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Found 51 results

  1. Visit: We are LIVE! Livemap: We will be hosting a modded Wurm Unlimited PVE server. This server will have many features which will remove most of the hard grinding and make Wurm even more fun to play. On this server there will be an Wurm style economy with one big market place where people can sell there items to other people. There also will be many events (we try to make them weekly) where you can earn items and coins. With this server we hope to give you and us a fun experience playing and surviving together in the big world of Wurm Unlimited. Down below we have listed a bunch of the features our server will have: PVE: Server specs: -1 Server -200 Slots -4096x4096 map - -40k mobs The Team The Team is playing Wurm Online since now more than 8 years and this mostly excessively. Furthermore it also happens that both Dominikk and myself are versed in programming and specially Dominikk has already impressively shown some great features. Combined we have a service record that pretty much covers every server and gameplay aspect, we slayed Dragons on snowy peaks, fought great battles on land and see, laid siege to impressive fortresses, made a living as merchants, worked as a low level staff member for some time, hosted events and constructed dozen of villages. This experience gives us a really good understanding of how this game works, not just mechanically, but also how it can excite you every time again. Dominikk, Sklo, Engineer Everyone is dedicated to make this work and guarantee the best wurming experience. Dominikk is working as Linux and Windows server admin for a living and is determined to keep your progress save. He put down a backup plan so you can see how serious we take it. Data Safety Backups will happen every 3 hours daily and every Monday there will be a weekly backup. They will be stored local on the server in Germany and all backups are transferred to a server in Austria about 800km away too. Further more we keep daily backups up to one month and weekly backups up to 6 months. So if something goes wrong we likely can restore ingame items up to 6 months. Below you will find a feature list of implemented features, new features will be added time by time. If you got ideas and recommendations visit our Forum a give us a though there. Features: START WITH: 20 in all skills & 21 BC to ride horses 30ql Leather Armor, Long Sword & Shield Pelt, 4 ropes, waterskin, pendulum, compass, sickle, +Normal starting tools and equipment SKILLS & CRAFTING: NO skill loss on death. 5x Faster Skill Gain 4x faster Actions (including all actions) Decreased weapon smiting difficulty. Action Timer cap during imping has been lowered. ECONOMY: Free Premium Free Starter Deeds. (4s worth of deed is free) Free upkeep for all villages. Free Mail Bounty for burying corpses. Bounty for killing monsters. Bounty just for being online. People receive coins for highway building. (1s per 20 tiles) People receive coins for building a guard tower. (5s per tower) Payer made events (will be supported with coins and GM help) No Cooldown to change Bank locations. Receive voting bounties for voting at PRIESTS: No priest penalties. No spell cooldowns. Unlimited prayers per day. (every 20 minutes for faith gain) Doubled faith gain, Triple favor gain. Rite of spring fixed MEDITATION: Unlimited Meditations per day. (every 30 minutes for skill tic) No more "You fail to relax" messages during meditation. You no longer need to move for meditation skill gain. Cooldown between meditation path levels has been decreased by 80% from WO standards. Meditating is now also part of the skill multiplier. TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE: You will be able to run faster with heavier weight in inventory (max speed will stay at 17kmh) Faster movement on animals, carts, boats and ships Forges will fit 100 ores. Forges work when loaded. All the different forges will produce ash now. 19 Body Strenght to load items. (crates, forges, ovens, etc.) Decreased loading timer. Increased loading radius. Crates now hold a lot more items. Moving of bulk goods is no longer limited to inventory capacity. (drag more than 100 items) Meat, Fish and filets fit into Fsb and Crates. Mushrooms Fit into Fsb and Crates. You can drop Hot items into the bsb and fsb. Hitch animals to ships to transport them Items put in Crates or Bulks will be sorted by QL level (base 10) automatically. FARMING: Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot. Decreased Sowing timer. Harvest from Cart or Mount. TERRAFORMING: ~45 mining hits per wall Digging and leveling works like mining. Surface Mining will lower the rock on every hit. FUNCTIONALITY: Added /seasons command which shows when the next fruits etc get ripe. Added a season MOTD. Added an inbreed warning message. Drowning is now completely disabled. NEWS: One week bridge cooldown due to a WU bug has been removed. Now a welcome message for new players appears in Event. CA Help is now enabled for newbies by default. Fix for characteristics skill multiplier. Fixed a dredging bug. Donation System is live. Tools can improve themselves now (hammer on hammer etc.) Dragon loot has been increased. Drake loot has been increased. GMs and DEVs no can use the powers of Zeus Action timers are fixed Receive karma for being online Animal creature ratio on deeds is tripled Lightning on player death Creature spawn bug is fixed. All kind of creatures will spawn everywhere Lowered amount of crabs KOS has been disabled Steamid bans can be issued more properly now Bulks can be loaded even if they are not empty Bulk can be used when loaded Wagon volume has been more than doubled Sheep Shearing cooldown is now 50% lower A bug where corpses fit into food storage bins was fixed Some GM commands have been improved You will now be able to obtain glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll like gems during mining Fog spiders have been disabled due to lag, they are replaced by spawning lots of horses all over the server. Thanks to nekoexmachina! A few other possible lag issues have been addressed and fixed Wooden house parts only need 10 planks instead of 20 to be more newbie friendly Buying premium from tokens has been disabled because people purchased premium by accident Move to center and move to nearest corner have been added to the moving options. Thanks to Bdew! All gods share an alchemy affinity now, which means the same double favor items as Libila Added voting bounties. You will now receive a small bounty for voting at use the commando /voted to receive the money to your bank. Treasure chests should no longer spawn with locks. Creature slaying bounties will now go directly to bank. The different pauldron types are now craftable with a high difficulty. We added the Fireburntime Mod, which shows the remaining fire time. Changelog (Warning long list) If you want to keep track on updates and announcements join our: Steam Group Forum
  2. Inspired by Odynn's free rune making and attaching service, I'd like to offer a free attaching service as well. Provide the rune and item you want it attached to, and I'll attempt to attach it with 82 83 Soul Depth (77 79% attach chance with 1QL runes). No catch, and Free of Charge*. You can either mail your runes and items, or come to Weeping Angels (40x, 32y on the community made map) on Independence. If you mail them, please do contact me with specifics/details on what rune to attach where. PM Raamkozijn ingame or on the forum, Blahsonson ingame, or reply to this thread. * I won't craft the actual runes as my skills are too low for that, I only attach your provided runes on your provided items and for personal use. * All mailing fees are for you to cover. * Will provide logs if required. * Tips are accepted if you wish to do so; none are expected.
  3. You have the rift ressources* We can turn them into the runes you want Provide the attachment with a 76SD character And that's free**. *Provide the rift stone / crystal / wood and the item (moon metal if needed for some runes) and you will get back your item with the rune and any left overs (logs provided if required). Usuals metals will be provided. ** You can always tip the crafter if you wish to do so. Nota : Mailing fees are on you. PM Odynn in game / on the forum / reply to this thread.
  4. Hi, I'm back with free service of improving ships to ql 90 or even above. If you want your ship faster, visit my place now ... Edit: I nearly forgot, there is decent chance to turn your ship to rare ... in last event around 10 ships had such luck Where? Independence 17x 48/49y (Zak's Shipyard) Place your ship in south end of my shipyard and I will improve it. (There is landbridge to decaying lighthouse, best if you will park your ship on that bridge or close to. There are already ships there, you can't miss it.) When more than one ship will wait there for improving, I will choose in which order I will improve them. Improving one ship needs 2-4 hours of work, so expect to spend some time waiting there. Not necessary to be online that time. There are 10 free beds ready (inside Public Workshop house) as well as forge and loom, if you want to spend that time actively. In cathedral there are altars and meditation rug. I want to stay with my main rule: My service of improving ships is absolutelly free for all. My profit is hidden in skill gain. ATM my shipbuilding is 99.642, carpentry 99.97. Dunno, how far I will push it this time Donations: As my woodcutting is still few points bellow 90, any wood logs quality 90 or above are welcome. In past some players had bad feeling accepting free ship improving, so I changed my view to this. I'm ready to accept donation in coins as well, but max. limit is 1s per ship, no single copper more. you are welcome to bring your ships to improve have a nice play Zak EDIT: Seems I need to slow down a bit ... so from now I will improve only one ship per day. This way I will have some time for forage/botanize, cook and produce new cooking tools too. If you have enough patience, left your ship in my shipyard and I will work on it sooner or later. Finished ships names I will announce here, so you will know when your ship is ready to sail home. EDIT2: It is time to close this event. I'm dangerously closing to point, where I will be burned out again. Well, my premium closing to end as well. And what is even worse, there is winter again. I hate to work in winter on surface ... I will try to finish most of ships waiting in my shipyard. Thanks to all donors, who brought high quality logs, without your help this event would had bit lower quality results Thanks to forum moderators, for their good will ... and not burying this topic in some forgotten subforum this time ... being visible whole time led to success and a lot of ships improved (It is possible, I will repeat this event somewhere in future ...)
  5. For the rest of 2016, I'm offering a free 70 ql weapon of your choice to any new players on Celebration. Send me a message on the forum or shoot me an in game message for pickup.
  6. Hi, I have been thinking about starting a virtual radio station. I have done this for many years before and can obtain the LOML and other licenses if needed too. So, What I'm doing is asking you all what you think. I would be willing to cover the station costs and organize the technical requirements. In order to be successful I would need to take on some more DJ's to expand coverage times. I also host a dedicated mumble server, so if you would like to use it FOR FREE contact me in game, I am willing to give you a dedicated channel for your alliance or settlement with the mayor getting control over their own channel. So, what do you think? would you like to help? would you listen in? Morlanius
  7. Hello! I was sent here by Altor, the GM from Ereb Altor. We have regions, independent deeds, villages, towns and now very soon PMK. To avoid direct collision between them all... We need something like "Free participation PvP" where non-hostile players are treated and seen as neutral players (yellow outline) by both PMK-players and guards until they actively choose to attack someone (red outline), able to have neighbouring partners (pure blue outline) which helps other players to localize between whose neutral, hostile or neighbour. Perhaps even further expanding it adding alliances with other kingdoms (pink outline) or heroic players who achieved something ultra-rare wear (turqouise outline) which all can be seen from a distant. That means that some local players may be trading partners (pure blue outline) but players from same kingdom far away will see us as neutral (yellow outline). The very same goes for other PMK, they'll see us as neutral at first until some actual fight begins. It also means players who have begun a conflict between each other should eventually be able to turn into neutral stanced, either over time or to declare peace (somehow) It's a neaty and tricky request but it will be probably the greatest tool for those who are into hardcore PvP and PMK. Is this too hard or can it be done?? Kind regards Nirnan
  8. This server is a hand-made PvE totally free to play server, made from the roleplaying game Dragons and Demons (Drakar och Demoner). Server is running on a standalone, dedicated server online 24/7 - always. There are quite a lot of storydriven mission/quests on the continent, for those who want some adventures. For more information you may have a look at:
  9. When is Wurm Unlimited going to be released DRM-free so that people don't have to deal with steam?
  10. Connect To: Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader. Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server. Our server is professionally hosted, with our server located on the US East Coast: New York. Our server is arranged where deeds, and deed upkeep are turned on, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills. Daily Backups - Immediate Updates Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven: Skill gain rate multiplier: 5 Characteristics start value: 20.0 Mind Logic Start: 25.0 Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0 Fight Skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed Multiplier: 5 Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21 Server forums and Teamspeak server and web hosted server map are already up and running...all we you. Connect To: Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader. Here's a Detail Description of our Enhancements to Wurm Unlimited: BoatMod - (NEW) Make all animals able to swim while led by a player Enable continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle (no more having to frantically re-lead all your critters when you hop in the boat) BountyMod - features (as separate config options): Enable skillgain for fighting/killing player-bred creatures Convert the chance of receiving a coin award from a slim chance of a rare coin to a certainty of a non-rare coin. Player-bred creatures offer lesser bounties. (Note that skillgain for player-bred creatures has to be enabled to award bounties for such kills) Bounty for each species of critter can be independently configured (NEW) Can pay to bank account instead of into player's inventory (NEW) Configurable multiplier for all bounties, for ease of fine tuning for your server (NEW) Configurable multiplier for player-bred creature bounties (NEW) Bounties can be paid out of thin air (thus unlimited bounty payments) or from the kingdom coffers (thanks Netscreever) (NEW) Non-hostile, same-kingdom creatures can be set to pay out no bounty (thanks again Netscreever) BulkMod Enables placing hot items into BSBs and FSBs. (Further features probably coming, depending on feedback) DigLikeMiningMod A recreation of Alexgopen's Digging Like Mining for use with ago's modlauncher. Enabled dredging to ship Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling. The game will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order. MeditateMod - features (as separate config options): Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours) Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain) A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns. This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours. (NEW) Specify custom action duration for meditation ProspectMod - features: Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins) SalveMod - (NEW) A dds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.
  11. Hello All! I am currently trying to keep up with 2 deeds, with a total of 7s in upkeep combined, I have been having trouble selling my veggies over trade channel... I have 60k garlic at a quality of 98. Great for those Nahjo Priest who needs to sacrifice for favor or those who are trying to cook really high quality meals. Perhaps you have another use for the veggies. I am doing a one time sale on my veggies selling at a 10% discount so that is 90c for 1k of the veggies. There is no limit to how much you can order, with only the exception to Xanadu. Any order on Xanadu that is less then 5k veggies has an additional 1s delivery fee. If you buy all my veggies, you pay 54 silver flat, I will deliver it all to you. If you have a deed inland I can bring a wagon with me, but you will have to provide me with the animals to use for transport while I am there. Please PM Sugarfoxx on Deliverance. I am slow to reply to forum pms
  12. Hello I has had a big problem with wurm and I am leaving. My deed has over 100 silva on it include Hota's , 4 complete sets of CoA items 99QL resources 5 speed horses etc. While trying to buy silver through wurm Xsolla took over £300 out of my account I have had to go through a thorough chat system a Live chat system and a 2 hour phone call to TSB's Security Fraud Department. I don't blame wurm I blame Xsolla im cutting my losses Deleting 4 chars with over 4 years of Experience. Now to the bit u really want 2 know: Event: * Quitting looters run * As of the events that made me realise how un-safe Xsolla payment companies are ive moved all items from 4 deed's onto 1 deed the chars with years of experience and skills will fade into the dust so if u are/was friends im sorry. (Everbound) (The Ranger) (Haullz) and my secret pvp alt I tried so hard to keep un-identified (Lyssa) Ok heres how the event works its gona work in 2 hours From Now! the deed on F9 xanadu will disband everything is up for grabs (Edit: 1:30am GMT perms get changed (1 hour from now) - this stops some spoiler Deeding the place and ending the fun. All items that are non collusion could possibly be a loot spot. can u walk through it? take a look. these are as follows: Full sets of 80+ tools most with Coc Woa and 4x spell weapons overall worth about 50silver worth. Sets of 80+ql armor and plate sets. Hota statues (inc lady of the lake worth 30s) and many more items and full bsb's + JK banners Rare items, 90ql lamps and rare 95ql lantern's. 5 speed horses , 1 x corbita , 1 x sailboat. 1 x JK wagon and small chests with the account's Bank balance spread within. overall there is 1 gold at least worth of items for loots. Now when the Deed drops its every man for himself don't ask me for stuff of pm me for stuff. its as if a huge deed falls and the player has already gone the only difference is ill be Recording it for Youtube lol. 2 hours from now.. time is a Ticking... Location: F9 Xanadu in the backward C section. (Note this is not Wurm's Fault - Wurm took no action as they never received any money im not Downing wurm in any way.) this is Xsolla the payment company's fault) But if it happen's once it can happen again. Risks not worth taking. Best of luck to all wurm staff and players of the lovely community. <3
  13. For the holidays, I'm offering a free 70 QL weapon (on the weekends) for new players on Celebration. Please send a reply on this public form saying you are new, what weapon you want, and we'll set up a time on the weekend to meet. I'll also offer 70QL weapons to anyone on Celebration for 10 copper (limit 1 per toon) during this time. Enjoy the holidays and Wurm on.... Anyone wanting a little higher quality weapon or from another server send me a PM and we can discuss the fees.
  14. free

    NewtownPCGWurm Website NewtownPCGWurm Steam Group Welcome to one and all to the [PvE]NewtownPCGWurm server!!! If you played Wurm before and were part of any PCG Gamer Villager even as far back as Golden Valley then welcome back!!! If you are new to Wurm or never played in the PCG Gamer village then your are very welcome to join and put down some roots here too as we are very friendly bunch of people and love nothing more than helping each other out. As a PCG Villager I loved nothing more than helping the other villagers and anyone else who needed help but also going out on hunts and general exploring the landscape, villages and villagers that inhabited this land. The server details:- Server Name = [PvE]NewtownPCGWurm 24/7 Hosted Server (I plan to run this for a very long time and don;t have any end date as I loved Wurm Online but always wanted my own server) Creative Mode using the default Ocrea Map 2x Skill Gain (who wants to wait forever to get a little bit of skills) 2x Action Timer (who wants to watch a progress bar slowly creep up) 2x Faster Farming (10 hours between farming stages (default is 1 hour which is way too fast… hello weeds)) Free Beds in Spawn Town Complete Smithing & Cooking setups in Spawn Town Free access to beds, forges, ovens etc Free Deeds Free Welcome Pack Nightly backups to ensure we don’t lose lots of our work on the server Weekly restarts to ensure the server is stable Future events with rewards Everyone is welcome to join and go it alone, or join a village and come and go as they please and we only have 1 rule – play nice
  15. Hello, It seems that disbanding a free deed grants a refund. Worth looking at! -Llurendt
  16. my alt (xxfollowerofnahjoxx) wants to become a follower of nahjo(eventually a priest of nahjo) so my alt needs somebody to be willing to go to a spawn town and convert me into a follower. after that I I'm going to live near o16 so if you live near o16 and can get me to priesthood I would love them to do so. I have absulotly NO money so I hope that a nahjo priest can accept me into their religion and eventully make me become a priest of nahjo for free.... edit: I have found a person who can make me a follower and a priest... thx for the fast replys plz close thread
  17. Hi, I am the owner of a deed that I can no longer keep. I bought it nearly a year ago, and I am no longer playing. The name of the deed is currently: Oylantis It is on the server Xanadu near Glasshollow, there is a large road leading up to the Glasshollow Market from here. It has 8 days of upkeep left. The upkeep is 1 silver per month. The size is 11 x 26. There are no guards. I'll give you the settlement deed, the writ of ownership of the house, the ownership of a large cart and all the items you find on the deed. If nobody wants it, I'm going to let it expire. See the location on a map and some photos here:
  18. Edit: Event over - Winner Trimm Rare boot , Sent. Congrats. Hi everyone ive recently found people getting a little grumpy with in-game rare rolls and just lack of "spice" So I have come up with a little bit of spice a fun little way for people to have a laugh and win some fun little items. Every now and then ill be hosting a mini fun event where people can win something worth a little bit of in-game silver. like a Rare item etc. Entry: 1 entry per player. Rules / method of win: If you win the only cost would be to pay the CoD after all im giving u a free item worth a bit of silver at least pay for the mail...(Note: Wiseelder is on Xanadu so obviously think about Mail / or picking up item's. Each entry can link/post 1 photo preferably a link for example. The winning picture with the most votes/likes will win the prize, if there are tied or no likes the host (me) will choose which photo u like most. Wiseelder and all 4 alts - are Disqualified from entry. **** Today: 1 x Rare chain boot (currently imping it too for skill gain) **** The photo topic is Beauty so the best looking photo for Decoration or beautiful Captured image. Competition ends in 24 hours from post Creation time. Good luck! *Note: if you are unable to upload via post/link pm me and I will give u a email address to send your photo (Do Not use the same email/details as your wurm account thank's lets keep your details safe) This is a free to take part event as a bit of fun please if you don't like it don't enter.. simple.
  19. you will own this game if you download it this weekend. ship control = awesome net code = awesome battles = awesome
  20. I feel silly asking people if they have the 10 iron, to be honest. And for newbie wayhouses, we can't stand there 24/7 to explain the "forage something and sell to token" As per posts below, ignore the "guests only" message, you can set to free and it'll work.
  21. The Traveler’s Transport Taking you where you need to be, for free. Hello! I am Sofetios. I am running a free water taxi/bus service to people who need to get places. This will be done on my knarr, named “Traveler’s Transportâ€. This is a cross-server service, so I will be traveling between all non-pvp servers. I will be talking in GL Freedom and Freedom chat describing where I am, most likely by quadrant of the map I am in. So if you need a lift, just send a pm or a message in Freedom if I am in the area. A few things you should know: 1. I will not go through canals, too much pushing/pulling. 2. When we are 3 minutes or less away from a server cross, you must not be AFK. This is because when people cross servers on boats, usually they get disembarked. 3. Tips are welcome, but absolutely not required. It can be in coins or items. 4. Where you want me to pick you up and drop you off must be accessible by the outside ocean. Not in a lake or something closed off. 5. I will be picking up and dropping off people along the way if there are people to be picked up. 6. This is not a cargo ship, you are responsible for yourself and your belongings. Now, you may be asking why I am doing this. There are a few reasons amongst others. Some of them are: 1. To help new players get where they are going 2. I am usually pretty bored 3. To just generally help out people by taking them places when they have no means of transportation. I can be hired to do private transportation. Though this will cost based on how far away the place you are going is, if you need me to wait for you to get a ride back home, and other variables. Thank you, and I hope to serve you soon!
  22. In the holiday spirit, I would like to offer a free weapon to new players. Over the next few weekends, I'll craft a 60 QL weapon for any new player on Celebration that sends a request. Post a message here with your name and weapon type, PM me, or stop by Tap Dance Market. When: On weekends in December Where: Celebration near Tap Dance Market What: A free 60 QL weapons for new players Welcome to Celebration
  23. If you've seen the auctions lately with those cool looking towers based on the hots template or the sales threads and you are interested in purchasing one of these items. Just drop me or Rosedragon a private message on the forum or post in here and we'll happily mail you an unfinished tower over with the only fee being the 60 copper mailing fee from the Chaos Server. You already need to put the work in to finish the tower, you shouldn't need to pay through the nose for something that takes 1 brick and 1 clay! Unfinished HotS template tower: Free (Buyer Pays CoD cost) When the tower is finished on freedom it will spawn freedom guards but will look like this: Free service provided by Black Legion - a HotS Template pmk on the Chaos Server. Update: Due to changes in the mailing system, these towers now cost 60 copper to send instead of 20, please bear this in mind when requesting a tower.
  24. Giving away: Premium account , deed, and bank, & forum name. Reason: Becoming a challenge only player. Char name: Quistis Deed has roughly 100 days, its 32x 32, char has a stash of high ql items and silver in bank. Deed has lots ore vains few animals ondeed guard tower, and locational buildings, i.e: blacksmiths, inn, farmhouse etc.. 1 x referral to claim on the char waiting for when you take over char. THIS char will be given to a Selected person, from comments. please comment why I should give you this char I know sounds lame but I want the char to go to someone who will respect the time/effort ive put into all Quistis owns.