Let these benefits favor anyone working within the boarders of a settlement while the majesties' blessing is in effect. Grant settlements the right to create their own customized wagon covers. Customized wagons should be craftable only by the mayor of the settlement, and require a fee paid from the settlement's coffers into the majesties' treasuries. Their majesties should provide a list of images, color and design options that a mayor can choose from in the customization of their settlement's wagons. Also grant the settlement that has earned enough of their majesties' favor the ability to choose a customized settlement banner. Require that the settlement's banners can only be crafted by the mayor of the settlement, and at a reasonable fee that the settlement pays from her coffers into the majesties' treasury. To the alliances that have earned enough of their majesties' favor: May the king and queen allow various blessings to the settlements of alliances that have earned enough of the king's and queen's favor. These blessings could be along the same lines as blessings that could be granted to individual settlements, and could possibly stack with any other "blessing" that their majesties have bestowed on a settlement at the time the alliance also receives a blessing from their majesties. These benefits would also apply to anyone laboring within the boarders of a settlement belonging to the alliance during the time of the event. Grant alliances the right to create their own customized alliance flag. Alliance flags should be craftable by mayors of settlements within the alliance, with coin paid from the settlement's coffers into their majesties' treasuries. Grant alliances to choose a personalized crest that appears at the top of all Freedom Kingdom tall banners placed within their deed's boarders. These crests would not appear at the top of any tall kingdom banners placed off deed or on a deed not part of the alliance that owns the crest. It should not cost the alliance anything to craft these banners, it would be a small benefit granted by the king and queen to the alliance that has earned the right to display their crest on all Freedom Kingdom tall banners placed within their alliance's settlements. Something to consider: A settlement and/or an alliance should have to continually earn the blessing of their majesties in order to receive the random settlement/alliance bonuses or any other such temporary blessing. To this end, the ability to acquire an such blessing from the king or queen should be tied to a favor pool that degrades over time. One should not be permitted to earn their majesties favor and then simply ignore them. The chance of any blessing or bonus from their majesties should come to an end. This could possibly work by having two ways of recording favor a settlement and alliance have. There should be a pool of "active" favor (called something else if necessary), that fades a bit over time just like deed bonuses the deities provide through the sacrificing of certain items. This favor level would determine if a settlement is eligible for random bonuses, quests, or rewards as the king and queen seem fit to bestow. This active level of favor is also what would be tallied from the settlements in an alliance to determine if an alliance is eligible for these rewards. There should be an overall record of all favor ever earned by a settlement and by an alliance, and this overall record would determine when a settlement and an alliance are eligible for the customized heraldry items. A settlement that joins an alliance would not have it's overall record of previous favor added to the alliance- only new favor generated by that settlement would go to the overall favor an alliance has earned. If an alliance is ever disbanded, the recorded favor of that alliance disappears forever. There should also be some penalty to the overall level of favor recorded for an alliance if a settlement leaves, but I can't address at this time exactly what that should look like, but it should be taken into account. Humbly submitted for their majesties' consideration, ~TH~ Thalius Duke of Oakheart
  2. Я русскоговорящий полу-нуб. Очень давно когда то играл в Вурм . Еще до того когда Ксанаду стартовал. Сейчас я где-то на Ксанаду у меня Недокачаный прист (Vynora[61]). Я думаю вернуться, но очень давно не играл и люди с которыми я играл сейчас не играют (и наверно не будут) Ищу компанию для игры так как я очень много чего не могу и не я очень хочу заводить твинка. Но если прижмет я заведу. Сейчас брожу и собираю разные травки. Я вернулся с граблями, лопатой и статуей своей богини в руках. Игровое имя "Thezvir" ------------- I am Russian speaking semi-noob. A long time ago I played Wurm. Even before Xanadu started. Now I am somewhere in Xanadu, I have an medium level priest (Vynora[61]). I think to come back, but I haven’t played for a long time and people with whom I played are not playing now (and probably will not) I’m looking for a company to play because I don’t really can't do many things and I don’t really want to start a twin. Now I wander and collect various herbs. I returned with a rake, a shovel and a statue of my goddess in my hands. In game name "Thezvir"
  3. Southeastern Xanadu Market That's right, Southern Comfort is once again open for business! This time it's a public market that will soon be offering horse sales as well. We are soliciting merchants to take up residence in our open air market bordering sea and lake in Southeastern Xanadu. Southern Comfort is located at S24 with easy boat access to the lake via canal passable by ships, Knarr and smaller. There is also ready road access via the Lakeside Highway that connects to the main highway running North and South from the Esteron spawn point. Ships can be moored on the lake, on the sea or along the canal that runs through the Market. Do you live in the Southeast and are looking to sell your wares in the area? Or perhaps you have merchants elsewhere and are also looking to reach customers in this area of Xanadu? Well then, Southern Comfort is the market for you! We currently have 16 market stalls open with room to expand to twice that amount as the need arises. Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis and it's free to place your merchant. Three guard towers surround the market, ensuring a (mostly) hassle-free purchasing experience. A 93-cast mailbox is on site for your convenience. Meditate a spell or two at our peaceful Love Path tile situated beside the main building. There is plenty of clay to be found and a tar pit not far to the North along the highway. There are public altars to Fo and Magranon. A colossus of Vynora blesses the Market as she longingly looks out to sea. Look for our horse merchant to soon be selling well-bred horses! Contact Araninke or Kelpie in-game or PM Araninke here on the forums with questions, problems with merchant stalls, etc. Please come visit our Market in the Southeast and place a free merchant or two of your own... we look forward to doing business with you!
  4. Stalls are now open and ready for more well stocked merchants to be placed at our open air market on the waters edge. Hope you will visit us soon! Located at I10 on the community map There is currently a 97 cast mailbox, as well as a Love tile next to the Chapel and Inn. Our Knowledge tile is located just off the docks on the east side of the property & you will find a public Tar Pit just north up the highway. Now Available: Self-Service Animal Sales Please click link below for a list of animals for sale in the self serve pens as well as available tor pickup. -Fo Priest is Available for hire- Contacts for Talula Point Market Aniceset Owner/Breeder -Feel free to stop in at any time and place your merchant- Thanks for visiting!
  5. The village is located in the middle of G25, convieniently right on the highway to Summerholt. Join us and learn the game in a safe and friendly environment. We have a slight troll problem but there are 2 guard towers to remedy that. There is a large structure specially made to have all the tools you need to learn the crafting system (ovens, forges, anvils, water, starting materials, etc) and access to food and water. We will gladly give you things to do around the deed to help out in exchange for higher quality tools if you want a jump start, and I'm in the process of adding rooms to the top floor, so each person who joins may have a small locked area with a chest to store valuable items and a bed to accumulate sleep bonus. Aside from this, our deed is in the middle of the woods and a short distance from a port we also own (access to the open ocean, for fishing, and if you desire, a place to store your ship.) We are happy to answer all your questions and build a fun and helpful community! PM Dannysgirl or Dannybear in game or reply to this forum post if you wish to join.
  6. Gold challenge statue, 100ql (The one in the middle) Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s Buyout:100s Snipe:30 mins Buyer: PM Akugi It is the code, not the actual statue, so it can be redeemed in either Epic or Freedom. Paypal: Accepted by seller. 1 silver= 1 euro
  7. This deed has now sold to krieger. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! I've moved to the Epic servers and I'm having a hell of a lot more fun so I'm looking to sell my deed. I honestly don't want to just disband it and would love to see it passed down. I've been playing alone and I've done everything in this deed myself so It's hard to throw away that much time and effort. The deed is currently named Lanilor and is in the north east (D21) and resides on the waterfront. The deed is a fairly large plot (61x38) but a lot of this simply covers some of the tree farms and can probably be reduced a lot. Current upkeep is is 5.63 Silver and there is enough in the coffers for another 20 days. The following images backup what I have stated above and prove that I am in fact the Mayor and own all appropriate Writs within borders of the deed. The Village of Lanilor The Village itself has plenty of room for new buildings to be constructed and sits on a man-made shore at the foot of a large hill and mountain. It consists of a lower sector (the habitable area) and an upper sector (farmlands). Here are the current structures for the 6 Writs seen in my inventory above which are A small stable (with animals)A Barracks/WorkshopMy current houseAn unfinished stone houseTwo public material sheds Farmlands Lanilor had a great emphasis on farming and producing decent foods. Primarily meals bulked out with dough. We have many crops growing and a couple pens left waiting for crops. Tree Farms We have Apples, Cherries, Maple, Walnut, Grape, Rose and I've just planted our first Lemon Tree that I recently found. Resources I've forgotten to take images of the Silver and Lead, but I can get them if proof needed. Regardless of that Lanilor has access to all resources you could possibly need including TarMossPeatClaySandWaterIron (Plus an utmost)LeadSilver Additional stuff I built a Guard Tower in the very center of the village making it a safe place to live. There is also a second Guard Tower up past the Farm just beyond the peat where there are even more off deed rose bushes, grapes etc. As I am not intending to stay on the Freedom servers I have no need of anything, thus, you will also attain my Supreme Cart, Rare Archery target, row boats, sail boat, everything, right down to my inventory. There is also a mail box gifted to me with some cast on it. Oh and an Alter of fo sits above the village in the grass also. Business I will accept either real-world currency or Wurm Silver I don't know how much, I'm fairly new to Wurm and I'm looking to at least see a few offers. I also appreciate this being my first post isn't going to do me any favors, but I have a TeamSpeak channel we can talk on if you want, I can invite you to the village for a guided tour. Please PM me if you want to do that and I'll organize it (GMT, I'm in the UK). Thanks!
  8. I've read how it's possible to buy and sell affinities by killing or dying to another player in a rival kingdom. As I've never done this before I'm curious as to how it works; epic islands only or would this feature apply to chaos as well? In any case, anyone who can fill me in on this information accurately would be appreciated. With that being said I might be interested in buying an affinity in Carpentry if anyone on pvp servers would care to let me pay you and kill your face. Message me or comment with offers please, and we'll negotiate on the details!
  9. Deli Trade Centre Localization:(37x, 6y) Order Status: CLOSED Contact (ingame): Rafaello Contact (forum): Sizar (only Sizar) Special Offer NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW NEW__Mortar_1k_2s50c__NEW Mining Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Iron____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___80c___1s__ Zinc____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Tin_____100___10c___12c___15c___________________ Copper__100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Silver__10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Gold____10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Rock____1k____1s________________________________ Digging Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Clay____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Tar_____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Sand____100___12c___15c___20c___25c___30c_______ NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW Blacksmithing bulk items Nails_S/L_________10c/100 Iron_ribbons________1s/100 Iron_fence_bars_____2s/100 Rivets_____________20c/100 Frying_pans_________1s/100 Blacksmithing items Item________Qt__40+___50+___60+___70+___80+__90+ S/L_anvil___1___15c___25c___35c___45c___80c_____ Horse_shoe__1_________10c_________30c___________ Iron_lamp___1___10c___20c___30c___50c___1s______ Tools_______1_________10c___20c___30c___70c_____ Carpentry & Fine Carpentry Item_________Qt____Random Support_beams__100_______3s BSB_____________1_______10c Floor_board____100_______5s Large_crate_____1_______10c Small_crate_____1________5c Wagon___________1_______50c Market_stall____1_______25c Plank________100___20c Shaft________100___15c Woodcuting Item_________Qt____Rand Log__________100___50c Felled_Tree__10____30c Sprouts Cedar/Pine/Birch/Maple___100-1s Oak___10-50c Masonry Item____________Qt____RandomQL Colossus_Brick___1000_______2s Stone_Slab_______100________1s Guard_Tower________1________6s Colossus___________1_______25s Mortar___________1000____2s50c Stone_Brick______1000_______2s Costs of Delivery: Free to Deliverance 20c to Indepedence, Exodus 50c to Celebration We DO NOT deliver to PvP servers.
  10. Hello, there are a lot of you who know me, and know ive been playing for a good little while now, first i would love to say i have deeply enjoyed you all as a community and have enjoyed my experience in the world of wurm, but i will be leaving for the U.S. Army corps. sometime this fall/winter, and i no longer can play wurm as my time and attention is devoted towards training. Now to the good stuff. I am selling DocstineTM who currently resides in deliverance, "[13:57:54] You have premium time until 29 Aug 2014 07:24:30 GMT" so about 6 months + 10 silver in the bank. The deed is a 21 X 21 named "Good springs" with currently 400 days of upkeep with 1 templar. worth about 30 silver + its completly empty, so that means its free to be molded anyway you want. Proof and premium and deed time and size. Docstine's skill dump as of today is; Skills dumped at Jan 21, 2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 0.0 0 Alignment: 99.15 99.15 0 Faith: 30.0 30.0 0 Favor: 30.0 30.0 0 Skills: 0.0 0.0 0 Paving: 28.367155 28.367155 0 Tracking: 2.3146238 2.3146238 0 Milling: 6.235101 6.235101 0 Coal-making: 24.184967 24.184967 0 Prospecting: 37.044704 37.294704 0 Polearms: 3.423796 3.423796 0 Long spear: 5.036911 5.036911 0 Religion: 4.261294 4.455886 0 Prayer: 10.814239 10.814239 0 Preaching: 3.0 3.0 0 Healing: 13.67587 13.67587 0 First aid: 28.953014 28.953014 0 Archery: 26.331865 26.366415 0 Long bow: 20.170198 20.170198 0 Short bow: 1.0 1.0 0 Thievery: 1.0 1.0 0 Traps: 1.0 1.0 0 Climbing: 4.174554 4.174554 0 Shields: 4.5998106 5.3498106 0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Large metal shield: 6.5647426 6.471214 0 Small metal shield: 2.0119264 2.0119264 0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Axes: 31.902937 31.902937 0 Huge axe: 29.937784 29.937784 0 Large axe: 7.1147213 7.3647213 0 Hatchet: 33.312336 33.312336 0 Small Axe: 12.729426 12.729426 0 Swords: 14.353855 14.603855 0 Two handed sword: 14.754405 14.754405 0 Shortsword: 12.648477 12.648477 0 Longsword: 11.684943 12.184943 0 Knives: 20.206217 20.206217 0 Butchering knife: 21.070877 21.070877 0 Carving knife: 30.092588 30.092588 0 Woodcutting: 51.218563 51.218563 0 Carpentry: 74.488495 74.488495 0 Fine carpentry: 28.905573 28.905573 0 Ship building: 50.516872 50.516872 0 Fletching: 10.556891 10.806891 0 Bowyery: 22.531614 22.531614 0 Toy making: 1.0 1.0 0 Nature: 26.156878 26.156878 0 Gardening: 24.231688 24.231688 0 Fishing: 12.885532 12.885532 0 Animal husbandry: 12.062098 12.062098 0 Meditating: 8.842941 8.842941 0 Milking: 2.15192 2.15192 0 Farming: 32.53474 32.53474 0 Forestry: 23.85921 23.85921 0 Botanizing: 13.011609 13.011609 0 Animal taming: 25.312092 25.312092 0 Foraging: 13.919073 13.919073 0 Cooking: 20.19811 20.19811 0 Hot food cooking: 43.720394 43.720394 0 Baking: 6.276771 6.276771 0 Beverages: 8.668939 8.668939 0 Butchering: 13.036342 13.036342 0 Fighting: 54.165802 7.744306 0 Shield bashing: 1.2834091 1.2834091 0 Taunting: 2.1711767 2.1711767 0 Normal fighting: 8.728715 8.728715 0 Defensive fighting: 11.248713 11.248713 0 Aggressive fighting: 30.92469 30.92469 0 Weaponless fighting: 2.6043057 2.6043057 0 Alchemy: 4.968088 4.968088 0 Natural substances: 11.622841 11.69832 0 Miscellaneous items: 49.33283 49.33283 0 Stone chisel: 22.322405 22.322405 0 Hammer: 62.687206 62.687206 0 Sickle: 19.75341 19.75341 0 Scythe: 6.046238 6.046238 0 Repairing: 26.709473 26.709473 0 Saw: 20.963942 20.963942 0 Pickaxe: 57.567806 57.567806 0 Rake: 21.883358 21.883358 0 Shovel: 39.063366 39.063366 0 Pottery: 6.514438 6.764438 0 Firemaking: 13.253464 13.253464 0 Digging: 59.471603 59.471603 0 Mining: 54.155552 54.155552 0 Smithing: 33.613205 33.613205 0 Metallurgy: 11.128106 11.128106 0 Jewelry smithing: 7.423673 7.923673 0 Locksmithing: 5.338943 5.338943 0 Blacksmithing: 37.106415 37.106415 0 Armour smithing: 25.34704 25.34704 0 Shield smithing: 7.8162932 7.8162932 0 Chain armour smithing: 59.678238 59.678238 0 Plate armour smithing: 30.220146 30.220146 0 Weapon smithing: 12.685441 12.685441 0 Blades smithing: 11.336059 11.336059 0 Weapon heads smithing: 17.437963 17.437963 0 Ropemaking: 30.039215 30.039215 0 Masonry: 56.25295 56.25295 0 Stone cutting: 36.673817 36.673817 0 Tailoring: 13.579698 13.579698 0 Leatherworking: 12.72171 12.72171 0 Cloth tailoring: 28.01315 28.01315 0 Characteristics: 0.0 0.0 0 Soul: 21.6645 21.6645 0 Soul strength: 23.11676 23.11676 0 Soul depth: 22.719208 22.719208 0 Mind: 27.011877 27.011877 0 Mind speed: 20.55364 20.55364 0 Mind logic*: 32.602024 32.602024 1 <--- Affinity, 4 actions, Body: 31.018103 31.018103 0 Body stamina: 24.354137 24.354137 0 Body strength: 29.06524 29.06524 0 Body control: 27.062407 27.062407 0 Asking price is 200 US dollars for all of it; Will be payed through paypal, i am not responsible if you do not pay through gift payment for any fees they charge, User name is obvious, password WILL be given through pm here with receipt, + i can send you an email if you provide one so you know i sent the password for you, the password also covers 2 alts as well as a bonus if you want little non-premium helpers, Softserveman and Stinekrig(epic toon), both currently live in exodus so be sure to talk to Emass or Greenhulk when you log in to let you out of the deed, Doc also comes with a writ to a house in Megaton in exodus that you may be asked to pop when you get the toon. i am trustworthy and i have never scammed anyone, ask Shrimpiie, Roman, Emass, Greenhulk, for references. as well as a few others that i cant remember. PM ME for offers. asking price 100$ US if you buy during the month of February. 150$ US after the end of February , thats much less then what the time on the toon and deed is worth but i want to make someone happy as well, so have at it people. if you are interested please PM me. *includes everything the toon owns, which also includes rares, all inventory, a corbita filled with stuff, + any other items i forgot. located close to the shore but not on the coast, has iron at least but havn't been able to check for anything else. i
  11. Set 1 (Dextrome's Armour) 14s SOLD Set 2 (Mittie's Armour) 5s Pickup or CoD (not sure if you can CoD it but I think so...) I'm located at Kaivas Home on Exodus x4y18
  12. Hello there! I am a returning player searching for a small or starting village. I can perform menial tasks and will do my best to be of help to the village. I am planning on getting premium when my budget allows it. I am willing to join any type of village, honestly. I just want to be a part of a tight-knit community that will help me grow as a player. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider my request!
  13. The Book of Lawedan The day arrived when King Deskoft and his Grand Duke Albert were exhiled, and sent to build their own kingdom. The day was stormy and every single worker of the King's Party was starting to think they would actually die in that insane travel, guided by the mighty maps of Explorer Rexxarhellscream, they traveled for 2 days and 1 night. As soon as they arrived, all the workers started to work on the land, to make it flat and ready to be civilized... ....To Be Updated... About Us Lawedan is a village that attempts to simulate a Medieval Village (Pristine), we have the nobelty, we have squire-ship, we are attempting to actually make this simulation to it's best. We do NOT roleplay, yet we do simulate everything else. As an instance, we do take things seriously, every single role is important, we simulate farming, and everything else. (Note: I will try to update this post with all of the rules) To join, go in game and type /tell Deskoft, he will tell you everything necessary, if he's not online, /tell Albert. Projects Trash Disposal Currently King Deskoft is working on a proper Trash Disposal System, an area in the island where they can dispose trash safely. Citizens Deskoft - King Albert - Grand Duke Liorsky - King's Squire Sircookie - Grand Duke's Squire Rexxarhellscream - Lawedan Mine #001 Inspector Notes: Top Royalty Royalty Nobile Not-Noble Blood-Nobility Achieved-Nobility
  14. Looking for 17s for the lot. Free delivery. PM Mormo here or online.
  15. I have to sell iron ql 29 2000 silver ql 30 300 coper ql 47 2000 zinc ql 35 2000 gold ql 30 2000 tin ql 47 1000 ql 30 + 1.5s 1k ql 40 + 2s 1k + Delivery depending on number and distance Ability to pick up Interested please pm
  16. The Corbita "Squall Drifter" is available for hire. Home port is Port Vega on Deliverance. Squall Drifter is available for moving your goods, moving souls from one port to another, and cross-server travel by appointment only. Appointments will be confirmed and/or negotiated by the owner Spindrift depending on my ability to meet the time request. I am on Central Time USA (UTC-6) Time Map - NOTE- All fees are paid from the rider's originating port, not my location at any given time. So if you are on EXO and I am on DELI, I come to your port of origin and your fees are counted from there. No charge for me to come to you. Travel to ports on Deliverance equal to 1c per map square traveled from your originating port. DELI MAP Map.png Travel to ports on Exodus from Deli require a 10c crossing fee then 1c per map square traveled from 28x 1y (Exo) and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 47y from your originating port. EXO MAP Travel to ports on Independence from Deli require a 10c crossing fee then 1c per map square traveled from 31x 64y (Indi) and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 3y from your originating port. INDI MAP http://map.pheonix-e...ndependence.png Travel to ports on Chaos from Deli require a 10c crossing fee to the east coast of Chaos then 1c per map square traveled from 80x 28y (Chaos) and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 3x. CHAOS MAP Travel to ports on Celebration from Deli will require 20c in crossing fees (for both servers) then 1c per map square traveled from 26x 4y (Cele), 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 47y from your originating port and 30c for travel across Exodus. CELE MAP http://noizeviolatio.../wurm/celeb.png Record your desired time for travel (using your time zone), originating port, destination port and specific needs here and I will answer shortly. Will Negotiate Cost Of Travel Up To 25% For All Servers Except Deliverance. If Your Trip Originates At A Port On One Server And Only Crosses To the Starting Map Grid Of The Neighboring Server (Listed Above) With No Other Map Squares Traveled On Either Server, There Is No Discount On The Crossing Fee. Fees as listed in descriptions above regard Deliverance as the home server and are subject to change in direct relationship to the trip being requested, they are for base price purposes only. If you have any questions please ask here or send me a PM in forum. Thanks Spindrift
  17. The Corbita "Squall Drifter" is available for hire. Home port is Port Vega on Deliverance. A more deteiled post exists at Squall Drifter is available for moving your goods, moving souls from one port to another, and cross-server travel by appointment only. Appointments will be confirmed, negotiated or denied by the owner Spindrift depending on my ability to meet the time request. Travel to ports on Deliverance equal to 1c per map square traveled from your originating port. Travel to ports on Exodus from Deli require a 10c crossing fee then 1c per map square traveled from 28x 1y (Exo) and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 47y from your originating port. Travel to ports on Independence from Deli require a 10c crossing fee then 1c per map square traveled from 31x 64y (Indi) and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 3y from your originating port. Travel to ports on Chaos from Deli require a 10c crossing fee to the west coast of Chaos and 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 3x, further travel here is negotiable. Travel to ports on Celebration from Deli will require 20c in crossing fees (for both servers) then 1c per map square traveled from 26x 4y (Cele), 1c per map square traveled on Deli to 47y from your originating port and 30c for travel across Exodus. Record your desired time for travel and needs here and I will answer shortly. Thanks Spindrift